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How You Can Wear Your Hair Based On Your Wedding Dress Style


Hi. I’m Kevin Elizabeth, a wedding photographer and Bridal boutique owner, based in San Diego and today. I’m going to be talking to you guys. About a recent editorial shoot that I did for my shop That was to inspire and educate Brides on how they can style their hair based on their wedding dress style in silhouette. So this shoot was for Sammy. Pretty, which if you don’t know is a top wedding block. It’s got really gorgeous wedding stuff. And we did this shoot to be able to share with. Brides how they can do different hairstyles, based on what their gown looks like and what look they’re going for how formal they want it to be or if they want it more whimsical and a little bit more laid-back. So I hope that you guys find this helpful. I’m going to be sharing different images of gowns and discussing them with a little bit of a voiceover so that you can know exactly what I’m talking about, and so I can explain the reasoning that we chose to style hair, different ways based on the dresses we pulled, so we use dresses from my boutique, the white flower bridal boutique and we use designers. Hayley Paige, which I’m sure most of you know, and Kelly, Feita Nene and Martina Liana. So this was a shoot of 12 different gowns and we have so many beautiful looks for all of them, and then even a surprise visit from a puppy now. If you did see my behind-the-scene’s video a few weeks ago, you might recognize this shoot. And if you haven’t seen that, please go watch it. Give it a little bit of love. It deserves a little extra views, and I hope that that’s a fun look and do how something like this is produced, so enjoy the explanations of these hairstyles. All these gowns that I’m showing you guys today are able to be purchased from my bridal boutique. The white flower. So to jump right in this is a beautiful. Martinoli on a dress. And for this look, we chose to do a half up half down because that gives it a very whimsical and playful look. This is a very, very beautiful and very whimsical gown, so it’s not super formal. It’s got a little bit of garden vibes in it. So for that, we wanted hair. That was a little bit more playful, and because you’ve got these spaghetti straps. You can definitely hide your hair down. It’s not taking away from too much, and you’ve got enough open space on the back of the gown where the hair is not going to be covering anything on your back. So you’re not going to be hiding any details of your gown. So that’s why we chose a half-up half-down for this look. I would either do half a puff down or maybe all down for this. I don’t know that would do an updo for something like this. Because of the neckline, you would have just so much skin showing, and it can be really hard to find a necklace for a wedding dress these days, especially for a neckline like this, so I would really opt for having some hair down Now. The second look is from Kelly fate to Nene, and it is the Daniela ball gown. Now, for this, it’s got very similar vibes to the last dress, very whimsical, a touch of garden ethereal so again. Half-up half-down works really well for this. Now this gown you could maybe get away with an updo because the neckline does come up higher, but again. I would really suggest having at least some or all of the hair down. If you’ve got a neckline like this with thinner straps and then a low back, also, we did pair this with a twigs and honey hair accessory. It’s very small and dainty and elegant. So that’s something that worked really well for this dress and the next look is another. Kelly, Feita. Nene, this is Ariana. She’s a crepe UT and for this look. We wanted to have the hair all the way down, but then play up the hair accessory with a hair vine because the gown is a little bit more on the simple side, and because it is simple. You could have your hair down. You could have your hair up, but what you’re going to want to do is if you want to dress something like a simple gown like this up more then. I would opt for an updo. That’s more elaborate feels very formal. If you want to dress it down a little bit, then I would have your hair down, so that’s. What we did for this now? The next one is also a very, very simple gown, but for this we wanted to dress it up, so because this gown is so plain, we thought that giving it a formal updo would help really make it feel very black-tie and it totally does, so this actually can handle hair worn up because the neckline is higher. It’s also more of a square neck, which is coming back in style. I really love it. I think it’s gorgeous, so I think that you could have your hair up now because this gown is so simple, you can pair it with a gorgeous crystal hair accessory. This is from brides and hairpins, and I would also suggest having a veil with this dress. I think that even a really long veil would probably be your best bet. You could go shorter, of course, but again because the gown is so simple, and I don’t mean simple in a bad way. I just mean simple and it’s very minimal. You can really get away with more accessories for something like this now. This next dress is from. Hayley Page. It is called Finley for this. You’ve got a lot of beautiful beading up top, so you’ve got a lot going on that. You’re not going to want to cover. You’re not gonna want hair covering the front of this dress and concealing the actual detailing because the skirt is plain, so for this, we feel that something like a beaded top where you don’t want to conceal it. You’ve got thicker sleeves. I would say hair up so that you can really show off the sleeves on this and the beading. Now, because you’ve got a really simple skirt. You can definitely get away with a floral hair accessory. This one is from twigs and honey, and it is so stunning if you have a ton of hair like our model. Lisa, then a larger piece like this works beautifully. This next count is another simple beauty. This is one of my favorites. It is from Kelly, Fay to Nene, and it is called Phoebe. I love this dress because it just screams old. Hollywood glam to me So hair down and curled is gorgeous for this. You can get away with that because your sleeves are off the shoulders. Your hair is not covering any bit of sleeve detail, so that’s a really nice benefit to a gown like this is off the shoulder. You can have your hair down. Otherwise, if your hair was up, it can be a lot of skin if there’s no necklace. So it just isn’t quite as balanced to me when