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Farmhouse Bathroom Decor | Bathroom Makeover On A Budget | Decorate With Me | House + Holm


[MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you [Music] [Applause] [Music]. Hi, friends! Welcome to my channel if you are new here. I am so happy that you decided to check us out. My name is sky, my husband and I own an online interior decor shop called house at home and we share all things home over on this channel from decor halls to DIYs decorating tips and so much more. So make sure you hit the subscribe button so that you can get more weekly videos and you don’t miss a thing. Alright, guys today. I’m gonna be sharing a little half bath. Refresh If you’ve been here a while. You probably saw my husband and I basically come into this bathroom and take everything out a couple of months ago, and we added Shiplap to these walls and I love it. I think it added so much character, but it’s time to add some more decor to this space. When we originally did this project, we decided that we were just going to focus on the shiplap. We added a few little new things here and there, but what has been kind of bugging me is when you open this door. If you’re standing kind of like head-on, all you see is white shiplap you don’t see any decor. You have to kind of walk into the bathroom to see that so. I wanted to kind of do a little refresh. This is gonna be on a budget, so one thing that. I’m going to be doing today is just shopping our home. I love to store decor that I’m not using. Maybe it’s just out of season or maybe I just don’t have a place for it right now rather than getting rid of it. I have a few spaces in my home where I store these. I have a Rubbermaid that I keep out in the garage, and then I’ve got like our hutch. That’s in the dining room. The whole bottom half of that is just decor that I’m not using at the moment, so I like to go through there and just see, Is there any that I could use that I already have, and maybe repurpose it? Use it in a place that I have never used it before to make it feel new and exciting. So that’s what I’m doing today for this space. I’m gonna give you guys a little empty bathroom tour. I don’t know if that is even a thing, and technically it’s not really empty. So maybe that was not a good description. I’m gonna show you guys the before. Of course they’re still gonna be the toilet and the vanity. I’m gonna keep my mirror, you guys know? I love my pharmacy mirror in there. I’m also keeping the light fixture. I do have a light fixture right now. That is on my dream list from Amazon. It’s only like 80 or 90 dollars, so it’s still super affordable. But I am gonna try to do this. DIY and this bathroom refresh. I’m doing a little DIY. Sorry, I forgot to add that in. Um, for like, 15 dollars. So that is a plan, So I’m saving up before my light fixture that will come and that’s okay. I’m gonna share a picture with you guys here right now. Just because I want you to see it. It is so beautiful it matches so nicely with our kitchen light. They’re both kind of that, like white milk glass style, and they’re so beautiful and our path path is right off of the kitchen, so I think it’ll just be really cohesive and so pretty so eventually this is what I’m getting until then. We’re just gonna deal with what we had now I got. I think two new things that is it for this bathroom refresh. The rest is stuff that I’m picking out from our home that we already have, and then I’m doing a really, really really easy and cheap. DIY, so I’m creating a blanket ladder That is actually gonna go over our toilet, so you’ll see it in a second, but it is literally the easiest. DIY you can ever do, and I think it’s so cute. It adds a lot of character to that space and that wall behind the toilet was just pretty plain. I had a little shelf there before, but I felt pretty restricted because it was so small as to. I could put up there so now. I’m gonna have this blanket ladder and I’ll be able to layer it with different like tea towels and things like that. I could hang a little basket or a caddy off of there with some washcloths anyway. So many ideas, and I’ll share that with you guys in just a few seconds, but this is gonna be so fun. I’m so excited about this. I’m excited to bring some color into this room and just more texture and character and being able to do that for, like, $15 is amazing. So if you guys don’t shop your home. I just like cannot recommend it enough. Of course. I am an online interior decor shop. I love new decor, adding new pieces to my home, but I also know that that is not feasible for everyone to do all the time, so these are just some tips for decorating on a budget, so lets. Check out this bathroom. See what it looks like before, and then we’ll go from there when you open at the bathroom door. You pretty much just see this white wall, which is totally fine, but I definitely want to add a little bit of character a little bit of decor in here, Just because I feel like it’s pretty plain, so I did take off the shelf. I took down the