Cute Ways To Propose On Christmas | 14 Most Amazing Christmas Marriage Proposals! Holiday Engagement Surprises Compilation Review

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14 Most Amazing Christmas Marriage Proposals! Holiday Engagement Surprises Compilation Review


Tis the season for the Nativity Santa and getting married. I scoured the internet for the best Christmas marriage proposals and narrowed it down to a select few to show you the ways you might be able to propose or at least pick up a few tips along the way, Grab a box of tissues and let’s review the best. Christmas engagements here on Bradley’s channel. We have Evan who has planned a game at a Christmas party. He makes the selection process for picking people for the game to look random, but he calls up his fiance and a friend and a couple other people. He next gives them gifts and then blindfolds them. The point of this game is to guess what is inside the gift box, not knowing and being able to shake them and do random things to try and guess what’s in them? What is awesome is? He just puts notes on these blindfolds that tells what he’s about to do. So, for example for his girlfriend, he puts a note. I’m about to get engaged and his girlfriend’s best friend. I’m about to become a bridesmaid. He then takes a sign that says, marry me and hangs it up in the background. Once they all get the presents, and guess what’s inside the box or at least try to he and masks them one by one, so they slowly find out what’s going on. Pat, who is last doesn’t realize that her gift contains an oversized large engagement ring and when she takes off the mask there. Evan is on one knee. [MUSIC] As you can see, using a game can be very effective in controlling the atmosphere for the whole proposal because it can be kind of tricky if things get out of control, and it was an awesome and a unique idea. Kerry Langdon Downs channel posts a video in which time sets up at a family photo with Jamie’s family who are all wearing t-shirts that spell out the words. Merry Xmas, which obviously is short for Christmas. After the first set of pictures, they switch the E and Mary and the A in the Christmas abbreviation. Then they just covered the X and the S on the shirts with Hearts. So now it says, Mary, what is great is she’s sitting in the front row and has no idea that all this is going on right behind her. [MUSIC] So now our boyfriend is there down on one knee with the ring and just happiness in buying this video blew up on Youtube and it’s so popular. I think because of how creative he was with both your eyes and to spell the words here. Our next video comes from hashtags. ET films. Champ here. Our soon-to-be fiance attends a Toy Story slash fairy godmother play that they put on for free every year at this ball now. She doesn’t know, but her boyfriend who is a. Marine has recently returned home from service. This production is about toy soldiers that come alive and emerge from gift boxes. So the fairy godmother eventually pulls the girlfriend supposedly at random from the crowd and has her sit up front, except from the next present. Guess who surprises her by coming out of the box instead of a toy, it’s her marine, then one of the soldier’s nearby hands over this ornament. That is actually a box that you. You can look into your heart and only see me. I’m gonna be together forever and I love you so, Brittany. My favorite is what she says, really investing in my life, you never know. Bethenny, my life, taking something That’s already a big production and interjecting. Your proposal is the easiest way to have a big proposal and to do it. Most of the time, it’s pretty cheap to do it that way. Julio decided to make his engagement public by having a Christmas flash mob. This is posted on Keema. Romans channel himself, Vanessa and their couple friends walk around the mall when they encounter this group of people that start dancing to all. I want for Christmas. They soon realized that this is actually a flash mob. Now, like any flash mob proposal, the next song is marrying it by the wheel. Mars, and that starts to begin to play and everybody gets excited and she even starts singing along and enjoying it. It’s then that Coolio. And his best friend both joined the dance. Mom, now here’s this hint. All the best flash mob proposals normally end with the person proposing joining the mob. So if you want to do it right. I suggest you do it that way. As opposed to some of the more boring ones, I’ve watched where the whole food flash mob takes place person composing just ten since they’re all kinda never [Music] [Applause] so obviously the finale for this gets down on Bundy. Needless to say a flashmob, please make a girl feel special and to go big. The modern proposal? We did an unofficial poll on our getting engaged. Facebook group and most girls actually prefer a private proposal as opposed to a proposal with a big crowd. Kendall Sheldon’s channel posts a very intimate proposal where Chris starts his proposal to Stacey with a huge gift, which actually ends up being the small note. That’s inside the big box kind of a funny way to stunt the proposal, the note sends her to the washer to do laundry, but don’t worry, the laundry is already done. It’s in fact, there where she finds another note to have her go make the bed, but that’s done. Then the note there sends her to feed the dog and dogs already fed then to check the mail and there is no mail. Let me just say right now. This guy knows how to woo a girl making sure he’s done all the chores, smart man. Finally, he sends her to the Christmas stockings and there. Chris is for his private and intimate proposal. He thank gives her a sweet little speech and she’s excited to save it now. I’ve always admired you for following your dreams. Even if it took you. Memphis, you made all your dreams come true. I won’t ask you. If you’ll make my dream come true, yeah? What do you marry me, so what? I can tell you from. This proposal is treasure. Hunts are always a great way to propose as you can see here and they’re especially popular on Christmas now, possibly one of the most scenic proposals. I have ever seen it in all my thousands of proposals. I’ve watched, is posted by the Yes girl’s events in parsley. Utah Oscar decorate lined by little Christmas trees and lanterns that leads up to a larger white Christmas tree with red ornaments and already a gorgeous background of