you’ve got so much skin, and it’s not an issue of modesty. It’s an issue of balance for me. You could do your hair up for this, but I think that for something like this. This beautiful, sleek sweetheart neckline with off-the-shoulder sleeves, supports hair down really well, and then because you have such a simple gown, you could do something fun and edgy, like this gorgeous twigs and honey embellished veil, which is one of my favorite veils that I’ve ever seen. It is so cool. It would be amazing for detail shot, so don’t be afraid to do something a little bit edgy when it comes to your veil because you’re not gonna wear it in every single photo, and it’s just a really fun statement piece now. This next gown is another strapless so again for this, You’ve got a lot of space above the neck, and because you don’t have any off the shoulder sleeves. You’ve got a lot of space on the arms to carry one up in this and updo. I again feel like would be empty and naked up top, so I love the hair down and curled for this look, and it’s not covering too much of the detail. You’ve got a beautiful amount of beating on this gallant. It is so stunning, but the hair down doesn’t take away from it because you’ve got so much empty space up top. So that’s why for strapless sweetheart neckline gowns? I really love the hair down. I think it’s so stunning Now. This next one. If you’ve got a gown that has a really dramatic skirt, so a trumpet or a mermaid, then? I think hair down is great, because again you want to balance now with this neckline. You guys already know that? I would suggest hair down. Because you’ve got a lot of space up top. It’s got the sweetheart neckline with off-the-shoulder sleep, so you can wear your hair down. Even wear a hair accessory to balance out that larger skirt down below, so for this hair down and curled has two purposes, it makes sure that you’ve got not too much nakedness and emptiness up top, so that’s a balance there, but you’ve also got that really long skirt, so you want to balance it out with more volume as hair that is down. If you had an updo for this, you might end up looking more like a triangle because you’ve just not got a whole lot going on up top. So that is what I would suggest for this gown. Switching gears a little bit. We’ve got a beautiful ball gown from Hayley. Paige, this is Markel. And this has a lot of detailing and again. It’s got a very full skirt, so I do think that. Having some hair down and especially with this neckline, it is very, very low and the back is quite low as well. So having this hair down is great plus. This is a very playful gown, so having that hair, Half-up half-down gives a playful vibe, so I really think that Half-up Half-down is a very whimsical. Look, it’s a little bit youthful. It’s very fresh, Its playful, it’s flirty, it’s whimsical, it’s fun, so that works really well for a very playful dress like this. It would not work really. Well, if you were trying to go for black-tie with a really sleek gown. I don’t think it would be right. I mean, you could totally do it. But that’s just my personal preference. Now for this gallon is. Haley, page with Lauren. This is a very popular dress. I love it, It’s a unique shade of color and for this dress, it’s got so much detail going on a very low neckline, And although I would normally say, maybe you could wear your hair up through something like this. I think for this gown. You don’t want to have too intricate of an updo because you’ve got so much detailing on the gown that you don’t want people distracted by your hair. You want them to really see this gown? It’s got a full glitter skirt. It’s so stunning in person. I absolutely love it, so we’ve kind of got the hair situated off to the side. So you’re not covering both of the sleeves? It’s a really really cute look and something that I would totally wear myself. This next one is Martina Liana 1066 You might think she looks really similar to 1060 which was the strapless sweetheart neckline. And that’s because these are basically like sister gowns. This one is just the sleeved version so because this gown has so much detailing going on and it’s got beautiful straps and a beautiful neckline that that’s come up fairly high, even though it’s got the plunge. You can totally do an updo for this. Look, because you don’t have too much skin in the front going on to where it’s going to look naked or empty, and even though you do have the low back, it’s got so much detailing that again. It’s got that balance from the texture of the gown, and I would absolutely pair this with that twigs and honey hairpiece. I think it’s just so stunning to have something like that. Especially when you’ve got an updo and a low back. You’ve got something that kind of connects the gown and the hair together so again, it’s all about balance for me. And this last one is Hayley Paige, Zazu! This one again has so much detailing that. If you really want to show off a detailed gown, don’t let your hair cover it now. You could absolutely do this one with your hair down. This is kind of a versatile gown because it does have some space up top. Not too much because you’ve got that gown that goes pretty thick until it hits the thin strap. So for something like this, you could go either way honest. You could go Half-up half-down you could go down and I would say if you went down on something like this have. The hairs curled and off to the side. Kind of like we did with Lauren, but for this. If you want to dress up a gown like this, you would go with an updo if you want it to be. Maybe a little bit more casual, A little bit more boho. Have the hair down or half up half down. If you guys want to learn more about these, looks in depth and read about them. I will leave a link down to the style made pretty feature below. So you guys can go check that out. Hope you guys enjoy this video. It was super fun to put together and put into a video format for you all. I know a lot of you are dealing with coronaviru’s things. So maybe now you have a little bit of extra time to watch my videos and get inspired for your wedding. Get a little bit of advice to help. You make your plans the best that you want them to be and? If you guys did enjoy this video, please be sure to comment down below. I definitely want to hear from more people, especially these days because I don’t like see people in the world because I’m inside my condo all the time, so say, hello, say whatever ask me a question. Leave a future video idea. And I will see you guys next time. Bye [Music]!