shelf here. That was on this wall, so I do need to take the screw out Still, but what my thoughts are is that I’m gonna add a little blanket ladder right here and then. I’ve got this super cute sign from Target, which I’m gonna keep because my boys can read it. They now know what it means and what it says, and we need that daily reminder in our house for them. They are three and five, almost four and six and then over here, we’re gonna go ahead and just keep probably all of this. This is our pharmacy mirror that you guys know that. I love and then up here is our little light fixture, which I definitely wanna replace at some point, and we’ve got the little sign here from Target, which I’ll probably keep up. And, of course, our Ikea vanity, which we love this vanity so much. I will try to link it for you guys and then over here. I just hung a little hat. I thought that was super cute and added just a little bit of color, so I’ll probably keep that up there as well, but that is it. So my plan is to go ahead and add some black rustic-looking hooks to this wall, and then I will just come in with either some towels or a little tiny canvas banner or a little wreath, and I’ll be able to swap out that decor with every season. So you know, my mind is already thinking. Christmas and I am already so excited to add some little Christmas wreaths in here, but I think that will be nice to be able to just have some decor right when you walk in. And then, of course, the blanket ladder there, and then I’ve purchased two really cute things to put on the pharmacy mere shelf, and then I may end up just adding some little like flowers or greenery that I already have, but I think it’s gonna be just like again. A really simple bathroom refresh that will hopefully make a difference. And I’m really excited to see these hooks here. Oh, and I’m also gonna add a little caddy to the top of the toilet seat there that we not the toilet CEO to the top of the back of the toilet. We just got these in our shop on these new super Cute caddy. So I think I’m gonna put that there with, like some room spray and with my like washcloths and stuff. So anyway, let me share this. DIY with you guys. And then we will just finish, okay, So here is the blanket ladder that my husband and I put together like so fast. It was so easy! You guys, okay, so we actually had this wood just sitting out in the garage so that just worked perfectly. I didn’t have to spend any money on that. He literally just threw a couple of finishing nails in these boards to attach them together. So that was so easy. And then you guys know that we love to use that antiquing wax. I will link it below for you guys. But it is so simple and so easy in previous projects. I have actually come through with a white paint as a base coat and then done the antiquing wax over that, but with this, I just wanted to make this so quick and easy and I didn’t do a base coat. I just did one coat of the antique wax, and I think it turned out so pretty and definitely just adds like a really nice pop of color in here, so this will go above the toilet and I’ll show that to you guys here still have to remove my little screw from the wall and touch up the holes up top, but this is what it looks like so you can make it depending on. However, you want it to be spaced out above your toilet if you’re making one of these? I wanted to hide my outlet, so I wanted to be able to use the top shelf to hang some towels like a hand towel or something to be able to cover the outlet. So you won’t see that and then? I also wanted enough room to be able to put something on top of the toilet. If it’s a little caddy that I was telling you guys about earlier, it is in our shop house and home, and it’s so cute, I love it. I love the rustic detail, and I am so excited to fill that up with some goodies, some room spray and some washcloths or something just to have that there and just again to add a little bit of character. It goes so nicely with this little sign on the wall. So I’m super excited about that night. Friends, lets. Check out this little bathroom, refresh. So the first thing that you notice here is that there is not just this plain white wall that is just blinding you when you open the door. I decided to add these really cute rustic hooks from Amazon. I love them so much. We have them all throughout our home. They’re super functional. And they’re also just perfect for hanging near decor. So I decided to take this little black frame out of our laundry room. I’m going to leave it in here right now. It has this really outdated photo in it, but I actually have a friend who is doing a portrait of my kiddo’s Right now. She’s an artist, and she draws the most beautiful portraits and I cannot wait to get it. I will definitely share it with you guys when it is finished, but I’m gonna put that in this frame, so I cannot wait. I’m so excited until then. This is what we’ve got here. I love love love this little towel. I have honestly had this in my linen closet forever. I haven’t been using it and I decided to bring it in here Just