Engagement Rings In Boxes | The Best Engagement Ring Boxes For The Ultimate Surprise Proposal. Box With A Light And A Flat Box

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The Best Engagement Ring Boxes For The Ultimate Surprise Proposal. Box With A Light And A Flat Box


Welcome back, guys. I’m that guy, Cyrus. And today we’re gonna talk about something. A little different ring boxes you’re gonna say. Oh, Cyrus, I have a ring box. It’s free comes with a diamond purchase. I know, and I do like free, but I’m going to show you three different ring boxes, one with lights and one that’s small and fits in your pocket that I think might be worth looking into. If one you want to be really sneaky about it, and you’re feeling I heat it up with that big bulge in your pocket, or if you’re doing it at night and actually, even during the day, one of these will actually make that ring pop even more. So this is a big moment in your life. Why not highlight that ring of something really nice and sparkly and that’s light with that light. A diamond is dull and lifeless. These boxes ensure you have light hitting that stone, and this box ensures that she’s not gonna be suspicious of anything happening because this does not look like a ring box. If you click below in the description box, you will have links to these boxes. All right, guys, let’s go into it. Box number one pretty small. I want to say it’s a little shorter than a traditional box. I don’t have a traditional box to show you today. Don’t be mad at me. I’m a man that’s flawed, but I think this is gonna be enough for you to imagine. So this is more or less the size of a traditional box and a height. Right, maybe a little bit lower and inside. I’m gonna go a little closer. Will you marry me? Yes, beautiful or a dull and lifeless. Snob kidding. It’s still beautiful, but it’s just a nice little kick. All right, ring box number two coming up. This is ring box number two. It’s a little bit bigger. I suppose than this one as you can see. It’s a little bit bigger right here in the center and we are opening it’s. Nice take that light off now. This one has almost a bluish hue to it, which might be good in a stone. That’s a little bit more yellow. That blue hue should remove some of that light regular ring box light and we have option. C okay. It is the low profile box. Look at that thing, let’s compare this. Let’s get a little closer. I’m gonna compare it to this bad boy. Big difference. Okay, look, it’s it’s. Basically, the bottom half. Okay, and then what’s interesting about it? It kind of rotates up so right now. The ring is flat and it moves upward so here. Check it out now. I must admit this is not the most beautiful presentation. It’s definitely nice. Notice it right here. It’s different, it’s very different. You’d kind of have to open it instead of like this kind of opening like this to present it, okay. If you’re buying this, it’s really because you wear really tight pants. Maybe you’re in a hot weather or environment like. I live in Miami. We know we’re not wearing jackets. Okay, but some people do have a suit jacket when you go to a nice dinner, so then maybe this is not a huge issue, but you’re traveling. You want to be low-key? You put this in your pocket. We’re gonna do a bold test by the way you put this in your pocket. Looks like you have a cell phone in there. Okay, next up is the Bulge test. Oh, yes, bulge that a rabbit, you’re clapping. You’re just happy to see. It sounds dirty, but this will leave a nice dent in your pocket and that kind of screams. He’s got a ring box in there. Okay, so give me one second. All right, guys. This is a eyes up here. I’m sorry, it’s it. It’s the pleats. It’s actually an optical illusion. It’s the pattern on the pants. The box a okay. Put this in the pocket. Here’s a side profile of the. Bulge nothing too crazy. You get the imprint as you’re walking. So then when you’re standing, it looks normal, okay, and again. This is a standard standard size ring box. Okay, so you’re gonna get this on a regular ring box, but something to think about we have box. B, this is box. Be a little bit bigger, okay, And a slightly bigger bulge. I’m walking, I’m walking. I’m walking. Could look like a wallet. Okay, we’re not really that. Looks like a nice little box. You could put your hand in your pocket when you walk. That helps disguise it or again if you have a jacket, okay, ring box. C flap. You can’t see it nothing. Let me put the bigger one here. So clearly, you see a nice big bulge. Clearly test three very important. Okay, a dark area. This could be dinner, a romantic dinner, a walk on the beach at night time with the family, anything in a dark environment, and this was one of those big things right said to myself. Why would anyone need a different type of box when you have one for free well? This is the one that stands out the most of me. Let’s say you have the flat profile box. Okay, and I open it. You know, you can see something right in there for sure, but it’s pretty dull. There’s no sparkle on this type of lighting. Okay, remember a light. The diamond needs light the sparkle, right, it’s not going to sparkle in a dark room. It’s not gonna happen so again. Very lackluster and this is still somewhat lit. Okay, if you’re out on the beach. What are you gonna see? You know. See nothing, you know? See a little white dot and this is box. A hey that look at that. Come on, that thing is Shinin. Dude, look at that. Come on, that’s a presentation. Are you gonna propose at night? Hey, one of these, it’s cheap. Let’s try box. B looks good. Come on, you can deny it. If you’re at night time in the beach proposing, this is the answer if you’re at night time anywhere proposing, you’re in a restaurant. If it’s not in the daytime, even in the daytime. This makes it look better. I think now we’re going to compare these two boxes because the light is different, okay. Regular ring box lighted ring box, regular, lighted, regular lighted. Is there a clear winner in your mind? I have my favor, what’s yours? Please write below in the comment section and let’s get a poll going. I’m gonna have a link in the description box to each and every single box. I’ll label it bucks A with the white light box B with the ruh light and boxy stealth mode. Alright, guys! Thanks a lot for visiting. I’m gonna have a lot more videos about different things that I’m into not just diamonds coming on this channel, so stay tuned for the new content and things again for stopping by. So please hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys soon [Music] you [Music]!

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