Do Kate Spade Shoes Run Small | Kate Spade Wedding Haul | Officially Found My Wedding Shoes

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Kate Spade Wedding Haul | Officially Found My Wedding Shoes


Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel so today. I decided that I was going to do a small Kate Spade wedding haul with you guys as many of you know? I have been engaged since September, which is a while now and ever. Since then I’ve been obsessed with just buying anything that’s Bridal or wedding related, and I’ve been so bored during this quarantine that I decided to show you guys everything. Kate Spade that I bought that. I’m gonna try to incorporate into my wedding or just cute little things that I will use on a daily basis. So if you want to see what I bought, keep watching, okay, guys, so the first item that I’m going to show you is this little tumbler, and I just thought it was the cutest thing ever when I saw it online. I loved the colors. I have a little extra sometimes, but I do love simple things as well and I love that this one was just like Beige off-white and then like the little blue straw and then how it says for missed two misses. And then a little ring right here like I said, Guys, I am obsessed of buying anything. That size misses just obsessive buying anything that is. Bridal, so I also found these little also. Kate Spade socks. There is three in the pack and they’re kind of cute. They’re like rolled-up. There’s one that says miss to missus just like the cup as well and then there’s like a little polka dot one, and then there is another one that says. I do, and it has a little diamond on the so the next items that I am about to show you. I’m actually going to incorporate them into my wedding day. I’ve seen this trend a lot and I know that basically like 99% of the people who get married. Do it, um, but whenever the bride is getting married and she’s getting ready, She’s wearing a robe and I continuously looked through ropes through Etsy and just a bunch of other websites and I didn’t come across anything that I really really liked and was the one for me, Um, but I did find two on the Kate Spade website that Im. There very undecided up. I love them both so much and I don’t even know which one I’m going to wear, so I’m going to show you both of them. If you like one better than the other, I would appreciate it if you commented down below, which one you think that I should wear, so let me go ahead and show you the first one. I just took these out of the box, so they are a little bit wrinkled, but my first option is just basically a traditional white robe, and I really liked this one because it had black trimming on it, and I just felt like it made it a little bit classy, and it made it stand out a little bit. It also has like black lining on the sleeves and right here on the collar. This one actually doesn’t say bride. It says Mrs. On the shoulder part. So like my shoulder, but kind of like right here. Um, so this one, Of course, you know You are the new mrs. You can definitely wear it that day and you can also continue to wear it after you got married. So this is my first option. It’s just white, it’s really good quality, which is the reason why? I wanted to buy it, and this is like I said my first option. It is a little wrinkled, so you really can’t see the beauty of it now until it’s like, steamed and iron, but yeah, so this isn’t a first option and I really like it, but like I said, I am unsure of which one to wear. I’m also planning on getting robes for my mom, my future maid of honor, and also my my fiancĂ©’s mom or my mother-in-law. I am also going to be getting them robes while we are getting ready. So my other option that I have also just took it out of the box, so it’s also a little bit wrinkled is actually not traditional, and it’s not white. It’s actually like this little mint color, but the reason why I like to this one? This one has like a white trim on the sleeve. The reason why I actually like this One is because on the back, it says happily-ever-after and I felt like since we both met Disney. This was a great way to incorporate that little touch of Disney into our wedding since we are not having a Disney themed wedding. I thought that little hints and touches of Disney would be really cute and as for the color, I also. Um, you know, thought that this could actually be my something blue that? I wear that day. This one’s actually a little bit thinner than the white one, but it’s also really cute needs to be steamed or ironed as well so that I could. You know, you can appreciate it. But this one is embroidered on the back and the white one is embroidered Here like I said, whichever one I end up wearing. I’m going to keep them both because the other one I can just continue to use or take it on my honeymoon with me. They are both really nice, and I guess whichever one I choose. I will be happy with, but I would love the suggestions, so I’m going to go ahead and move on to the final item that I’m going to show you guys, and this one is actually really special to me because it is my wedding shoes, and I am so in love with them and I couldn’t have made in my opinion a better choice. So let me go ahead and show them together before I purchased my shoes. I already had a plan in mind of what I wanted to wear so. These are actually not my ceremony shoes or my first dance shoes. I really want to wear high heels for that. These are my party like it’s 2:00 in the morning after party. Kind of shoes once. I get tired of wearing my heels. I think after the first dance, I’m going to be changing into these just so that I could be more comfortable and enjoy the rest of the night, So the shoes are also Kate Spade and I was a little bit sad. I ordered these online and when the box came in, it was a little bit damaged, but I was like its. Okay, it’s just the box. So they are heads by Kate. Spade and they are just the cutest thing ever. They are exactly what I envisioned. Um, and like I said, I am a little extra, and they are so me, but I love them, So the shoes are actually super duper glittery, and they have like an off-white ribbon here in the front. They are so glittery. The glitter actually does like not fall out at all, which I love, and they are not like your traditional kids. These are a little bit taller. They have a little bit of height and I am so in love with them. They are so comfortable and I’m so so excited to wear them and I already got my wedding. Dress measured to be like for the appropriate length of my shoes, like kind of like an in-between of heels and sneakers. So that’s gonna be perfect. I won’t be like tripping or anything, but I’m so in love with them. I don’t even think the camera does them justice like they are so sparkly and I do like that. They are like not super platform, but they do have a little bit of height. They have the little Kate Spade sign in the back, and then I just feel like the ribbon makes them look very, very Bridal as well and I know that a lot of brides do wear heads for their wedding, and I’m so happy that I’m gonna be one of them, but these are actually in my wedding shoes, so excited to wear them, and like I said, I still need to find my actual like ceremony shoes and my high heels, and I am still looking for those, and I cannot wait to find the perfect pair, but thank you guys so much for watching my video and just watching my haul and I guess that I am actually going to be able to wear my socks on my wedding day. So now I have my socks and my shoes. So thank you guys so much for watching, and for sticking through the end of the video with me like I said, comment down below which robe you think, I swear, of course only. If you want to comment, you don’t have to and make sure to click that subscribe button. I think it’s in the top. I don’t do this often, So just make sure to click the subscribe button because I will be posting more videos. I appreciate so much that you guys are watching them. Thank you, guys have a good one, see you soon?