Dresses Like Berta Bridal | Wedding Dress Shopping Vlog At Kleinfeld’s And L’fay – Trying Berta Dresses!

Lindsay Angioletti

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Wedding Dress Shopping Vlog At Kleinfeld's And L'fay - Trying Berta Dresses!


Okay, welcome back to my channel. So obviously this video or vlog’s gonna be a little bit different than normal. Um, I’m not used to vlogging. Even on my last one, I tried to vlog. And it ended up being 30 minutes long, but I wanted to vlog today because today is the first time I’m going dress shopping. Matt and I are getting married in, like a little less than a year from now So today is actually September 13th It is the first day of football NFL Sunday. So Matt is having friends over and I booked today to do my first dress shopping, which wasn’t planned, actually. Just so happened to work out that way, but yeah. I wanted to vlog today because just like for memories, obviously, and I just found it like it’s tough, because obviously right now it’s the pandemic so because of that we’re only allowed two guests to come to the salon with us to try on dresses and obviously after our mass, so that was really tough because like, obviously there’s a whole bunch of people. I wanted to bring with me on to the appointment. So when I first booked the appointments, I was just thinking I’d have my sister because she’s my maid of honor and my grandma, because my grandma offered to pay for a part of the dress. So in my mind, I was like, yeah, ill. Just have my sister my grandma because I booked two appointments today. So the first one is at 11 am. At Kleinfelds in the city and then the second ones at 3 30 at El Faye and it’s more uptown. So I was just thinking I would have them to come with me, but then, like, like, literally a week ago. I was like, you know, I could definitely make it work where I can try to have almost everyone I wanted come. So I called Klein belts and asked if they would count my little sister. Lily, She’s almost 10 if they would count her as like a person because she’s like a child, but they said that she’s able to come as like a third person, so that was good, because then I decided I’ll have my grandma because my grandma loves the dress and would like love to see me at kleinfeld’s so she is going to come with me to Kleinfeld, and then I’m going to have my stepmom and my little sister come with me to Kleinfeld, so them three there and then at my second appointment, I’m gonna have my sister and then my future mother-in-law, which is Matt’s. Mom, come with me to the second appointment because, um, like she doesn’t have a daughter, so I know she would really love to come and she’s so grateful. And then it works out where you can all get lunch in the city in between, uh, the only one I wasn’t able to fit into the appointment was my aunt. I’m very close to my aunt. I always have been, Um, however, she’s so nice. She’s gonna come into the city and have lunch with us in between, so we can all catch up, and I think she’s gonna go dress shopping for her dress, too. That day anyways or today. So, um, yeah, I’m happy. It all worked out where most people can come and we can all at least, like, make a girl’s day out of it. So I thought it’d be fun to vlog. I don’t plan on like. Obviously I want to film myself in all the dresses. I’m not going to put the dress on here that I picked obviously, but I think it’ll be fine just to, like, see the day because I don’t know, I’ve actually been like my stomachs been hurting the past two days because I’ve been like so excited. I don’t know, I just like it’s getting so weird to think that we’re going to be like on the set. Where say yes to dresses? I always watch that show and just like thinking that my dress is out there and like I might or may not get it today, but, um, I do. I am really interested in Bird addresses, which are, which is at the second appointment. So in my head like I don’t think I’m going to find anything at kleinfelds like I just want to try on all different styles there like I really like Pronovias. Um, and a few other brands, however, like I always thought I would want to be like, fitted or like mermaid style dress, however, looking at all. These other dresses like there’s. Some that are so pretty like there’s. This random pronounced ball ground dress, Which I never thought I would like a wall ground, but it looks so pretty. I don’t think I’ll pick it, but I think I would at least want to try it on. Um, so I just want to try on all styles, obviously, because like, I feel like I always wear fitted stuff, so it could be nice to wear something outfitted, so I’m kind of all over the place, but anyways, back to the Berta thing, they’re at the second appointment, and it’s it. Today’s actually the Berta trunk show. So it’s going to be super exciting, which I don’t really know what to expect because I’ve obviously been to trunk show, but I’m very happy about it because they should have a lot of selections. Um, but yeah, so if I don’t find the one today because I’ve been kind of set on Berta, then I don’t know like what my plan will be. So we’ll just get through today and I’m gonna take you guys with me. So probably next time I see you will maybe be at Klein bells, but before I go, I’m making these waffles. I actually make one of each, so I just can’t decide which flavor I want and I’ve been having like, randomly craving these the past three days, like since my stomach’s been hurting, so I feel like it’s the only thing that like calms it, and then I can like bear, so yeah, making waffles, and then it’s just about time to go. I’m trying to leave by 10 oclock, so I have to take the path over to the city and I’m gonna meet everyone. There also