Gold Wedding Shoes For Bride | Wedding Shoe Haul | Asos – Dune – Boohoo – Pink By Paradox | Not Sponsored | Low To High Budget 2021

Alexandra Devine

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Wedding Shoe Haul | Asos - Dune - Boohoo - Pink By Paradox | Not Sponsored | Low To High Budget 2021


Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is Alexandra duvine. Thank you for clicking on today’s video so today. I have a really big bridal shoe haul and I have all budgets covered as well, so we have some low budget options. Some mid-range budget options and some high-range budget options as well so we can compare them on style quality and price. So the shoes I’ve got in the hall today range all the way from 12 pounds to 175 pounds. This video is not sponsored by any of the four brands here today. I have purchased all of these shoes with my own money as well, so I will definitely be giving you my honest opinions. I will link them all down below in the description as well, so if you did want to go over to any of the websites and check them out, you can do if you like the video today. Please give it a thumbs up and hit subscribe and don’t forget to turn on the bell, so you’ll get all of the notifications for my upcoming videos, so I will start with one of the budget friendly options and those are the shoes that I picked up from Boohoo, so I actually picked up two different types of shoe from Boohoo, and they were both 16 pounds so well. Make a start with this one. Um, they’re both come in. In this boohoo, kind of very standard shoebox. There’s nothing kind of special about it, But you know, for 16 pound. I don’t think I would be expecting actually special packaging. So the first pair of shoes that I picked up from Boo-boo. Were these strappy white block heel shoes Like I said these were 16 pounds now. Even though they’re not advertised, I don’t think as bridal shoes. I definitely think that you could wear these with bridal shoes. Um, in terms of comfortableness, when they were on well, they weren’t particularly comfortable, but they weren’t uncomfortable. Either I think because they have the block heel for me. Personally, I think I could just walk forever in a block heel. Um, no matter how tall it is but for me. I think round like this bit here. It might be worth like softening it with a little bit of Vaseline because I definitely think a blister could develop along this area here. Um, if you kind of, you know, are wearing them for the first time on your wedding day. Um, so yeah, so they’re 16 pounds. Now they’re not the most kind of glamorous of a shoe that I’ve ever seen, but obviously with a wet most wedding dresses, don’t have like a split in them, so a lot of the time you’re not really going to be able to see the shoes at all, so if you do have more of a budget that you’d like to stick to, or you’d rather spend some of your budget elsewhere on the wedding then. I think that these could be a good option for 16 pounds. Because, yeah, they’re just they’re basically just white strappy shoes. You know, you can’t really kind of go wrong with them. They’re not, you know, like I said They’re not the most glamorous bridal shoes, but they are also they’re not. I don’t think they’re ugly. They’re not hideous or anything like that. They are nice shoes. The thing with these as well is, um, because obviously, if you go for more traditional bridal shoes, that are the more kind of like, satiny material, maybe with more glitz and things. How often are you gonna wear them? And obviously you’ve spent a little bit more money on them, whereas these are 16 pounds and you definitely could wear these again. After the wedding, so the next pair of shoes I got from Boohoo. They’re along a very similar line to the last pair. To be honest, um, they are. I haven’t done them back up from when I tried them on. But this is the next pair that I picked up from Boohoo. So again these were 16 pounds, the same as the last one, and they’re very similar to the last one to be honest with you. It’s the same band across the front so again. Be super super careful for blisters on here because it is quite rough material and the only difference is these ones have a little bit of a taller heel and they are stiletto so for me personally. I like these ones less than the last one. Um, they’re the same size. I’m a size five in shoe. On these ones, I don’t know if you can see on the try on clip or not, but my toe was kind of hanging over the edge here. Um, but they, but it wasn’t in the last one. These ones are definitely going to be a no from me. I don’t know if I’m just out of practice because obviously it’s been locked down for like a year and I’ve. I can’t remember the last time I actually wore some stilettos, but yeah. I think I want