Gifts For Coworkers Christmas | 9 Cool Gift Ideas For Your Boss & Co-worker ❤ #1

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9 Cool Gift Ideas For Your Boss & Co-worker ❤ #1


[MUSIC] [Music] dear diary shall sting! Practice was tote’s lame today. My Squire was 15 minutes late, so I had some murder until he was dead. Then my page had to assist me, but he didn’t even know how to tie a saddle on Carplay. Mondays are stupid. What if it was simple to use a regular pen and paper notebook while saving everything in the cloud perfectly organized the way you want and what if after you saved your notes in the cloud and filled your paper notebook, you could just erase it with the push of a button and use it again. That’s not magic. That’s the rocket book wave notebook with the wave notebook and the rocket book app you instantly. Blast your notes into the cloud. Using your mobile device In a fraction of a second rocket book, machine, vision scans enhances and sends each page to the specific destination they belong on the cloud services. You already use each wave notebook? 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[MUSIC] YOU [Music] [Music] There’s more art on the internet that in every gallery and museum on earth, but these objects are trapped, they’re trapped inside devices like our tablets or phones laptops, They’re stuck inside screenings designed for distraction, living between texts and tweets and emails from work. So we wanted to make a new way to bring art from the Internet into your home. It’s called electric objects. The first question we asked was. How do we design a computer that just fades away? One that feels more like a painting or a photograph. This isn’t a normal screen and it shouldn’t feel like one the device. The hardware is minimal. It’s really the experience at sea art that comes forth, we’re designing desktop and mobile apps. Make it easy for you and your friends to discover display and collect this beautiful art, and I’m really excited about our API and seeing what artists and developers are going to do with. It were working closely with artists to create work specifically for electric objects and partnering with museums, libraries and other organizations to bring their collections into your home. It was really great to think about this existing on someone’s wall and further thinking about someone choosing this to exist on their wall and how that was a reflection of them. Sometimes when I’m sick, maybe the home should feel different. Sometimes when I’m really happy, my home should feel different and the idea of being able to have art in the house that has that quality is in a way what I always wanted art to be able to do. [MUSIC] [Music] there’s comfort in the rhythm that’s created between our hand and eye while we write something that can’t be replaced by the mild swipe of a finger or the hammering of our thumbs this. This is like a dance, a dance. 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