Flower Crown With Bangs | Diy Wedding Flowers – How To Make A Flower Crown By Campbell’s Flower School

Tracey Campbell

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Diy Wedding Flowers - How To Make A Flower Crown By Campbell's Flower School


[MUSIC] Hi, everyone, and thanks very much for tuning in today. I’m going to show you how to make some really simple but very pretty flower crown. This methodology and these techniques can be used to make a much bigger one. If that’s what you’re looking for, but these are great for things like festivals. Or if you’re going to a wedding yourself or you could even make it for a little flower girl. So for today’s flower crown, first of all. We need to make the frame for it, so I’m going to take two 90 gauge wires. These are the longer size as well and put two together like this. We’re going to tape them together. Using the method that we’ve shown you and the techniques that we’ve shown you on our previous wiring and taping video, so take that all the way to the end. That’s the first one, and then you need to do exactly the same thing again, and then we need to join these two together first of all, if you take one end and just bend it over, that’s gonna make the hook end like that. And then if you take the opposite end, you need to bend that over all the way and take a small piece of tape and tape that together that’s going to be the eye. It’s just been taped over there. You can see like that then. We need to join these two pieces together. I’m point used to doing this, but I would say for most people’s heads. The average head. You probably want to join them together around about, but six centimetres of join the very best thing that you could possibly do is to measure your head beforehand and especially if you’re doing this for children because it’s it’s amazing how much that they can vary, so we always say if this background is for say a flower girl, we was ask the brides to measure the heads first so that we could write and then we just literally measure that length to make sure that we’ve got the right size. So there we go, That’s your frame at the beginning of your frame, and they just need to bend it gently into a circle and hook that through like that. So you know, you have a circle. So now we start to work with our flower material what we’re going to do? This is the kind of simplest method of creating a flower crown. If you’re if you’ve done a florist requalification or you’re doing a florist requalification and you’re a professional. Then each of these pieces would be wired and taped individually. But if you’re just making this for fern for a festival or for to wear to a wedding or something like mass or a party, then this is the really quick and simple method, so first of all, we’re going to work with just wax flower and just lisianthus and I’ve just cut them to make it a little bit quicker and a bit easier and you can see that. I’ve cleaned the bottoms of the Wechsler. So if I just cut a piece off like that, and you can see that it has those little bits of greenery, and you just need to clean those off, so all of these have been cleaned in advance. So get a nice, bushy piece of wax flower to start with, and you want to hold that up against the mechanic end of it. So this is the end that’s got the hook and the eye, and you see where? I’ve put it so that it kind of covers that bit and that you don’t kind of see anything that’s too ugly, and then I’ve just cut some little strips here of the parafilm that I’m working with, and then you just need to pull the parafilm and then just literally wrap that round. Just pull it nice and tight, and then that’s not going anywhere and then we’re just going to push those and then we’re just going to take the smallest because this is the back we’re going to take the smallest of the lisianthus buds and we’ll work up because that will be the front and well woke up to the bigger pieces at the front. And so we’ve been going to place that over the top. This little piece of loosing out this a small one and that that’s going to be wired and taped like that and then we’re gonna alternate. This is a really simple design, so we’re gonna alternate it all the way around, so it’s just very pretty, very summery, but very simple to make so again. Go around like that, and you can see we’re starting to build it up. That’s a slightly bigger one than we’ve got already, so we’re gonna put that next take. These stems of the lisianthus are a little bit too long, so you’re probably better to cut them so that they were about. Maybe two to three centimeters. We don’t want to be too long. Otherwise they makes the crown a little bit too heavy now. I’m going back to my Max Fire. Because that’s the next Innes in the series. And then we just keep going in this way. If there’s any long legs, just cut them off, and we’re just gonna carry on all the way until we get to the end, and I’ll show you how to do that. In more detail, so we’ve worked all the way around until we’ve pretty much got at the end, and now you can see. We’ve just got this very last little bit here to do so. I’m just going to show you how to finish off. So if you just unhook the whole design, that’ll make it a little bit easier and then so you’ve got this little piece here and what I would do is just put wax flour on it rather than another lisianthus and so that the back is kind of quite clearly just a little band of wax flour because the wax far is nice and kind of big and bushy, and it’s going to cover. You’ll come mechanics a little bit better, so just take the wax flower and cut it quite sure what, and then if you just slightly open that hook up, can you see what? I’m doing here. Just tidy that end up a little bit there. So if you just slightly open the hook, it’ll make it a bit easier for you to actually construct this at the other end once there, because it’s it’s getting a little bit shorter, a little bit difficult, so take your tape, and you just want to really carefully whine that three considers a little bit awkward, But if you find just peek and you’ll, you’ll be fine like that so. I’ve now kind of put that last piece in place, and then when you hook it back up because you put this very first piece, a long way across the two should join up, and you shouldn’t be able to see any of the kind of ugly joining promise like that. So if you just link that together like that, and then pop that over the top, it’s a nice clean finish as you can see and then you can, it’s quite easy to see, which is the back, and which is the front because the front has got the bigger flowers in it there. We go just to show you how these look. I’ve got my lovely model, Alice. Here to just help me and say, just place them on and you want to just wear them, so they’re kind of slightly forward and thanks so much for watching. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and if you have them, please like and share. And if you happen to make any of my designs, we would absolutely love it if you get in touch and let us know hey, go on! Thanks so much again, bye.