Dirty Santa Gifts For Coworkers | Dirty Santa Gifts // Amazon Christmas Gift Ideas

Megan Lianna

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Dirty Santa Gifts // Amazon Christmas Gift Ideas


[MUSIC] Hey, yall, that’s great to say vlog. Hey, yall, welcome to the video. I hope hey, yall, welcome to the video. I hope you were all doing well. I can’t start this video. [MUSIC] Hey, yall, welcome to the video! My name is Megan. If you are new here, welcome and please hit that. Subscribe button down below. If you want to see more videos like this and vlogs. This is my second Christmas video and yes. I will be doing vlogmas this year. My first ever vlog, Insert Christmas music here anyways. You may be thinking. Megan, it’s a little early to be doing a Christmas video. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and to that I would agree, okay, but people have actually said that you should go ahead and start ordering your Christmas gifts. Now if you’re going to buy them online because it is going to take a while for them to come in the mail so here. I am giving you ideas for your Christmas gifts. This is dirty Santa Gifts. Part two. The first part was a prank video. This video is gonna be more like a regular gift. Something that somebody would actually enjoy getting. How boring you know. Just kidding. Everybody likes to do prank gifts. I don’t know, but all these items are from Amazon and I will have a link down below in the description bar. Okay, let’s just get started so first on my list. Is this breakfast sandwich maker from Hamilton Beach? And as you can see, it’s got no English Muffin. It’s got a little egg. It’s got a little piece of ham. It’s got a little piece of cheese and then it’s got the other English muffin’s hat, and then it cooks it all together and it makes a sandwich. Yeah, um. I think people would really enjoy this. I mean, who wouldn’t like a breakfast sandwich maker? I guess people who don’t eat breakfast, but they could eat it for dinner. Anyways, let’s move on to gift Number Two or two that I found was is gift Number two I found. Is this two-sided jigsaw puzzle? It is a 500 piece puzzle inspired by gray melon’s, iconic beach photography. If somebody’s really into puzzles or doing puzzles or just need something to do as a hobby. This would be the perfect gift for somebody. Next up is super cool. I would probably buy this for myself if not somebody else. And that is this grilled cheese toaster, A grilled cheese toaster. Yep, you heard it, right, folks. This grilled cheese toaster. You can put two pieces of bread and a piece of cheese in the middle, and you can just toast it all together. You don’t have to toast individual pieces of bread and then slap a piece of cheese in the middle. You can do it at one time. It’s so time efficient. So who wouldn’t like this? Uh, next up is something that I think would be super fun, and I think my mom would actually really like this gift. And that is a cold case murder mystery game Pretty much. You get off all these files of people, and you get clues and you get to solve a mystery. I guess, and I think that sounds fun next up on my gift list. Let me move the camera. Gotta be a good youtuber anyways, next up on my guest. Next up on my gift list is something I would buy for me and my fiance. If I wasn’t so patient, Peaky eater that is, It is a food dice meal planning, inspiration, foodie gift. So it comes with all these dies and you pretty much. Roll the dice to figure out what you’re going to eat. This would be really cool if we had it for a restaurant in the area. That’d be fun. I would do that invention idea. Nobody did this, okay, so next on my list is socks. And if you’re a kid watching this, which I doubt you are, you’re like, Oh, sucks! What can you wear this well? I never pass up a good pair of socks and this is a lot of socks, and it looks like a pizza. So what could be better? I don’t know so. We have pizza sauce. Okay, and next up is for all you. Avocado toast, people or guacamole people. And that is this avocado tree growing kit? Your avocado fan, I’m not, but if you are, why wouldn’t you want this? You can grow your own avocados. Yeah, that’s all. I have to say about that, that’s. All I have to say about that. Okay, and you can always settle for some type of game. The card games are very popular right now, like the meme, one and the cards against humanity and the adult game thing, but be careful with these games when it comes to children. Yeah, you can always get a echo dot or a Google home. I know the very basic version of those aren’t very expensive and who wouldn’t want one? You have somebody to talk to when you’re bored at home by yourself like me, okay, and then last on my list is any kind of book a cookbook like these funny ones right here or just a regular book like the subtle art of not giving a you know what I mean. Maybe you have a favorite book that you want people to read. Get it for them! If you think they will enjoy it so yeah, that’s all my suggestions, people. Okay, hit that thumbs up button, saying that you like this video, please, and also hit that subscribe button down below if you want to see more videos from me and turn on the bell for post notifications. So you know what I’m doing Vlogs. Follow me on Instagram right here and, uh. I will see you guys next time bye. [MUSIC], Um, this is my third video. I’m filming today, so I don’t know how I always mess up.