to be comfortable on my wedding day, and I don’t want to kind of feel like I’m desperate to take my shoes off or that. I’m wobbling about all over the place, which I definitely do in stilettos, so yeah. I think these ones are a no from me. I think I prefer that kind of more stable block heel, but if you are more comfortable in stilettos, then these could definitely be a good choice, so I will now jump to one of the Mid-range brands. So this is the pair of shoes I picked up from pink by paradox, London and these were 79 pounds. The box on this one is already just slightly more glam than the boohoo range. Um, when you open them up again. The packaging on the inside is a little bit nicer, there’s. A lot of nice tissue paper in here and each shoe is coming individually wrapped as well now. Because this is kind of an 80 pound shoe. This is the kind of thing that you would expect, and these are definitely advertised as bridal shoes as well. So I think that’s why they’re coming with, like, a little bit more kind of like bits of more luxury. I adore absolutely everything about this shoe. So the quality is absolutely amazing. I’m sure you’ll be able to see the kind of the the shimmer on the material. This is a really nice kind of traditional satin bridal shoe, but it also has the little bit of sparkle as well. I personally really like the design. Where it’s kind of holding your foot in position with this kind of bit here. I think it makes it a lot more comfortable and sustainable to walk around in for, like, a really long time. And obviously your wedding day is a long day, so you do want to be comfortable for me. I also like that. It only has a small heel. These shoes feel really nice on. They’ve kind of got the padding like built into them. So it’s not as kind of as hard on your foot. Um, it’s built into the heel and then also kind of on to where the ball of your foot is as well. These feel super super comfortable on. I honestly don’t have a bad word to say about these shoes. They have actually a really really big range. Um, of the whole, this whole like pink by paradox. London is a really big range of bridal shoes and they have so many beautiful options. They do have a lot in this smaller heel as well. So if you’re someone who is also looking for a smaller heel, definitely check out pink by paradox, so I will head back down to a low budget brand again now, and that is Asos. So I’m going to start with this pair first now. This is how they come so they don’t even come in a box. This pair, however, this is the cheapest pair of the whole hole today and these shoes were 12 pounds 12 pounds. So here they are they. Are these really pretty ballerina style? Pump shoes. Now, considering they are kind of like, a basic shoe. I do think it’s quite nice. The material on them is kind of. It’s not satin, but it’s kind of got that sheery effect to kind of make it seem like it is kind of a satin material to make that a little bit more bridal over anyone who hasn’t been on my channel before I also in like normal times when everything’s open. I’m the co-owner of a bridal boutique. Now, one thing that we hear a lot in the boutique. Um, just chatting to our gorgeous brides. A lot of brides will say they’re gonna go for kind of, like a four inch stiletto gorgeous, stunning shoe for kind of like their ceremony and their dinner and then for the party on the evening. They’re gonna swap into something like this now. If you are planning on wearing your dress for the full day, so you’re going to be in the same dress for the evening? Do when you want to switch to this low shoe. Obviously it’s your wedding, so you do you. You can do whatever you want, of course, but one thing to keep in mind if you’re gonna do. That is if you swap from like a four inch or three inch shoe to a flat shoe like this, obviously you’ll have had your dress taken up to the tallest shoe. So when you kind of take them off and swap them into this, you’re most likely going to spend the evening, perhaps stripping over the dress, it’s probably going to get damaged. Um, so if you’re someone who thinks that, yeah, I do want to go for some comfort, but I like a glam shoe as well. I’d maybe go for something. That’s maybe like a mid-range heel, Um, rather than going tall and then swapping into something like this. Um, but if you are just a bride out there, who like myself, you just 100 want comfort and again? If you’re kind of thinking, you know, I have like a a budget that I want to stick to you can’t. See my shoes because they’re under my dress. I would rather spend money elsewhere. Then why not these ones 12 pounds? They are bridal. They’re ivory. They’ve kind of got that she is satin effect. You’re going to be able to walk in these for absolute days without without getting