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Must-have Pearl Wedding Hair Accessories 2020!


[MUSIC] Hi gorgeous brides Lindsay. Here from the wedding veil shop today to talk to you about some of our gorgeous wedding hair accessories that we’ve got for you. I’ve got Shannon with me who’s? Oliver Citrus is here. She’s normally in the back behind the scenes, but I’ve dragged her out front today to come and help because I need to borrow her hair. The theme that runs through all the hair accessories that we’ve got for you. Today is Pearl, So I hope you like those and let’s dig in, okay, Let’s start with one of our absolute favorites. That’s the everlasting by Ariana. All of Ariana pieces are handmade here in the UK. This piece, in particular, is handcrafted with mix sized glass pearls in a large layered design slightly peaked in the center and the main detail is quite wide. So it’s definitely not a subtle piece. We absolutely love this one. [MUSIC] Next up is the LP 740 hair clip by Lindsey. J now a lot of pieces that will include Pearls will always have ivory pearls. So what we love about this One is that the pills are actually champagne or even a little bit, pinky, So if you’ve got any of the kind of deeper cooler dresses like nude natural. You know, they have all these kind of names, champagne or oyster. All of those kind of things. Blush, pink as well. Maybe then this one could be for you. Moving on to the Callisto wedding hair Vine by Ariana is called a vine technically, but it does actually have a comb in the center, so it’s great for wearing at the back of the head. You could wear it above your veil if you wanted to. It looks really good. If you have in your hair sort of half-up half-down you can put it along that line where the hair is sort of meets in the middle. Yeah, this is a really nice one. [MUSIC] The LT. Six five six Pearl wedding headband by Lindsay. J Much more subtle than the first sort of tltro that we showed you the everlasting at the beginning there and this one is great. If you just want something really easy to pop in your hair, anything on a headband is always the easiest thing to wear you just pop it in and you’re done this one. I think will be good for bridesmaids as well because it’s a really good price point, and it’s nothing too showy, or, you know, just any brides that don’t want anything too tall or princessy, moving on to something from Ariana. Again this time, it’s the Jasmine tiara, and this one is almost as big as the everlasting the pearl one at the beginning. Maybe it’s the same size, actually, but this time, it’s a lot more sparkly. The pearls are dialed back, but the the sparkle factor is definitely dialed up with all of these amazing diamond tea leaf designs that it’s got. I always think this one looks like it’s made of ice crystals. So I think it would be great for a winter wedding. [MUSIC] moving on now to the LP 689 by Lindsey J. This one’s another one That’s on a clip and Bryce Two seem to really like this one. It’s actually been around for a couple of seasons now, but it gets carried over because it’s so popular, and I think it’s the elongated shape that just fits so snugly at the side of the bride’s head that makes it so popular. We really like this one. Something brand-new now from Ariana is the purity hairpin set a set of seven mix sized glass pearls that you can dot around or cluster together. We think this one would look amazing if you also had some kind of dots in your dress like a polka dot, you know, dress or sleeves or something? That would look really good moving on. We have the a w116 nine wavy tiara, or it’s more a headband, really! I suppose because it doesn’t have any sort of height in the center, it is supposed to sit flat to the head, and it has look at freshwater pearls and diamonds and lovely metalwork. Very 1920s looking. I think this one. The purity pearl topped birdcage! Okay, so technically, this isn’t really a headpiece. It is a veil, but it’s kind of a variation of the purity hairpin set that we just showed you, so there’s. Three of those glass pearls at the top is on a tiny little inch wide comb and you can wear on either side. So if you’re into the vintage birdcage veil. Look, then this is a great option, something a little bit different and daring now with the twilit feather headband, another piece that’s been handmade by Ariana. I just add I love this one. It’s got such a 1920s sort of aesthetic to it. It sits flush to the head, which I think is a really interesting sort of design. Normally when you see feathered pieces, the feathers are, you know, like a fascinator where they kind of sprout up and all over the place, but this one sits like flush to your head and just look so vintage. We absolutely love it and then the last piece that we wanted to show you in this video Is the Briar Hair Vine again. It’s another kind of vine comb hybrid because it does actually have two foams this time one on either end, so and all that’s great for wearing at the back, and it’s in a really delicate pearl and crystal design. [MUSIC] That was the last one that we had for you today. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through all of these gorgeous pieces. Some nice close-ups. And maybe it’s giving you an idea of what you’ll do with your hair on your own big day and more importantly, how you will decorate it. Thank you for watching our video and we will see you again. Bye [Music]!