Fall Leaves Wedding Invitations | My Fall Wedding 2017 | Diy Wedding Invitations, Flowers, Venue, Save The Dates


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My Fall Wedding 2017 | Diy Wedding Invitations, Flowers, Venue, Save The Dates


Hi, guys! I’m back with another video, and I am going to talk all about my wedding, sorry. Arnaud got spayed so cheap rolling around there. Koch brothers here. So I in this video. I’m gonna talk all about my wedding. I think I’m gonna break this up into two parts because it’s kind of a lot so bear with me. We’ll see where this video goes and then. I’ll see where I’m gonna cut it. Okay, so let’s get started, so I got married at the end of September and I think we’ll just talk about the whole process of it first, so picking a venue, It’s probably like the first thing that you want to do just to make sure that you have your venue. So I chose a resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, so I’m from Wisconsin at the time. Actually, when I chose it, I was in Iowa, so it kind of worked out that we chose it in Wisconsin and Lake Geneva is pretty close to where my mom lives, and so it was a nice central area because I know my mom would be helping with a lot of these things, and so I decided to get married close to where my family is just because I am. My mom will be doing majority of the planning now. Zack’s family lives in Omaha. So when I was thinking about all of them. I thought that hold on. I need to let the dog out. So then when planning all of that, I was thinking I wanted a place for his family to enjoy to come to, since it’ll kind of be a destination wedding for them to drive like eight hours to come here. So that’s why I show us a breeze, all right. I also chose the average sort because they had a tent option. I wanted to get the reception to be in a tent. I don’t know why I always had it in my mind that I wanted a tent and so there they had a tent, but it was also a pavilion. It was like a tent, but it was temperature controlled, so if it was super hot that day that day, we would turn on the air in there and then if it was super cold, you could turn on the heat, so that was awesome. And and I also wanted to pick a spot that had their own catering their own chairs so like a place that put on weddings normally because I didn’t want to from outside. So when you get when you choose a tent a lot of the times, you’re just renting the tent, you’re renting the area that you’re setting up the tent, but then it’s up to you to get, you know, caterers, chairs, tables, all of that stuff service like everything like that and to me picking a spot that already had it was really beneficial for me, so that’s why. I decided to go with that now. Save the date so with the saving dates and for my invitations. I wanted to DIY it all my own, so I knew I would be able to save money if I just did it myself, so save the dates. I don’t have a physical. Save the date. I think I either. Send them all out or they’re in a box somewhere. I really don’t know where they are, but here they are right here. I will put a picture of them, so the picture that I used was from our engagement. Shoot our photographer. That we hired also incorporated an engagement shoot, plus the wedding photo. So that was super awesome. I highly recommend going with the photographer that offers that or getting your engagement photos done by the photographer That is actually shooting your wedding because it comes in really handy with being comfortable and then he or she knows you, and it’s just, it’s just easier, and and she knows where your insecurities are and stuff prior to the wedding. And so we did our engagement shoot in downtown. Milwaukee, which was awesome and then so I chose this picture for the save the date. I wanted one where we were just looking at the camera. We were smiling, really happy and then. I did all of this in Illustrator, so I actually looked at minted comm, which is a great wedding stationery website, but it is a little pricey, so I actually just looked at. They’re like little templates, and I kind of was like, okay. I can do this myself on Adobe Illustrator, So I wouldn’t Adobe Illustrator and did the whole thing, and then I sent it to vistaprint to get printed now. I love to persister print to get all this printed. I did it for everything. I’m not sponsored by a vistaprint at all. I only have 2000 subscribers, so trust me. None of this stuff is sponsored. This was all by my own money and what? I work so keep that in mind. I’m not sponsored about anything. I’m just telling you what works for me, And so I went with this to print because a it was the easiest thing to set up and be it was cheaper. They always have promo codes going on, so I got like 50% off, also with Mr. Print, you get envelopes and everything, so I just use the envelopes that they got and I and I sent to all of those out so yes, so now moving towards, let’s just move into invitations, then so I decided to design all my invitations, and I actually have one right here. I don’t know all the parts of the invitation, but I have the actual invitation right here. So this is what I came up with. I designed this myself so originally. I thought that I would be able to draw flowers and then put them into Adobe Illustrator and just do it that way. It turned out being a little bit more difficult. I’m artistic, but I’m not that artistic, so I decided to buy a vector set. So if you look at this right here, these roses around the invitation, where from a vector set that I bought on? I forgot what the website is. Oh, I’m not sure I’ll get it right here. I’m not exactly sure what the website is, but that’s where I bought it from, and it was probably like $25 and it was great and I used it on all of the parts of my invitation. I only have this part of my invitation. I literally used up to the left. I think up to the last one, but I can put a picture of all my my details in it if you want to. I can go more in detail of how I designed my own invitations in a different video that will take forever, but so. I did this in Adobe Illustrator. I put this here. I did all the text I found fonts, and and then I sent it over to vistaprint to get printed. So all of the cards I did in Adobe Illustrator, and I sent to vistaprint so it was a little bit. It was a little difficult online like sizing and everything like that, But at the end of the it was a lot easier than going to office, Max. I did visit office Max and talked to the guy there, but