Cute Business Card Holder | Easy Desktop Business Card Holder! Perfect For Your Craft Fair Table Or Office! Easy Card Box!

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Easy Desktop Business Card Holder! Perfect For Your Craft Fair Table Or Office! Easy Card Box!


Hi, guys, it’s Sherry. I hope that you are having a wonderful day. Les makes something marvelous, yall. Stay tuned and today we’re going to do something simple, but elegant, cute and useful and here it is isn’t. This just fantastic. I got several requests for business card. Holders for craft fairs and a lot of us are going to be prepping for spring craft fairs. And we want something cute for our table well. I think that this just more than fits the bill because not only Is this cute for your table, but this can also work for your office on your desk. Your business cards as well as some ink pens. Or whatever else you would want to put in here. I absolutely love how this turned out. It’s going to be very basic in the making and very, very minimal Amount of paper used to make this so no large sheets being used today. We are using 12 by 12 so you can use six by sixes for part of this project if you want and also want to say that yesterday was the launch of passion me time, and that’s the one-on-one. Skype time that I had made available and I was able to speak with a handful of you guys. Yesterday it was wonderful, spent some time just chatting, getting to know one another, as well as going over some paper, crafting processes and procedures and tips and everything. And it was wonderful guys. I absolutely loved it, so for those of you, who have questions about how to make a project bigger or how to alter size that? I’m not covering in a video. That is what Pasha and me time is for so please take advantage of it. Just check out the description box on how you can make that happen, so let’s get started okay to make our project. We’re going to need some chipboard pieces, and I have a piece that measures four by six. I have a piece That measures four by six and a quarter two pieces that measure one by one and three quarters, one piece that measures two and three quarters by one and three quarters, a piece that measures one and a fourth five three and three quarters and two pieces that measure two by one and three quarters. And then I have two pieces that measure 2 by 1 and 1/4 so we’re going to start by making the back and we’ll be using some designer paper 9 by 6 and size, as well as our chipboard that measures 4 by 6 and all. I’m going to do is take this piece here, and I am going to try to get it lined up as even as I can now. I am going to have raw edges on this and guys. I am more than okay with that. If you’re not then cut your piece, just a little bit larger so that you can have. Sun to fold over. I cut mine exact because I want it to use as little paper for this project as possible. And I see I’ve got just a little bit of overhang, So I’m going to remove that now. I’ll place tape on this piece and I’ll be right back. OK, so once. I have my tape on and I need to just wrap this over. I am just going to very gently Train my paper to want to fold over just by wiggling it. Just a little bit and then. I’ll lay it down just like that. Use my bone folder. Smooth this out and you can see. I have no cracking, so I am going to take this piece here. Remove it, go along the sides and remove any excess so now. I’ll bring in the base cover, which measures five by seven and the chipboard for the base, which measures four by six and a quarter. And I’m just doing all of my base work now so that I can just focus on putting the puzzle to, so I’ll just lay that down on there and I’m doing all of my prep work right now so that I can just focus on putting this little puzzle together once we have all the pieces done, so I have wrapped everything around the edge to get my crease and now I’ll just come back and I’m gonna angle. Cut out so that I can fold over my edges and just like before I’m going to be very gentle and how I train my paper to wrap around the board and I’ll use my glue. You can use tape on this, but I’m just going to use glue. Try to keep the glue on the board, and now I can just take this and fold it over. You get this stuck down and I will repeat this step on all four sides. Okay, so now that I have my paper wrapped around one of the questions that came out of one of the one-on-one sessions today. Was what do you do? If you have a little point, that’s sticking up from where you might hurt and for me. I just tap it down. Just like that and get rid of it. Okay, So one other thing that I wanted to point out is on the back. I’m leaving the base of this raw and because this is for me. I’m okay with that if I was selling this, I would cover the base, but I don’t feel like I need to, because I’m trying to minimize the amount of paper that I’m using for this project, but if I was selling these, I would most certainly cover the back and not only what I cover the back, but I would wrap around my paper. All right, guys, so now we’re going to make the box for this the front box here, so we need to bring in our piece that measures 8 and 3/4 by 4 and our 2 chipboard pieces that measure 2 by 1 and 1/4 and the piece that measures one and a quarter by three and three quarters. So the first thing that we’re going to do is take one of our 2 by 1 and a quarter inch pieces. Place it down at the bottom as close to the bottom as you can get it. Then we’ll take the one in 1/4 by three and three quarter inch piece, place it down, using about an eighth of an inch in spacing