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Wedding Gift Guide | Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Parents


Hey, you guys welcome back to my channel. As you can see, I’m in a much different setup. I’m actually in our attic, which is where we’re keeping our bridesmaids gifts. Our groomsmens gifts, ring, bear flower girl, parents of the bride and groom, So everything’s up here, so I figured I would go ahead and just stay up here because I don’t feel like moving all this stuff and show you kind of everything that we got for everyone that was involved in our wedding to say. Thank you and we love you so much and appreciate everything that they have done for us. So if you are interested in seeing all of the gifts that we got, go ahead and keep watching, all right, so I’m gonna go ahead and start with the bridesmaid’s gifts because that was my absolute favorite to make. We had six bridesmaids and six groomsmen. So the first thing I did was I picked up These really really cute beach bags and I got six of these for each of the girls and keep in mind. Um, we got engaged at the beginning of the year and then we were planning through the year and our wedding is November 1st, so I bought these in the summer and in the summer. I was like that’s so cute. Obviously, November 1st is the fall, so they probably won’t be using these this year, but I figured it’s something that they would definitely be able to use in the summers to come and the next thing that I did specifically with the bags is I ordered everybody’s initials in Monogram and I got the Monogram names from Etsy and the seller’s name is designs by Nell. Marie, I’ll go ahead and write that right here for you to see and for six of them. It was nine dollars. So if you are also looking for Monograms, I highly recommend, and I went ahead with a flat iron and just put them on the fronts of the bags. Let me get one. Um, with it’s a little bit easier to read because this one is directly on the pink flower based on the placement. So I just thought that was so cute and personal, and everybody loves a beach bag, so I thought this was a perfect little gift, and it just has these knotted handles as well. So this is in itself is one of the gifts, but also the carrier of the other gifts, and it also has a snap on it, so it closes and then this is what the inside looks like. There’s a little pocket where you can store stuff, and then the other gifts that are in here. So the first little thing that is in the bag is another little bag and as you can see. This is a shiny font here, and I got these bags at target in the dollar section. And I got. I think 12 of these for, like one two or three dollars and I was like. I have to pick these up. These are so cute and all of the, um, six bags all have the same exact gifts in here, so in it. I just have a couple little gifties. And the first one is this candle from Marshalls and this scent is lava, which smells so so good. I love it and then I also have this little bracelet, and I got all of the bracelets from francesca’s which I actually used to work there so paying my tribute and they just look like this. Hopefully you can see and one side is textured and the other side is glossy, and I just think that they’re so cute, and they will look so good in pictures on the wedding day, so it’s a piece of jewelry that they can wear on the wedding day, and I also wanted to get something That was like basic enough to where they could. Just keep it and wear it later on. That was kind of my thought process with everyone’s gifts. Um, I think things that say, like Bridesman bridesmaid and groomsman. Look really, really cute, but I realistically, I mean, I don’t know how often those are going to be used afterwards because they’re not anymore. Um, and I wanted to be something that they get a lot of use out of and actually really enjoy so first part of the little bag, and then the next thing that I got them was a PJ set and they all have the same pjs. They’re just gray with black lining and then mine are white with black lining. So I thought that that was really cute that they matched and I actually got these off of Amazon, which I cannot believe so this is what the top looks like and this one is a large just for reference and showing you, um. I think that they all are pretty true to size. I would say granted. The girls have not put them on yet. Um, I wanted to get this video filmed before I give them their gifts, but also I don’t want to post it until after they get them that way. It’s still a surprise for anyone who watches and then the bottoms just look like this super cute. They’re going to be really fun for pictures the day of and again I didn’t get anything on them. They’re just plain pjs. I didn’t do a monogram. I didn’t say, like bridesmaid or anything like that. Um, I wanted them to just be like this that way. They can wear them in the years to come and just still remember what they’re from, but they don’t have anything to do with my wedding that way. They can enjoy them in everyday life. So that is everything that I put in their little goodie bags and now moving on to the groomsmen. I actually just got photo boxes from hobby lobby and I just put their name in the little slit on the front here, and then when you open it up, let’s see if it’ll spill or not, it’s probably going to. When you open it up. There’s a tie, it’s moving a tie, a little bottle of Jack Daniels and a flask, so the bottle of Jack Daniels is pretty self-explanatory just this little guy, and then this is what the flasks look like, and it just has their first and last initial on it. Let’s see if this will focus here. If you can tell, it’s a really textured, gray leather. So I think they’re really, really nice again. It just has their first and last initial, so they can use this for years to come. And then the back just looks like this, and we got these from Etsy as well. Just looks like that and let me look at my phone and see which seller this was, so this one was from the seller weddings, decor and more from Etsy and then the last, but not least is the tie they will be wearing on the wedding day. I had to go ahead and show you like this because it was not focusing, but this is just what it looks like and then in the box, it just looks like this really, really cute, super excited and then all of the boxes. Um, say the names like I said so, and then in each of them, it’s the same set, but just different initials based on their initials. All right, and then moving on to the flower girl and ring bearer. So the flower girls is a little more special. I’m gonna show you that one after the ring bear. Both of them are my siblings. If you don’t know, my brother is eight now I believe, and my sister is six, so he’s gonna be the ring bearer, and I put their gifts in these really cute little wedding looking bags that I just got. I believe either from hobby lobby or Marshalls and these have glitter in them, and I just got him this volcano making kit. He loves fun, little like stuff like this, and I just think he is going to have a hoot, and you can paint it all different colors. And then you know, you do the baking soda thing to make it erupt and then for my flower girl. Her bag is a little bit thick. She is going to be getting ready with all the girls in the morning and actually, our vendors that we chose for our hair and makeup are so sweet and they’re doing her hair makeup complimentary, because she’s so little so she is going