Gifts For Police Officers | Nixa Police Give Christmas Presents Instead Of Tickets


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Nixa Police Give Christmas Presents Instead Of Tickets


My name is Corporal Daugherty. I’m with the Nixa Police Department and today we’re going to be giving out Christmas gifts instead of tickets. It’s going to be wonderful to surprise people a little bit. They’re certainly not going to expect this. And hopefully see some kids. Get some enjoyment out of it too. Thanks to Arvest back here. We have two big bags full of toys. We also have a box with, was it. Starbucks giftcard’s (Yeah) In the cage. Normally, I’m just looking for violations. Today, the goal is to find families that are committing violations and also try to pull them over in a safe spot for them to get out of the car. This lady behind us is actually tailgating us a little bit here. There for a second, I couldn’t even see her Headlights, 425 traffic stop, Cheyenne and Lakota [Dispatcher] (425) Cheyenne and Lakota. I’m out with Henry John Six, Sam, Eight Lincoln, Clear Hello (Hi). I’m Cpl Daugherty with the Nixa Police Department (YES). The reason I pulled you over. I’m not sure if you realize or not, but you got kinda close to my car, so I just wanted to remind you to give us about 4 seconds in there (Okay). We had a lot of rear-end style collisions lately, so we’re talking to people (Okay). But no ticket for that (Okay). This is purely a warning situation. Also, you’re free to go at this point, but we have some toys that we’re giving away, so we’d really love to give something to your daughter (OKAY). If that’s alright (That’s great thank you). We have them back here (Okay). Is she okay to get out (Yeah)? This is a safe spot here (Okay). You want to pick out a toy, Alright? Alright, Avery! Here you go, Kiddo. [strains to lift] Ohh! You can pick out one of whatever you want. (you wanna pick something out). (pick Something out go ahead). You can pick out whichever. (I Knew she would pick this cat). There you go (Yeah) Awesome (What! Do you, say)? Thank you (Thank You So Much). You’re welcome. It’’s a Starbucks gift card for you. (OH Perfect, thank you). Alright (Thank you guys Merry Christmas). Merry Christmas (Can you say Merry Christmas)? Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Drive safe. Every year Arvest gives us a hundred dollars to pay it forward. And then, on top of that, our associates contribute just to make an impact in our community. And this year we wanted to get involved with our police department [Daughtery]. I have a traffic stop on that plate. Westbound Mt Vernon at Center Circle [Kandace]. Joe frequently comes into the bank Just to kinda check on us. He’s became a friend of ours at Arvest. I think it’s great because a lot of times they don’t get shed all the good light but. In this, they really get to have fun and everybody’s been super appreciative. Hello, sir (Hi). I’m Cpl Daugherty with the Nixa Police. I pulled you over cause. Your plates are expired. I don’t know if you know or not. But they expired in August. I’m just going to give you a warning on that. You’re free to go at this point. We also have some Gift cards. Some Starbucks gift cards. If you’d like one (I wouldn’t say no to a gift card). Okay, Alright, Arvest is the ones (oh that’s awesome) that supplied our gifts and stuff tonight so (Well. My girlfriend is definitely). (or my fiancé. I guess Now) (i’s Definitely not going to Believe). (I Got pulled over for expired plates. And) (go’t a giftcard). There you go, Alright? Drive safe (Okay. You can go ahead and) (pick out your toy). Yeah, absolutely (See anything there. You like). A doll. Alright (Alright. What do you tell him)? Thank you! You’re absolutely welcome (Alright. I appreciate it guys). Hey, Merry Christmas (Thank you). Daddy, when we get home. Can we open this (Yeah)? Yeah, (You bet). Some Frozen stuff in here and (This is good), Alright? What is that a makeup kit (Yeah) Alright? Is that lip gloss? Yeah, lip gloss. And a mini diary (Shes a big Minnie Fan) (Do you want to see Minnie Mouse)? Yes, (Yes). There you go (What! Do you, say)? It’s a Mickey (It’s a Mickey. Can you say thank you)? Thank you, You’re welcome. Merry Christmas! (say, Thank you). Thank you a Mickey. (let me see look) (Do. You like it)? Yeah, it’s a Mickey (Mickey). Yeah, I’ll probably take this. Nerf gun, Okay. Alright, man! (what Do you, say)? Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas! Thank you, have a Merry Christmas. A really good cop, you know? Oh, thank you, 425 traffic. Stop [Dipatcher] (425) I’ll be on North Street to the East of Cheyenne Out with a red Pontiac Gran Prix, No plate information. Multiple occupants. Hello (Sorry. I didn’t think) (youd want me to pull over here). It’’s alright. I’m Corporal Daugherty with the Nixa Police Department. I’m assuming you know why I pulled you over (Yep). No plates, Stable (Alright). Whoa, Don’t pick that one, okay, Alright? You got a bunch of little stuff here. Bunch of Minecraft. Here’s some. There’s some dolls and stuff in here. You can have whichever one you want. (what Do you see)? I wish we had something for the baby. (you Have no idea how much I appreciate this). Oh, you’re absolutely welcome (Like they’re not even getting Christmas) (because. I can’t afford it so) (thi’s! This is really nice). Hey, kiddo. Take two, Alright And this is for you. A gift card (Thank you). You’re welcome, Merry Christmas. [sobs] (Merry Christmas) Awesome. Good job (Good choice). Alright, Kiddo (Thank you so much), Absolutely. What’s your name, Bailey? What, is It, Bailey? Glad to meet you. I’m Joe. Whoa, Alright, Merry Christmas (Thank You guys) Absolutely? Just thought I was going to get a ticket. And then, when he said that he was offering toys to kids that he could find. It was really nice. Because I can’t even afford Christmas for my kids right now, so it was. I can’t get them anything so it was really nice of him. I do appreciate it. I got a little choked up on that one. It’s been very moving. We have given a lot of toys out and then some of their reactions were very humbling. Joe’s always the good cop in our eyes, but he. I think he really enjoys it too. But it’s good to see him in action and see his response and how he does get moved by stuff. I wasn’t expecting to see him. Tear up cause. He acts tough but. Now we know he’s not. I just wondered if this is what it feels like to be a firefighter. People are smiling and thankful that you’re there.