Fashion Business Card Holder | Louis Vuitton Unboxing! | Noir Empreinte Business Card Holder 🖤 | Rosalie Coin Purse Comparison

Despina Psaradellis

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Louis Vuitton Unboxing! | Noir Empreinte Business Card Holder 🖤 | Rosalie Coin Purse Comparison


Hi, guys, welcome to my channel. My name is Despina. And in today’s video. I am going to be doing an unboxing for you guys. Um, this is my very first unboxing video, So I’ll try to go through it really quickly. Um, but this is my first Louis Vuitton on prompt leather piece. So let’s just jump straight into it. All right, so I’m gonna open the box like this. I’ve got the chinese new year ribbon. Um, so firstly, you get this envelope, which just has the receipt. Um, and return information. And then you’ve got the box and inside. I’ve got my wallet. You’ll see it soon and I also get a shopping bag as well with it. So if we just open this up and take it out of its chest bag. Oh, she’s so pretty so this is actually called the business card holder. So this isn’t a wallet, Um, but it will be a wallet as far as I’m concerned. So this is gorgeous, so it is the noir, the black leather and when you open it up. It’s got a little card slot at the front. Oh, just got the little care card in here and then at the back. There’s just like a spacious slot because obviously this is a business card holder. Um, but I’m actually going to be using this as my wallet. Um, so it’s. Oh, I know people say that the smell is really nice so strong. Um, so yeah, so this is the piece here. Um, and I just wanted to show you guys as well. The wallet that I’m currently using, Which is the Rosalie coin purse in monogram. Um, so just as a side by side comparison. Let me close this up. In case you have this or something very close to like the Victorine wallet. Um, but I’ll just show you The dimensions. They’re pretty much like they’re the same. They’re actually the same. Oh, my God, I didn’t know that, um, yeah, so what I might do quickly. Um, is I might actually transfer the contents out of this into here and we see how we go, so I’m quite minimal when it comes to stuff in my wallet anyway. Um, so I’ve got a couple of cards here, so I might just take those all out. So what I’ll do is whatever I reach for the most. I’ll put at the front. Um, and to be honest, it’s probably going to be my license because I’ve got my. Um, I’ve already got like my cards already synchronized to my phone so I can just use Apple. Pay anyway, so I rarely reach for my debit cards. Um, but just in case, my phone dies or something and its unexpected happens. I like to still have my cards on me. Um, so it is really deep like you can’t even like I’ve. I’ve got my license in there now, and you can’t even see it, so it’s down here, so just pop it in there, which is good that way. It’s like a bit out of sight, and then I’ve got some cash in here as well, which I’m gonna slip in the back in front of my debit cards. Actually, you know what I’m gonna put them at the back? I’m gonna put my cards in front like that. I’ve got it stuck in between, okay, so now I’ve got some cash and I’ve got my cards. What else have I got in here, so I’ve got? Um, a gift card, a receipt, My loyalty card for my nails. Oh, and a fishbowl or two cards. I don’t need that, so I’m going to put that in there as well and I’m going to put it on the other side of the cash, so I’m almost going to use. The cash is like a divider, so I know that the loyalty cards are at the back in the voucher. And then my debit cards are at the front. Um, this is another receipt which can go in the bins. So this is a good clean out, and I do have a couple of coins in here. Um, there are no like coin compartments in here. You could sort of just throw it in if you want, but this is how much coins I’ve got. I’ve got a dollar and five cents with me, so we don’t need to put that in there, but yeah. This is exactly what I wanted and it is beautiful. So I’ve got my license at the front. I’ve got my two debit cards, which I need. I’ve got some cash, and I’ve got my loyalty and voucher in there as well and it feels so beautiful. Um, so I’ve got these two pieces and I’m so so happy about that now. Um, so yeah. I think I’m gonna use this today. I’m very excited, so I hope you guys enjoyed that. I hope you guys maybe consider having a look at the business card holder on the website. If you wanted me to do like a more in-depth video about dimensions and that please let me know. Otherwise, I will leave a link, um, to the item. Both the Rosalie coin purse and this business card holder in the description bar below. So if you wanted to go and have a look at the sizes and everything like that, um, feel free to, um, but yeah, please give this video a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it and please also consider subscribing and, um, yeah, I’ll be back for more soon. Bye.