I just didn’t feel confident going there. I didn’t know what, how exactly it would turn out, and my save-the-date’s turn great for. I decided to just do the same thing, so I chose a nicer paper option that they give you. And, yeah, then we rolled it there, so another thing though so. I decided to not use the envelopes that they gave you for these cards. I decided to purchase my own. I purchased my own envelopes at LCI paper. Calm, I just felt like they had a very wide selection and they were the cheapest so the vision I had for my invitations was. I wanted an outer envelope and I wanted an inner envelope. So I wanted the outer envelope to have their name. I wanted to do cool calligraphy myself and then I wanted to. I wanted to put the inner envelope in there, So I’ll show you what I did. I’m just gonna kind of cover up this girl’s invitation. She ended up not coming to the wedding, so it actually never got sent out so anyways. I I drew all of my own calligraphy, and, and honestly, it took a long time, but I really feel like it was worth it. I got so many compliments on it, and I feel like it made people really excited for the wedding, and that’s not something that is. That’s not something that that’s important to you. Don’t feel like you have to do it. You can print it out on stickers. Whatever, but I just really wanted to do this, so I actually wrote it all out with pencil first, so I would write it in pencil on how I wanted it to look, and then I go marker and I over it and I then she waited the downstroke so just like that, and then I did buy this envelope. Stencil and are you probably seeing it all over Pinterest well! I came into it and got it. Are you okay, and it helped a lot with this address part down below, So this was like a pink kind of it was like a pink pearled texture and then inside here is the actual name of the person because this the outside side, mister. This is with the last name. I did put their first name. So if their name was John and Patty, I put John and Patti Miller or whatever. So that is that right there, and I just really think that they turned out really good. So that was that now as opposed to vendors. So how I trust my vendors was I kind of just looked online and looked at reviews for my photographer. I wanted to go more expensive because I knew that these pictures would be what I would be looking at for the rest of my life, and so I decided to just go with the photographer and not into a videographer. I don’t know how beneficial it would have been for me to do a videographer Looking back right now. I kind of wish I did, but like I feel like I would just look at it once, and then it would be like see you later, so I decided it’s not to a videographer and spend the most money on my photographer, My photographer. If you were in the Milwaukee area, it is Heather Elliot Cooke photography and she was amazing. She was one of her employees. Sarah or no, Emily? Emily, Her assistant was Sarah and they did. Oh, my God, they did such an amazing job, Amazing job. It was more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Were a little bit more on the pricier end, but they, but they did an engagement shoot. They did the whole wedding with two photographers and they gave us two albums at the end. So that was really awesome. So I haven’t got my album yet. I, oh, I have to get back to her. Oh, I have to get back to her kind of how I chose my. I looked up online, and I looked at all her work, and that’s kind of how I chose. Budget really wasn’t an option for me with with the photographer. I kind of knew exactly what I wanted to go with. And then my florist. I chose one in the area, and I chose one that I felt. Oh, I didn’t know I felt more comfortable with me and my mom went and visited her shop and I saw what she did, and I kind of just decided I was like yeah. This is great! This is what’s right. She was a little flaky. I do have to say she missed one of our meetings, and then we like how to wait around for her. So that was kind of frustrating, but she did a really great job. I couldn’t I loved my bouquet. I loved the girls bouquets. I can put pictures here and the inside. So we decided to go with my bouquet. We decided to go so. I wanted my bouquet to be all white. Basically, so I did all white on my bouquet, and then for all the girls, we did colors and then all the boutonnieres did colors and then my mom and my mother-in-law got Chris Ahshas. So unfortunately, Zach’s grandparents weren’t able to make it cuz hurt His grandfather wasn’t doing well, so we didn’t have any grandfather or grandmother things, but she did a really great job. She arrived on time. It was really awesome and inside. She did a really great job too. I decided to just do low centerpieces, cuz. I was just, that’s just what I was feeling, and then she did. I sent her flat floral chandelier, which I think just looked amazing. I was so happy with that and then. Oh, she did, like lighted trees inside of the tent. So I think it really turned out really pretty. I’m not gonna get into decor. I think I’ll do that on my next video, but before my DJ again, I just looked one up. I looked one up. I decided to go with one. That was a flat fee as a port as opposed to hourly just because it was a flat fee. They did the lighting he came in, and they were really easy to work with. They were called platinum. DJ in Milwaukee. So if you’re interested if you’re in that area, that’s who I used, and, yeah, they did up lighting for free. I was kind of pissed off because I specifically said I just wanted white up lighting. And when you got in there, it was like red. I was like what is going on so anyways. Whatever you can’t, the thing is about a wedding is like you can’t. Expect everything to go perfectly. I picked the whole playlist. He told me that he’d never had a bride do that but like? I’m so picky about music that I did all the playlist. I did the cocktail hour playlist, and and I did the whole reception and he did put in a little bit of his own stuff, which I’m again, Not really happy about, but anyways, it’s fine. I think that’s all I’ll cover for this video. My next video will be about my dress. My bridesmaids dress, the tuxes. And perhaps the wedding reception decor that. I made like DIY stuff. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you have any questions about anything that I just talked about, you can leave them down below and don’t again. Thank you guys so much for watching and Ill. See you my next video bye.