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3 Easy Dispenser Cocktails For Your Pre-drinks | Pink Book Weddings


Hello, everyone! Welcome back to wedding advice by Pink Book. I’m Malindi. And I’m Natalie. Today’s video is very exciting for your DIY brides. We are speaking with Carl from Thirst and he is taking us through a few easy steps on how you can create your own yummy cocktails, Your pre-drinks! Yummy, Enjoy the video and happy planning. Hello, everyone, My name is Carl Van Der Merwe. I’m from Thrist here in Cape Town. Paarden Eiland Today. I’ll be making three cocktails in these five litre dispensers. These quick and easy recipes will make sure your guest will stay hydrated. While you and your partner go for your couple shoot. So let us begin with the much-beloved Gin and Tonic. We are going to be using our Inverroche Amber 750 Milo litres. We are going to be using our Indian tonic roughly three litres that will equate to give or take 20 cans. We are going to be using four to six slices of oranges and roughly four sprigs of rosemary. First, I’ll be taking the lid off, making sure that the inner cylinder comes off nicely cause this is where we are going to be putting our garnish. We are going to be putting four scoops of ice cause. We don’t want to have a party too quickly, but just quick enough. There’s our ice. So now we are going to be putting in six of our orange slices to make sure that it looks refreshing, bright and colourful. That is four, five and six. Next four stems of our rosemary, Beautiful stuff, Strong stuff, One, two, three and four Wondeva. So now we use our fancy bar. Spoon a Japanese teardrop. Next you pop on the lid, screw it in there nicely. And now here comes the fun stuff. Oo, that sound sounds like fun. Pouring the entire bottle in there, so it sits nicely. Not spilling. Cause spillage is wastage. We’ve poured in our Gin and now we’re going to put in the real guys. Popping it open. So we’re finished now. We have poured our Indian tonic down the centre of the cylinder, so it infuses nicely with botanicals. So now we can pop this beautiful lid back on and it can be ready to serve. So now this is a Gin and Tonic and all Gin and Tonics need to be served in a coupe glass. So the best way we can do pop it in front there. Hand it over to anyone who wants it and they can pour and garnish with an orange and a rosemary. Secondly, we are going to be making a Boozy Ice Tea. Now this one we’re going to be using the sexy, Absolute Vodka 750 mils We’re also going to be using a homemade syrup, all grey and rose petals. This is going to be roughly one litre. What you can do is mix. However, you want all grey and rose petals into a container, Leave it up to 24 to 48 hours. And this is how much you can get. We’re going to be using our Ginger Ale. Roughly two litres that’s going to equate to roughly 15 cans, We’re going to be using two small pinches or handfuls really up to you of rose petals and roughly four packets of our all grey. Take out the middle man. Make sure he is okay. We add our ice roughly four scoops. There we go Next, the middle man. We place him back into the centre, Nice and gently. We do small, two small little bundles of our dried rose petals. Pop it in there, lovely pink colour. And then we just take four of our all grey packets and pop it in there and like last time. Fancy bar spoon. Give it a little bit of swirl. Make sure everything sets up there nicely, and now the real fun stuff 750 Milo litres of Vodka going straight down in the middle same as before wanting to infuse it nice and evenly. Next we’re going to be using our infusion. Oe that sound is lovely. Same idea straight down the middle Oe that sound, you know, it’s going to be a start of a party and last, but not least the ginger ale. So now, guys, we are finished with our Boozy Ice Tea and we can move on to the final one. So, guys, now it’s time to finish our badass party with the classic Mojito, 750 mils of our Havana seven-year, one litre of our Monin Pure Cane syrup, two litres of soda water. That’s going to be roughly 15 cans. We’re going to be using six to eight lime wedges and roughly two handfuls of mint. And now for a little bit of fun Next, we’re going to be adding our ice once again like we did before. Four full scoops of ice. And that is three and here is number four. Next we’re going to be adding our sugar cane syrup once again, we pop it in and see. How high can we go? So once again, guys, this is pure. Can sugar syrup. It’s going to be a lot sweeter than normal sugar syrup, but it’s going to be a lot healthier for you as well and in three two one, we are done. There we go and now we’re going to be adding our limes Again, roughly six to eight limes with our middle man in the middle. Popping him in there. Nice and gently. We’re going to take roughly two handfuls of our mint. Now this mint has been sitting for a while, so we have to wake him up. We we call it in the industry. The clap back! Just a blow, just a little bit. Make sure his fine pop him in there. Cause what you’re doing Is. You’re releasing those essential oils that give the mint its smell. So once again, He is awake. He is awake. There we go so now comes the real fun part. What makes a Mojito, a Mojito, our soda and voila. As you guys can see, we are pouring through the middle cause. What we wanna do is make sure that all the liquids, all the botanicals and everything is infusing all together. So, guys, now we are done with the classy Mojito. Make sure the middle man has his hat on, and we get ready to finish this badass party. Thank you so much for watching. Hit the subscribe button ring that bell comment down below. What you thought and what you would like to see next and until next time happyplanning.