sorry about this never-ending intro. But I just figured I’d show you. What, I’m wearing? I’m wearing Topshop jeans. They’re the Jamie jeans. Uh, this is a body suit. I got a really long time ago. I think from pretty little thing, a cardigan that I think might also be from pretty little thing, and then, um, my YSL bag. And then these wedges from from Steve Madden. Um, so. I figured like I would probably wear around this heel for my wedding dress. I don’t know, because like I’m already so tall, so I don’t want to be like over like, you know, any taller than I am now, but I feel like I. It would be nice for a little heel That wants me to dance in, so I don’t know, this is what I’m wearing. So now I’ll see you in the city. All right, waiting for my uber and these kids are waiting with me. Got his jet skier and Paisley got her jet skier on. This is the train to 33rd street. Stand clear, gonna get you guys on my vlog bye! You look nice, thank you. [MUSIC] Oh, my god, you look like cinderella. So what style is this one called? It’s an a-liner. It’s between a-line and ballgame. Okay, yeah. I think it’s really pretty and I do like, like the corseted. Yes, you know, now those stay that way. Oh, yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah, so. What do you think? After having the other style. I still like this one, too you do. Yeah, why you don’t? I didn’t do Twitter. I haven’t tried this one on Youtube. Yeah, I like. I like this neckline again, which I like the back. Yes, this is really pretty. Yeah, I just don’t like this like this as much, you know, yeah. I don’t mind the straps Like I said, I really like the back, though. If you wanted to. Do you think it’s that it’s too open. Maybe because I’m trying to think they could probably. This is so pretty so like the shimmer. Yeah, is it? I just wonder if like, but the flowers like that too or something. It’s very pretty! Yeah, I’m sorry. I like the a-line. I do like a-line very very well. It’s quite a nice experience. I just want to show you compared to the front. Wow, oh, my god, I don’t know. What do you think that’s part of the carnoviu’s? One like this one, that’s a lot. These are just the right, so I know. This is fan flare, But I do really like the top of it because it’s really, really nice. Oh, I feel like even though the bottom poops out a little, It’s definitely not as much as the first, and it just gives like a little bit of. Yeah, right, it’s. Not I mean, it’s. I guess you would call it a mermaid, but it’s not like it’s very comfortable, very nice. I love this one. That’s like a princess. I like the back of this one. That’s okay, so you tried this one out. I mean, yeah, I still like it. Oh, yeah, I really like the first one. No ground now. This one is not based, so it has like a little bit. Oh, it is, yeah, different options. Oh, I’m doing it the wrong way. All right, so we’re outside, Kleinfeld. Who’s grandma? There It is, um, we just finished our appointment. There was one dress that we really liked. But I still want to go to our second appointment and see what I like to there because I have a dress in mind. It’s similar to the one we tried on here, which I’m not going to put in this vlog. But it’s very different than I thought I’d want, so I’ll say that, but, um, yeah, it was very good. We had Michelle as our consultant. Who’s very nice made me feel very comfortable and now we’re all gonna get lunch. So that was good that you got the florist. Um, it’s so pretty. It doesn’t fall out like I was saying. It is still sort of a slimmer ball. Now, definitely well, it doesn’t matter. [MUSIC] I will say also because you have the height for a dress like this. You don’t look like a cake, topper. Yeah, you know, because you it balances out really. Well, so it actually looks very. It Looks a much slimmer on you. Yeah, than it would someone who’s shorter. It looks actually looks like an a-line on you. It’s very good! I think I like the first one better, yeah. I love the first one. I just like like the corset like I had like the right amount of shimmer, the right amount of everything. So we left one with these strapless. The other one wasn’t just you can always have a strong control, yeah? [MUSIC] [Music] [Music]! Okay, I’m not feeling this one. Yeah, no, the back is pretty with that, but, um. I almost feel like it’s like prom dress. Yeah, I wish I had [Laughter] im. Just I really love the first one. Yeah, this one has like pearls on it or something. [MUSIC] There she is [Music] [Music] [Music]. Okay, so clearly I’m home now with Matt and Beasley here, and I figured I’d debrief. I got my glass of chardonnay here. Um, Matt is coming off a high of his first football Sunday, but yeah, so basically, I had a really good experience at both Kleinfeld and the Faye, But I would say obviously like kleinfeld’s like ran a really good show like they just trying to like it’s funny because like you could. There are so many girls that had an appointment at 11 oclock, just like us so like we got there and then like all the other people were waiting. Um, for their turn at 11 oclock. So it’s just interesting like how many people they see at one time in the whole salon. Um, and me and the consultant I had was really nice. Made me feel really comfortable, and we tried on like so many dresses so fast and I came out. Were actually only there for, like, or trying on dresses for, like about a full hour and I. I tried on a ton which I showed you most of them. My little sister Lily was actually vlogging it for me. Let me put this up more and then. I think I said a client fell as I said like I might not show one of the dresses that we were iffy on, but obviously I didn’t end up picking that one. So I’ll show you that