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Birthday Gift Ideas, Personalized Gift Ideas, 40 Gift Ideas For 40th Birthday


Hello, welcome to my Youtube channel. This video is very special for me because this is something. I wanted to make for very long time. This video is all about water gifted to my sister-in-law on her 40th birthday. I decided to give all 4 tickets on her 40th birthday. That’s a long number, but I can’t believe that all the gifts for her keeping in mind about her likings and the things that I definitely know that she is going to use. You have tickets? I have handcrafted which you will find out later in the video, I also make the hamper basket where I have wrapped up all her gifts and put it very organized manner. I numbered all the gifts from number one to number 40 while my little son. Yvonne helped me. She is a lovely girl and very special to all of us lets. Check out my sister-in-law. Rita’s Reaction When she was opening all her gifts for tickets with my son Yvonne [Music] yesterday. All my presents because you want to guess how many presents there are in here even more than that. Can you see the full zero? My tiara? There are 40 There were 40 presents in here for 14 years of my life, sorry. I’m still opening all my presents. Yesterday we opened, I’m decorated with [Music] Rita Vintage 1979 all original. Give number two. And then we have to skip ahead to gift number. Yeah, so this is where? I’m keeping all my numbers from my gifts. I’ve opened, but in here very mysterious and on this USB. It was a very special video so emotional. I’m touching lovely. Maybe you’ll get to see it. One day we opened one two. And now we need to open number three. [MUSIC] birthday mango, balsamic vinegar! Yeah, Sal, Germany. What I would not get. Okay, I can do. I wish I could do much. My favorite friend will be shot and number five [Music]. Ah, this is why you asked me. What my favorite, mystical noise! Yeah, yes, sticky memos. So when I’m reading my books when I’m working, you stick it to remind me which page to go to this one. This car is gonna drive with my legs. Yeah, especially for your neck area. Let me give you like that, your favorite one. I love it! Every gift is so angry. I like babies. Yeah, penguins can’t fly can’t fly. Therefore, I’m a penguin. Every gifts, therefore, is perfect for me. PERSONALIZED RIGHT [MUSIC] [Laughter] [Music] Yeah, [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Yeah [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Joby’s melted [Music]. I like it. Yeah, well, next is exactly. [MUSIC] Thank you. So we’ll know why there’s a hand cream, peach and peach for each right 15 I think you know what it is that I shouldn’t mind. This is not much to choose from. Maybe with a magic wand. Yeah, this is the one. Yeah, thank you very much. Yeah, Maybelline Superstay. Ink crayons. I love the yoga tea, which I love Chamomile. Linden Rose hips [Music] [Music] tea biscuit sharing back? Oh, no gluten, no refined sugar, Gammak vegan friendly, Wow. I’ve never tried this brand. Oh, that’s pretty good looking forward to trying for me. Not for you, but you can try. It looks like this 1 2 Maybe you wouldn’t have any tea, but you can try it. Yeah, this was her bullet. No, no, get my number out. And then willfully [Music] [Applause] that fishy [Music] [Music]. Yeah, love Lemongrass. What can you make to use it for food? Yeah, this is th. IV, lemon, Nestea, yeah. Wow, 2424 I’m gonna enjoy all of these properly my own time. Yeah, 23:24 a perfect combination with rusty and lemon zest cookies. I can’t wait my favorite 26 my birthday. I got my [Music] see, I love it. I’m gonna use it today. [MUSIC] Perfect 28 28 were getting closer to 30 [Applause] but the label it. Ma, I love it. I have been thinking about buying a je. Doi’s a roller anyway. I need it for my chubby face to roll like a surprise. I don’t think I’m gonna be by one night. Yes, my favorite stuff like this. [MUSIC] Oh, money! And this is this 30 our favorite pieces. I love it! I always use lip balm, hand cream and mcbomb, right. Yeah, nothing for me now. For the next 40 years, it’s like a nautical diary. Yeah, leather-bound, isn’t it? So you got to use your those ink pen bases and then to use my ink and then you write your experience A steering wheel. Would you like this? I think you want to open it. [MUSIC] Oh, we’ve matches my little panda stationery, My panda, stay and paste at night. I think you really think of it. I think you just nodded. Hey, I said yeah. I really think anything you activate very well. Yeah, and I’ve got more time and urges. I wanted and you’re nice, yeah? [APPLAUSE] These are my 40 gifts ideas for her 40th birthday. I am so glad that she liked all of them. Those which I have handcrafted and post tutorial videos on them very soon. I hope this video will inspire you to make someone’s special day. Even more special. Just be creative on your own way. Put your love and care when you choose gifts and the best gift is when you can put your ideas to make it personalized. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button to get notified when I post my next video, please like if you liked it and share it and comment if you have any queries or anything to say, thank you for watching it. [MUSIC].