to have a blast. She’s a girly girl at heart. She loves it all of it, so she’s gonna have so much fun and then. I got her four things, so the first thing that I got her. Was this really pretty little flower girl basket? And my dress has little pearls kind of throughout and so. When I saw this, I thought it was absolutely perfect and I picked this guy up at hobby lobby, so it’s just cute like this, and it’ll look really pretty in her little hands, and then I just got her this bath bomb, which I believe was from justice. I’m not quite sure, but and it just is like a diamond like a diamond ring. I thought that was very bridal. And then she also has her own set of pajamas. That are super super small and cute. So this is the top. It’s a lighter shade of gray, which I wanted. I wanted her to kind of stand out a little bit, and then, um, they are lined with white lining as you can see and then has a white little tie right here, so I know she’s gonna love it and love being able to participate with everybody else and look the same and then the very last thing that I got. Is this little frozen coloring kit? And I know that she will love this. And it also gives her something to do on the wedding morning because hair makeup is starting at like, seven in the morning and we’re not leaving till noon, So even though she’s gonna have so much fun, getting her hair makeup done. There’s a lot of hours where she’s not gonna be doing anything, and I don’t want her to, like, have a temper tantrum or be bored, so I figured she could either like. Watch TV or go crazy coloring with this. And then I actually have already wrapped my parents presents and Jack’s parents present. So this is the present for my parents, and I’ll go ahead and link a picture right here of what it looks like, so we also got this from Etsy as you can tell I love Etsy. I know most people use Etsy for wedding stuff, and this was from the seller. MRC wood products again. I will have the words right here for everything. Um, and they were awesome. It was made personally and it was delivered within a week of my order, which is really rare for Etsy. Especially something that you get getting personalized like that, So I highly highly highly recommend them. If you’re even just looking for a gift, This was the best seller experience I have had with anyone. We had such a great experience with him. Also, um, just going back a little bit. The flower girl pajamas that I got are from the seller Celine Lounge. And then we have also wrapped. Um, my fiance’s parent’s presence present. So I can’t show you that either, but again, I’ll just insert a picture right here of what it looks like. We wanted to do something really special for both of them. Um, so as you saw with my parent’s gift, we got them a wall. Decal. That’s very, very large. I know it’s going to be hard to see sizing reference. So that’s why I wanted to pick this up and show you. And they started dating in 2008 And she is my stepmom. Um, so it’s just really really meaningful for them to have something like that, especially because they don’t have anything really like in remembrance of their relationship, their marriage, anything like that around the house, and so I know this is good that is going to be super meaningful to them, and so then we are trying to figure out something that could be super meaningful to his parents, and we were thinking for quite a while before we came up with a really good option as you saw. It was a watercolor print of the house that they grew up in so his parents actually moved out of the house that him and his two siblings grew up in his freshman year of college. I met him his sophomore year of college and my freshman year of college. So since I have known him, he has not lived in that house, but he lived in it. His whole life and even his, um, two older sisters, they both talk about it with lots of love and even his parents talk about the house with lots of love because that’s where they lived, and they grew up and we just felt like it would be a really really good tribute to his upbringing to the life that he lived before me and just a really great. Thank you to them as well. So I hope I think that it’ll be really really meaningful to them as well and you know, we were fortunate enough to have both of our parents. Um, help with the wedding expenses and so trying to find really meaningful gifts for them was something that was one of our highest priorities. As you know, I’m sure. Weddings are very expensive, and we wanted to really, really say thank you. Thank you and we love you guys. That print was also from Etsy and it is from mono, art and design, and we also had a really good experience with this seller. Um, both of the parent’s gifts Were the best experiences that I had on Etsy. And I’ve ordered a lot of wedding things on Etsy. Um, he sent a proof of the house because we sent him a picture and there were a few things that we wanted to be different. Uh, because when he lived there, you know as you saw. The door was red, but now the door is black because of whoever lives there now changed it, so we wanted to change that to match, and then we Jack said there were some holly bushes in the front that weren’t in the picture. We sent him so we had him kind of. Add some bushes here and there, a tree here and there, and he was so so great we had him. It was a couple of emails back and forth of changes. And he was awesome. He was willing to do them and then. When we got the print in, it looked so so good and all the changes we wanted. We’re exactly how we wanted them, and it just turned out so great. So if you’re looking for gifts, wedding gifts? Just, you know, birthday gifts. Whatever both of those sellers we recommend time and time again now for presents involving him and I, we actually decided not to get each other gifts, and that might be kind of controversial, but here’s why so we’re getting married. November 1st and my birthday is November 26th and then right after that December 25th is Christmas and with having to pay for so many things right now and the holidays being right around the corner. Um, we just decided it financially wasn’t worth it. Um, especially because we’re going on our honeymoon directly. After and by the time we come back, It’s like Thanksgiving and my birthday. So a lot of money is being thrown around in the months of October November December. And we just decided, you know, instead of getting wedding gifts for each other right now, because getting married is a gift and we’re going on a honeymoon like this whole process is a gift, You know, I don’t need anything materialistic. He doesn’t need anything materialistic. We decided we would just kind of up our game at Christmas because that’s kind of the end of this very expensive year. Um, so we’re just gonna do that. That’s what we decided that will work best for us, and I’m just really, really excited. Um, we are getting married in six days. I’m sure this will be posted after the wedding Because like, I said, I don’t want them to see any of the gifts. I want their true reactions, which I am going to be vlogging the wedding morning. So if you are interested, um, in seeing that, or I’m not sure exactly which I’m gonna post first, but go ahead and check that out and you’ll be able to see them opening their gifts. Thank you so much for watching this video and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought of the gifts I got. Everyone and I will catch you on my next one. [MUSIC].