one. Now I’m talking about so that one was like a big ball gown. It was by Pernovius. It’s one that I’ve seen online that I really liked, and I requested to try it on. Even though I didn’t, I don’t. Typically, I never really imagined myself in a ball gown, but I wanted to try it on, so it’s so pretty and surprisingly, like my grandma and stepmom loved that dress on me, and I really liked it too. Um, so during that appointment, that was like the main dress that I actually tried on twice and tried to bail on with, but there was something about it that, you know, I just couldn’t say yes to. Oh, it keeps going down. I think part of it is just. I didn’t think Matt would like it. I felt like he would think it was like too much of a dress. Although, um, like that would have been the perfect dress for like our first dance and everything. Look, it would look really nice and like the ballrooms Were getting married like a ballroom, but yeah, so that was that appointment, and then we had lunch, which is really nice like the timing. Everything worked out perfectly. We were able to have lunch all together. We have plenty of time. It didn’t rain. Luckily, since we’re eating outside, Um, and then the second place was El Faye or Lafayette? I don’t know how to pronounce it, But, um, I actually it’s really interesting. It wasn’t obviously as big as Kleinfeld. It was a lot smaller. It was only like me and one other appointment going on at the time, and so it’s a lot more intimate where I was able to actually like shop the store and look at every single. Dress there and pick out what I wanted to try on. Um, and those like I said, Were Alberta dresses. Which is what I have been looking online at like. I know they’re pricier, but like they’re just so pretty so there’s. The the one that I’ve been like staring at online was like this really shimmery dress. Which, um, I show you and it was so pretty on, and that was actually also like a ball gown slash a-line style, and it was so pretty It was almost too shimmery. Where sorry, I don’t know why my camera keeps falling down, okay. It was almost too shimmery, where it was almost like near as evisc like it wasn’t like bridal. It was so pretty so anyways. That was obviously out, but the first dress I tried on at LFA. I like me, my sister and his mom. Actually, she came. There are the two that came at elfag. They loved the first one. I tried on so every other one I tried on. I just didn’t like it as much as the first, and I still really liked the first, but the one that I ended up picking. So I obviously said yes. The dress, um, the one I ended up. Picking was just like it. You could tell you just like fit me like a glove like it just looked like it was made for me almost so obviously I’m not gonna show any of that here, but I had a really good experience there as well I tried on. I think Alberta actually dresses, Um, which is really interesting, though, because they only come in like one size there, so I don’t know like what you would do if you were like a bigger size, which is sad but, um, like. There was one dress I actually could not zip up all the way, but I was still able to like, come out in it, but yeah, so it’s exciting. I found my dress and like a relief, but I’m so sad, it’s over. It was like a fun day, though, and I’m happy. I vlogged all of it, so I can like, look back so like looking back at all the dresses I tried on. I guess payment wise like I just. I had to pay 60 today. Let me pay 40 like when it comes in. And then there’s just a flat fee for any alterations that are needed, which I’m definitely gonna need because like I didn’t fill out the bust. Um, so basically, they’re gonna need to alter that when a dress comes in, but yeah, so and I’m also really happy that one. I wasn’t bloated today like I’ve been working really hard on obviously my diet in order to feel good for days like today, so that was really exciting in itself where I actually felt good in the dresses and then two. I also am someone who’s really indecisive. This is, you know, like part of the big part of my channel is obviously hauls and like I get so many things because I’m so indecisive and I just try them all on at home, and I literally take like, three days to like decide what I want or. If I like something, I get it in three different colors because I can’t pick one color, so I was like, really nervous going into today because I felt like I wouldn’t be able to make the decision, but I think everyone that was with me like helped me made that decision. Like, um, Alberta. I really liked, um, that his that my sister and his mom like we’re very helpful and, um, like saying exactly what they liked or didn’t like in the dress. And when it was the dress like I felt it, but I, you know, I needed them to, like, also feel it before I said it and I don’t know it just all worked out, and I just can’t believe how long I have to wait to try it on again, but other than that, that’s it. You won’t be seeing the dress until the day I get married. So we’ll just have to wait and see what it looks like. If you have any questions about the day or like any of the stores feel free to leave them down below. I ended up like not. You don’t wear like anything like I even wore heels thinking I was gonna wear heels trying to dresses, but I just like you end up going barefoot, just because you’re trying on dresses so fast that it’s easier to step in and out of them like that, but yeah, so that’s it. I’ll close the vlog out with Paigey. She’s like, literally dead on the couch right now. Oh, she’s growling at me because she doesn’t want to get up and say bye so grumpy. I don’t say bye, all right. Well, thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the next one.