Dress With Lace Sleeves | Sewing Lace Cap Sleeves For My Friend’s Wedding Dress


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Sewing Lace Cap Sleeves For My Friend's Wedding Dress


[MUSIC] Hello, everyone and welcome back to another one of my videos. Something a little different for you. Today, my friend had asked me to sew and create some lace cap sleeves for her wedding dress. I was really excited to do this for her and thought. Hey, this could might be a fun filming opportunity to share something a little different with you guys. She had come over for a fitting where it treats some fabric and we created a nice, rough silhouette for her so that draped fabric You’re seeing is naturally my pattern piece for this, and I am making some changes to it. Just eyeballing it after seeing it on her. I wanted a little bit more width in some area. So that’s what I’m just doing here as I cut out the actual base silhouette for her. So here it is, and I just wanted to play with this one more time. Little shape right here. I thought it just needs to be a little bit smaller after I looked at it, so I’m just trying that out next. I’m taking out the lace appliques, there’s left and right side because we want it to be symmetrical on both sides of the lace cap sleeve. They usually need a really good press after being in a bag, so I’m just pressing them, so they’re not wrinkled or anything [Music] next, I’m going to take the appliqu├ęs and create individual smaller pieces of lace. This is really an organic experience for me. I just go with what I think looks pretty, which I think is gonna look nice on to the actual base silhouette of the cap sleeves on that tool material. So you’re gonna just see me playing around with different ideas with little lace appliques and just kind of making some really pretty design [Music] [Applause]? I usually start off with quite a few pieces before I actually start. Putting the fabric onto the tool that way has some ideas to play around with before I start to cut out some more lace appliques that gives me more of a direction of where I want to go with. Then I’m going to pin some of the lace appliques on as a rough starting point and kind of gives me a direction of where I want the design to go with, so you’ll just see me continuing to cut out some pieces and playing around roughly with the base idea of the design next. I’m going to grab my magnetic magic wand, keeps my pens in place and head over to my table where I’m going to continue placing the lace applique onto my tool silhouette, so this could take quite some time as and playing around. Its kind of like an artist whose painting you want to try to do some sketches first so for me. This is my sketching where I’m putting down lace appliques and I’m kind of seeing how they connect how they work together. I might start to continue to cut out different pieces of lace, where I see. It might need smaller pieces or a bigger piece so again it’s a very organic experience, and I kind of just play around with things once I like something. I’ll pin it in place. I also do like to measure because I want everything to be. Symmetrical and definitely measuring is important to make sure things are lining up where they should [Music]. I love having little pedal like D gels kind of coming off out of the tool so but some of them can be a little long, so that piece was a little long, so I’ve just cut it off and again continuing to add in pieces where it needs filling up some empty space, but also leaving some open space because her dress actually has a lot of open design on and within the lace. So I kind of wanted to echo that here in the straps [Music] next, I’m gonna take some dark colored thread to baste, so I’m basically removing the pins and replacement of big stitches that I do. This Just makes it easier when I actually start hand sewing around the lace. Um, it’s not getting caught on all the pins and then. I’m actually gonna start hand sewing. So this is a very time-consuming, but it’s really fun for me and I really do enjoy it. I find it very relaxing. So basically, I’m going around the edges of the lace, and as you can imagine, this does like I said, Take quite some time. So here you can see. I’m kind of halfway. I have some decent sewn downs where you see the pulled out throw. That’s where I had had sewn down and where you see the big loose stitches. That’s where I still need to sew so Ill. Just show you some shots of me doing that when I have quite a few pieces, Secure it on and actually sewn down. I usually head over to my couch or to a comfortable area and turn on some music or watch A TV show a movie as I work around the lathe, So this part is really enjoyable. I really like it and it’s really where you start to see everything kind of come to life. [MUSIC] Once everything is sewn down, I’m gonna head over to my iron Impress. And they usually say 90% of sewing is in the pressing, so that’s where the most important part of sewing is is suppressing, and it’s totally true, so I’m pressing this just to make it look nice and you can really see all the bubbles and everything are going away. I’m making some nice and smooth [Music] next. I’m gonna drape the sleeves over the mannequin. I have at home. This just gives me an idea of there’s any parts. I’ve missed sewing on. Maybe there’s a detail. I don’t like maybe I need to add an extra piece of lace you’re in there. This just gives me a really good time to really check everything out. See if I want to add or take away anything. Usually at this point, though it’s not taking away it’s moreso trimming things trimming loose threads, maybe adding an extra piece of lace if it needs it. So I definitely really take my time on this part. Um, here. I saw something that needed to be sewn down, so I put a pin to wear like that. And now I’m just inspecting the back [Music] [Applause] [Music] now. I’m sewing down any pieces that had marked. I like actually doing this right on the mannequin. Because as I’m sewing, I might notice something else, so it’s good because you got that three-dimensional look of it on the mannequin and certain things. Just pop out as at you as you’re working away on it. So I’m just sewing sewing sewing [Music] now! All that’s left is to do the final fitting. So I’m actually packing this up to take over to my friend’s house where she’s gonna try it on with her actual wedding dress and all that’s really left is just as sew on the hook and I sew. These straps are gonna be detachable. So the hooks and eyes makes it really easy for her to take it on and off on her wedding day and gives her the option for two Lux, so I wasn’t really able to film when I was doing the fittings, so I just took some photos, so I can show you guys how they look with her dress without getting too much of the dress away. It was such an honor to create these beautiful lace straps for her. She looks so stunning and as I’m doing. This narration, it’s actually her wedding day today, so I’m really excited. She’s just so wonderful, so I’m really happy. I had the pleasure of creating these for her, and I hope you guys enjoyed seeing something a little different from me. Video wise. Anyway, take care, see you in the next video. [MUSIC].