Faux Fur Jacket For Wedding | Diy Faux Fur Jacket Part 1

Laura Pifer

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Diy Faux Fur Jacket Part 1


In this two-part video tutorial, I am showing you how to sew a faux fur jacket using brother strong and tough serger and brothers. Xr 37 7 for sewing machines. [MUSIC] begin by placing the FIR wrong side up making sure the fur is going in the direction of your pattern, use a permanent marker to trace your pattern onto the wrong side of the faux fur. [MUSIC] You remove the pattern using a razor blade cutting only through the backing. If you only have scissors, just make sure to use the tips and cut only through the backing [Music] [Music] create a liner using a lightweight material like that [Music] [Music] [Music] starting at the shoulders. Tuck the faux fur in as you pin each seat. [MUSIC] You will then sew and Serge the seam allowance. You will now pin the sleeves in making sure to tuck the fur in again as you pin. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] repeat for the other sleeve then sew and Serge the seam allowance [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] pin, the side seams and sleeve seams again, making sure to tuck the fur in as you pin [Music]. This is the completion of the shelf for the faux fur jacket. Heads apart -. You see the final construction process?

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