any blisters or your feet getting tired. Um, so, yeah, why the hell not sticking with Asos? I also ordered a couple of other pairs from their kind of actual bridal shoe range. Which is the be mine range. So I think I got a little bit unlucky with what was sent to me in my order to be honest because I think that this shoe has definitely been tried on a number of times. I will kind of point out what I mean. Um, but it’s missing. It’s meant to have like a bit of like ribbon here to kind of make it a little bit more luxurious, which is on the other box that is missing from this box. Um, and then the shoe is a little bit damaged as well. Um, I don’t really judge the overall shoe on that because I do think I have just been probably a little bit unlucky with what’s been sent to me. So I think Asos have tried to make these shoes appear like they are more like market bridal shoes, but whilst also being budget friendly. This pair was 29.99 so quite significantly less than the paradox. London shoes. So here they are these ones. We’re probably my actual favorite from the three pairs. I got from Asos to be honest with you. Um, even though the heel is quite tall because again, it’s that block heel. It did feel like super comfortable to walk in. I like the style. I like the pointed toe again. The material is not satin, but it’s got that sheen on it, which kind of gives it that effect as if it is the satin now. Yeah, so on these ones. I don’t know if you can see, I think you can definitely see in the try on clip, but they’re definitely kind of. I don’t know if you will be able to see, but they’re kind of like damaged on the heels but like. I said I probably just got a little bit unlucky with kind of what I’ve been sent like on here as well. I don’t know, I don’t know if you can see there. But like all, this is coming away here. Um, so, yeah, they’re not. There’s like there’s clicks here as well all over the material. So yeah, I don’t know if I have just been really unlucky with what they’ve sent or if this is just the general quality of the shoe. If this is the general quality of the shoe, I possibly wouldn’t recommend these to be honest guys, because they already look a bit bad, even though they’re to be new. Um, but if I have just been unlucky and I’ve been sent a bit of a rogue pair, then I definitely are really like the style of these, and they were comfortable and for 30 pounds. You just, you know, you can’t go wrong. So this is the final pair that I picked up from Asos. These were 26.99 and these ones are a little bit more glamorous. If you are looking for a flat shoe compared to the first shoe from Asos, which was like the ballerina pump. This one has a very small heel with a silver effect on it there for a little bit of extra added kind of luxury, and then it has this kind of silver jewel effect across the front now, in theory. I like these shoes but on me. I don’t think they really suited me, or did anything for me in particular? So I don’t think I personally would kind of go for this pair, but I can’t really fault them other than me. Just not loving the design on me. The quality is nice again. It’s this material that’s kind of like, not satin. But it’s like that sheer effect, which is nice. I think this is a really interesting detail. I think these they are. They’re beautiful shoes, but the final brand in the shoe hole. Today is June, and this is the higher budget range now. There are definitely shoes like Jimmy. Choos and kind of the designer shoes are obviously a lot lot more expensive but kind of in the high street range. I’m considering these as kind of like a higher budget shoe. Um, now I don’t know if you can see already on the camera. Which was the first impression that I got of this shoe and that’s when I opened the box. It has this pen mark on the box now. I know that’s not a huge deal and that you’re not buying shoes because of the box, but this pair, I think it was 170 or 175 pounds, one of those two for this shoe. And if I’m spending that much on a shoe that I’m probably gonna wear one time, I’m not expecting it to come with a pen mark on the box. I don’t know if that’s being dramatic. So so far other than the pen mark on the box, these shoes have been the most well packaged so far when you open the box. The shoes come in this really nice kind of cotton effect bag for each individual shoe and then the shoes themselves. I love the design of these shoes. I think they are super pretty. Very bridal. The, um, June shoes again are coming with kind of, like padding on the heel and on like the ball of the foot area like the paradox ones, um, to make the shoe a little bit more comfortable to walk around in a little bit easier on your foot now. One thing I didn’t love too much this on the back of this one