and then we’ll place the final piece using the same spacing. Use our figure, but just to trim off that excess. You don’t trim this way and then. I’ll come up and clear out and now I’ll take my paper and just fold it a little. I’ll put some tape on this. And now that my tape is on Ill. Just take this and bend it a little, and then I’ll fold it over, just like that and remove the excess. And now I can take this and just get my little fold going and we’ll set this to the side until we’re ready to use it. Okay, So now we need to make our last little box. Which is this one? And we will be using our 6×6 piece for the sides, and so we will bring in the two pieces that measure one by one and three quarters and the one piece that measures two and three quarters by one and three quarters. So I’ll take my first piece of one by one in three quarters and I’ll place it down right here. I’ll take my two and three-quarter buy one in three-quarter inch piece, and I’m going to place that down right here, giving myself about an eighth of an inch in spacing. You’re the same thing with the final piece. I’ll trim out my excess and I’ll flare out on the side, and now I’m going to place tape on this. So now that my tape is on. I’ll do the same thing. I’ll simply just fold it to get my paper used to folding over then. I’ll lay it down, smooth that out with my bone folder and remove all excess paper, smooth top, just a little, and now I can take this and just hold it just like the other one. So now we are going to bring in our back, and this is what we’ll work with. So This is the part that I did that. Has the raw edges and this is what we’re going to start working with. So the first thing that I’m going to do. Is I am going to place this down. Just like this, and it really is a very easy process, guys. You don’t need a stabilizer or something holding it, Except your hands and reptile glue is so strong that this little holder will last. So all of you at this point is take this, and I am going to get it as close to the edge as I can don’t want it to go over, and then I am going to press down until it starts to set up, and I’ll still some wiggle room to be able to come in and make adjustments to it if it’s not square enough, but for right now. I’m just going to hold it in place. Let that glue settle then. I’ll stand it up. Look at it and see if I need to tweak it a little bit. Alright, guys, so once. We have this box on. We’re going to look at it before it completely dries, and if it needs to be squared off any just make adjustments by wheeling it and moving it over. So now what? I’m going to do because I want to go ahead and get this down on the base. I am going to bring in my glue and just run glue along the bottom, so as you can see. I’ve got glue all over this and all I’m going to do is take it and place it down on my board. Close to the back, but not all the way to the back and then. I’ll get my sides nice and even and this way I can now come in and truly square up my box and I’ll look at the back just to make sure that it looks like everything is nice and even clean up some of this glue. I’m going to let this dry for just a moment. I’ll press down on all of this and just let it dry. Alright, guys, so our little platform here is drying up nicely. It’s not completely dry, but it is dry enough to work with, so I am going to bring in that final little box, and this time I am going to place two on the bottom and on all of the raw edges, so glue all along this and on the sides and now that I have glue on all three raw edges of this. I’m going to set that down right there. Because now I need to place some glue on this side here. So I’m not going to place two on the whole thing. I’m just going to place enough so that when I put this in, it can catch. So I’ll take this piece and I’m going to put it down just like this. Get it stuck, okay, guys, so the second box is on and you can see just how cute this is. It’s not completely dry yet, so I’m being very gentle with it. But in the meantime, we can go ahead and place down the letters for this, so what I have? Are these little gold letters that I got from Tuesday morning? And I’m simply going to position them down. Of course, your letters would be different and I’m just going to place them right here. Now because these are not stickers. I will actually have to glue them in place, so I’ll put my P down. Okay, so I have my letters down, and I think that looks just so elegant, and then the last thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to take a business card. I’ve already put glue on the back, and then I’ll just position that wherever I want it on here and we’ll let that dry, and now you can see, we have a really cute little business card holder. But this is designed for business cards up to three and a half inches wide. So I’m going to bring the other one back in drop a little pin in these, so you can see just how gorgeous they really are, guys and so simple, easy, elegant, next level stinking, cute, all of the above, just perfect for your craft fair table, true statement maker as people walk by who wouldn’t want to stop and take a card from something that looked like this. So I’m being very gentle with this one because I need for it to dry completely, so I’m going to hold this one up and just show you guys all of this cuteness, and I hope that you have liked this project. If you have please hit the like button if you are not a subscriber to my channel. I would love to have you join my online crafting family. You guys have a great day, happy crafting and we’ll chat later, you [Music]!