Flower Bokeh For Wedding | Wedding Bouquet Tutorial – How To Make Diy Flower Bouquet For Weddings & Spring – Real/fake Flowers

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Wedding Bouquet Tutorial - How To Make Diy Flower Bouquet For Weddings & Spring - Real/fake Flowers


Oh, McCaffrey. Friends is Shelley from origami tree and today we’re making a spring / wedding type bouquet. This is my first wedding inspired bouquet. So I am really excited to, you know. Try it out and see how it comes out, and I got a couple of pre-made roses from paper Mart and also a couple of other items as well then. I want to show you the first things that I got. Um, it didn’t come like this. I like opened up the package because I was playing around with them earlier. But I got a whole bunch of these white A premium satin. So these are really, really cool. You can make your own roses from ribbon if you want and I have a tutorial on how to do that in video description. If you want to make it on your own, but I just thought that it would be easier if I got them remade. And then I also got these clear sprays. So I love these. They kind of remind me a little bit of coarseness, actually, but it’s very appropriate for weddings as well because you can like, put them. You know, In-between. The roses, and there’s gonna look really really cool and sparkly, So I got some of those. And then I also got a whole bunch of pearls. These are ivory like an assortment of like different sizes of ivory pearls. I actually thought they would be much smaller, so I’m hoping they’re not too big like this One, For example, is a really ginormous pearl, and then I also got a long chain of rhinestones. These are pretty cool. I have to figure out a way to cut them, so I’ll probably be using a jewelry cutter or some kind of metal cutter, but this is really cool. I’ve never had one of these before, so it’s fun to see you come in the mail and then finally. I got this really really large roll of ribbon. This is literally the size of my head. So, yeah, it’s really really large. It’s a hundred yards 7/8 of an inch and I got it in a peach color. Which kind of looks a little bit like? Um, pink, but it’s supposed to be peach. I really, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this much ribbon. But at least I know I won’t, you know, run out or anything like that in the middle of my project, but those are the things that I got from paper Mart, and then I got a Styrofoam ball from Michaels. This is six inches. I wanted to find a half sphere, but they didn’t sell them, so I just got the you know the whole sphere, and hopefully I can figure out a way to cut. It neatly also need a like a tube. So this cardboard tube. I got from a gift wrap, so Ill. Roll a gift wrap. I finished it up and I thought, oh, I can use this. It’s thinner and longer, then a toilet paper roll. So I thought I would be using this and it would be perfect for the handle of the bouquet, and I got my glue gun. And, of course, pair of scissors. You’ll be needing one of those and a knife to probably cut this thing, so that’s pretty much the gist of what? I’ll be using in this project. I might end up using some other things along the way because I am improvising, so I’m not quite sure what exactly I’ll need yet or how much of it that I’ll need, but if you’re new to my channel. Welcome, be sure to hit that subscribe button. I post new crafty fun videos all year round. Don’t want you to miss them anyway. I think I’ve talked it up for now. So let’s jump right in to make the wedding bouquet. The first thing I did was I took a plastic knife, so this was just a regular plastic knife that I got from eating takeout dinner and I try to cut a half sphere, but then I thought I may not have enough flowers and pearls and rhinestones to decorate everything, so I am leaning a little bit towards, you know, one third of that sphere there. It was a little difficult and tricky trying to cut a straight line but in the end. I finally did it, and then I smooth out. You know, like sort of like the rough area that I kind of screwed up And finally I got it done then. I took the gift wrap tube, and I placed it at the center of the House Fear and using a Sharpie. I traced around it just so. I’ll know where the center is next. I took some of the lovely satin ribbon that I got, and I dab a little bit of glue at the center of the sphere and then sort of just like laid it on. And once I got to the edge. I folded it in half, so that little bit of the ribbon was sticking out. There’s about two inches or like one and a half inches sticking out you can, you know, do more or less depending on your preference and I then went around and repeat the same thing, so after every single fold, you would just, you know, move a little bit to the right side. You would just continue doing that until you reach the very end, and now we’re finally down to the last one. Once you have that all glued down and neatly covered, you want to take a pair of scissors and snip off the end of the ribbon and then flip the entire thing around and what I did next was, I took a roll flowers and I just used it for the circumference of the half sphere, our rather circle now, and I just wanted to make sure that all the ground was covered at the very edge, so that’s why I did that [Music] so now that you have the circumference of the circle all covered, I started taking whole bunches of roses. Instead of taking, you know, one at a time just to save time, and also when you get to the center of the bouquet, it doesn’t really matter how many roses you have as long as you covered all of the styrofoam. Now that all the gaps are all filled. It’s looking really, really pretty and very much like a bouquet, then. I took a whole bunch of the clear round Pro sprays and I snip them because they were a little too long, And then I just took them and sprinkle them around the bouquet. [MUSIC] Then I took a pair of scissors and I trimmed the clear pro-spray so that it wouldn’t be so long and I want it to be a little bit more sparse as well, so I’m just kind of like, positioning them and cutting them to different lengths decided to add a little bit of elegance, and so I took four pearls and I glue them in a rhombu’s shape, and I also have a bandage on my thumb because I poked myself with a clear pearl spray, so be careful when you’re working with wired stuff, but anyway, I cut a piece of the rhinestone from my rhinestone chain, And then I place it right at the center to make a flower. Then I took that, and I placed it in the wedding bouquet, and I proceeded to make a couple of more just to sort of decorate it a little bit more. [MUSIC] Then I glue down some larger pearls. These are about three quarters of an inch And I just sprinkle them throughout the bouquet, and I think it’s starting to look pretty good and now. I’m working on the handle the bouquet. I took my glue gun and I glue the top of the tube, and then I started wrapping it around the tube from the top to the bottom, and once I got to the bottom and one straight back up and you just want to do that until you have a two to three layers of ribbon and the reason why I did that was because the ribbon was a little sheer because of the color, and so I wanted to cover up the brownness of the tube. Once I got to the end, I used my scissors to snip off the ribbon, and then I folded the ribbon down, so it’ll have a smoother edge and then to add a little bit of shine and sparkle to the handle. I decided to add a layer of rhinestones, right at the very tip, and then I took the handle and I glued it right at the center of the wedding bouquet. Then I added a second layer of rhinestones to the handle. Just add a little bit more, pop, because I felt like it was lacking a little bit at the very top, so I placed in our layer there and snip it off. Then I took my glue gun and it went around the entire perimeter of the bouquet to glue down the ribbon. So that wouldn’t flap around then. I took a long strip of ribbon and I tied a bow on the handle. I cut both ends of the ribbon on a slant, and then I took one of those flower concoctions that I made earlier so for Pearls and a rhinestone right at the center and I placed it right at the center of that bow. And then finally, I took the largest pearl, which was one inch in diameter and I stuffed it into the opening of the tube because nobody wants to see that opening in the tube. And then once you do that, your entire wedding bouquet is done. Thank you so much for watching. I really hope you enjoy that tutorial on how to make a wedding bouquet. If you’re interested in learning more about the products that I’ve been using in this video, Be sure to check the video description for the product links. I got most of my items from paper. Mart com. If you’re not a subscriber already be sure to hit that subscribe button and also the notification. Bell right next to the subscribe button. I post new crafty fun videos all year round. And I love to share them with you. So be sure you do that and I’ll see you next time bye.