to add some little texture, some color. I love the fringe detail and that little gray stripe is so cute, And then I added my little eucalyptus bunch. This is a DIY that I did a while back. It has been a long time. I love this! I just love to hang greenery throughout my home just to add little pops of color throughout. So this is just some jute string with some glue on the inside. I just tied. It wrapped it around real tight and then added a little bit of glue with a hot glue gun and we are good to go. It is so cute! I’ve had it literally for years and I love it. So moving over here, You will see the finished a blanket ladder. I think it looks so cute. I am so pleased with how this little. DIY turned out And like I said earlier, I didn’t have to spend a penny on this, but even if you don’t have the wood, you can build this for so so cheap, so little money, so definitely check it out. If you’re looking to just add some character to your bathroom or any area of your home. The only thing with this one is that we literally just put some finishing nails in it, so we didn’t make it super sturdy, just because we knew that it didn’t need to be, but if you’re adding heavy blankets or heavier decor, you definitely would want to secure it with some screws, but I love it so much, so I’ve got this wire basket here, which is actually from house and home. We have not carried these for a long time, but you can buy these anywhere. So these it’s just like a black wire basket. You can get it from Amazon Target Hobby Lobby. Tjmaxx you like anywhere. And if it doesn’t come with little handles like this one, you can just very easily Use some jute string or some ribbon to create your own, or you can actually just go straight in and like, add a nail right in here and then just kind of set your basket on the wall. So there’s several different options. If you can’t find something exactly like this, and if this is something that you want for your space. But I just threw a little plant in there. I think that is so cute. I got that a few years ago at I think TJ. Maxx or Marshalls. And then I threw some little white washcloths. They’re actually the bar mop cloths from Target, so they were. I think four dollars for a pack of four, which is super inexpensive. So I just rolled those up there. And then you guys know that. I wanted to cover up the outlet behind our toilet here, so I just threw a really neutral towel. This is just a little bath towel from Target. I thought that would be perfect for covering that up and just adding a little bit of separation between the wire basket and the wall and then down here. We’ve got our really cute little caddy. This is from house and home. This is a new arrival, so hopefully when this video goes live, we still have some of these in the shop, but I just threw again. A couple of those bar mop costs in there, And then I also threw in my lemon room spray from the hearth and hand line at Target. I love this! It smells so good! We use it almost every day, so if you’re looking for a good room spray, that one is definitely a good one. So now moving over this way, you’ll see another one of those just super neutral white hand towels. It’s got some little polka dots and it’s just from Target super inexpensive and then over here, Of course, I decided to keep my pharmacy near. I got only a couple of things for this refresh. So like I said earlier I spent like $10 made fifteen. So the only thing is I got. Were those bar mop cloths And then I got these little glass canisters that I just feel we have cotton balls and little q-tips. I think they’re perfect. They’re so cute on this little pharmacy shelf and I am just so impressed by how inexpensive these little canisters were. I think the small one was $2.99 and the larger one was like three or four 19 I am super affordable and, of course Ill. Share those links with you guys. I love to have these amber glass free bottles throughout our home and like our kitchens and our bathrooms just to have our theives cleaner in there to be able to easily wipe down countertops and surfaces and things like that and then down here. I’ve got our little hand soap dispenser. This has been so well loved by our customers, and unfortunately, our vendor was not able to keep these in stock throughout all of the kovat going on, she wasn’t able to get her supply, so these are not in stock right now, but I do have good news. We found some that are very similar that will be in our shop at the end of next week. So definitely stay tuned for those, and then, of course. I decided to just keep my little hat here because I think it’s just so precious on this wall. Alright, friend, that is all for this video. I hope that this one inspired you to kind of shop your home and to make spaces feel new and inviting and refreshed on a budget. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure you hit that. Subscribe button so that you can see more weekly videos from our Channel. I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one, and I hope that you all have an amazing day [Music] [Music] you?