to be honest with you. I was expecting the material to be a little bit higher quality for the price of the shoe. I think everything else is lovely up until this point, but yeah. I think these are super super pretty. If you do have a higher budget, then yeah, I would definitely check these out because they are absolutely beautiful for me personally again because it’s the tall stiletto heel that would kind of rule these ones out for me. Just on the fact that I can’t really walk in a stiletto and I do want something a little bit shorter now. Quality wise to be honest guys. I actually think the paradox shoes are possibly similar quality if not higher quality and the price is like there’s like a hundred pound difference in the price so of the kind of like that mid-range brand and this high range brand. I think that these are absolutely stunning. Stunning shoes. But I possibly would prefer the paradox. Ones over them to be honest with you. Um, because I wasn’t blown away by the quality of these, I definitely was expecting, like a higher quality of kind of material here. I think it would have been nice if on the design like the bow was already kind of in place. Because I mean, if you can’t tie your bow, that’s just gonna look like a bit scruffy and you know. I think you need to be like a bow expert to get that look in its best. Um, but I do absolutely. I love this beadwork here. Um, it is, it’s a beautiful shoe. One thing I absolutely love about The June shoes is that they come with this like blue jewel on the bottom. I feel something blue, so I think that’s just a lovely touch. Both pairs. I got from June. Have that, so I just think that’s a really fantastic touch. Um, yeah, I do. I love that! I can’t fault the design of the shoe. I do really, I do really like this. So the final shoe in the haul today. Is this absolute gorgeous pair from June? These are pounds now. I personally prefer these to the last shoe for a number of different reasons, and it is just completely like personal preference, But I do prefer a closed in toe and this one, even though it’s a stiletto, it’s a shorter heel which, for me would make it a little bit more manageable to walk around in, so I definitely prefer these ones to the last ones, but they’re basically the same kind of. Well, they’re definitely the same quality and obviously a very similar style, so it is just down to kind of personal preference where you kind of land on heel height and kind of open toens, but yeah for me. These ones! Um, I love these ones. These are possibly my second favorite of the whole haul. After after the paradox ones, um, because, yeah. I just think these are super pretty. I think they look. I mean, they are expensive, but they look expensive. Um, they’ve got the little blue jewel again. Um, and yeah, the heel height is just a lot more manageable. I possibly would have preferred them if they had a slightly wider heel rather than a stiletto. But yeah, honestly, I just yeah. I really love these. It does still have the same kind of bow issue as the last pair. But I don’t know if these ones actually look a bit neater. I think the maybe, um, maybe. The ribbon is slightly shorter, so it’s like less kind of hanging about all over the place. Um, but I think that just looks a little bit a little bit neater, but I definitely think that, um, you know, I’d want to get somebody to kind of do that properly for me, but yeah, I really really love this pair. Having tried on all the shoes and considered all the different factors. I think if you are wanting to keep a lower budget for your shoes, then I would definitely recommend the Asos ones that we’re more comfortable as well. Um, not as harsh kind of materials are going to cause blisters, so I would definitely check out the Asos ones, but the boohoo ones were lovely as well. If you kind of liked style of those ones for 16 pounds, you know, you can’t go wrong with them. Of the two kind of moderate to high range, you’ve got the paradox and June again. Both are stunning and a lot of it is just purely down to personal preference. Um, I don’t really have anything kind of bad to say about them, but for me personally, I think the paradox shoe because they are around 100 pounds cheaper than the June shoes. They don’t look 100 pounds cheaper in quality. If anything, I personally think that they looked a little bit higher in quality, Um, so if you’re looking kind of moderate to high range, I would. Well, I would check out both to be fair, but my personal preference was the paradox, so that brings us to the end of today’s video. If you made it all the way to the end. Thank you so much for sticking around. If you did like today’s video, please give it a thumbs up and hit subscribe. And I hope to see you in the next one. Bye, guys!