a snowy pine tree Mountain. Just seen it beyond belief and this ended up being a very happy moment in private for him And Kira, you are the love of my life. [MUSIC] And I want you by my side forever. Would you may as shown here? Christmas is the perfect time to get engaged because the motif for decorating works beautifully in conjunction with an engagement and here’s a quick note, and if you want, go search my video on engagement rings and and that will help you save. Sometimes even thousands of dollars that you can apply towards an awesome engage, so make sure you watch those videos after this one. This video on P Palmas channel Rick and Janine make an annual Christmas music video to baby, it’s cold outside [Music]. The music video is cheesy awesome, which seems to be the feel that they were actually going for. I mean, does it get any better than this? What she didn’t know is. Rick made an alternate ending that Jeanne Dean didn’t know when she was making the video. The alternate ending is Santa, making an engagement ring box magically appear in his hand. So now when the family is all watching this, and she’s expecting one thing, it’s actually another thing, and it’s right there that he proposes to her in the front of the family. There’s no one else. I’d rather [Music]. You know, [Applause] your Christmas joy there. I like this Because Pre-made videos are a popular way of getting excitement, going leading up to an engagement and here. It’s just a unique twist on doing an alternate ending. 14k studios posted a video in which the proposal takes place on a walk through the park, where he discovers mistletoe in a tree, so he pulls his girlfriend along, And she thinks he’s just gonna kiss him under the mistletoe, and this is where he decides to propose to his girlfriend. Actually, can you marry me? He captures all of it on his hidden camera. While this proposal appears that there alone nearby was the whole family that comes out to congratulate them as they watch the whole thing happen before their eyes. Mistletoe is a great idea because it’s already a symbol of love at Christmas and a nice touch of you. Added tutor engagement, one of the most popular places to get married at Christmas, is the Rockefeller Center in New York City. Joel Dunn’s channel posted this video of multiple proposals happening at the center. I mean, why not every angle at the Rockefeller Center during Christmas is just Christmas Bliss? Whether it’s the big tree or this skating rink nearby, everyone likes to go and have a good time and you get a great sense of the Christmas spirit. I mean, the take home. Here is it’s beautiful, and there is a spirit of Christmas there that is so strong. So why not use that if you’re gonna propose at? Christmastime, every city has Christmas lights shows to go to not just the Rockefellers and they all normally love it. When you decide to propose at their event normally, they will even make accommodations to help you out. The Denver Zoo lights are no different. They are a fantastic display already, and Garrett here takes advantage of that by having them play. Say, will you marry me? Christmas lights up. They like the sign up during an interview that him and his girlfriend are having with an employee [Music] so she surprised when she turns back around and it’s all lit up and it’s just magic from there once again, take advantage of what is already spectacular because there is so much spectacular already going on in Christmas on Makayla Wilson’s channel, her boyfriend. Nolan takes her on a walk to the park and she has no idea what she’s doing out there in the cold. It seems pretty simple because they’re just standing in front. This single lit Christmas tree. Then all the sudden he makes it bigger with more lit up trees, leading to this lit up archway starting small and then going big is always a great idea in proposes more lights more. Beauty, more people, whatever you can do to slowly and gradually get my best friend [Music] so you would take another interesting Makayla. And it also gives it this building and almost like this story that has a climax, which is normally the proposal, and then now it gets really big, so whether it’s a flash mob fireworks or any production, starting small and growing to something big, creates momentum and an engagement and built excitement instead of just that overwhelming feeling of all at once our M videos channel post this in the middle of a choir performance, Santa comes on stage and recites off a poem where he switches the words to the original poem the night before Christmas. All the while he’s handing out candy canes getting everyone excited with his funny and awesome poem now. He wants to make sure he gets his Mrs. Claus, but Mrs. Claus can’t look like a normal civilian, so he gives her a Christmas hat and sweater before he proposes once she’s in the appropriate attire, everything is ready for her to officially become Mrs Claus [Music] [Applause]. You can see, like poems performances. Christmas just gives you so much to work with. We all love a house decorated in Christmas. Lights synced to music. We all have watched them, But as far as Christmas proposals go. This one takes the cake. Alex has a stunning light display. Ready for his girlfriend. Danielle, even with no proposal. This is an awesome light display as you can see on the Santa Claus Lane channel. It takes a personal turn when Danielle sees her name light up in the Christmas tree towards the end, and the rest is history as it starts lighting up her newly married [Music] impressive Alex very impressive, Just the lights and the proposal. Christmas lights are just so appealing. You can’t go wrong, incorporate them. If you’re looking for ideas to propose, watch my video here on how to save money on diamond rings and take the extra cash and put it towards the awesome proposal or just keep watching my proposal videos before the best proposals. I found across the internet also next year. I will be doing a contest for the best marriage proposal in which I will give out $2,000 to the most viable marry proposal video. I post on my Youtube channel and even some consolation prizes. If you adult with details for everything are in the description below this video. So if you know the engagement or you have one coming, make sure you submit them subscribe and check out our Facebook group for everything about getting engaged and I will see you in the next one.