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My Bridal Accessories! Wedding Dress, Veil, Shoes, Jewelry, Headpiece


[MUSIC] diamond ring and 12 red roses. Everything she ever wanted all those dreams. Now they’re finally here. Hi, everyone, and welcome back to my channel. So today’s video is going to be another video. Part of my wedding series here on my channel. So if you guys have been following me for a while, you know that? I got married back in September and I started a whole wedding series here just to kind of document every step of the wedding planning process. So if you haven’t checked out any of those videos? I’ll link them down below, so you can check them out, But today’s video is going to be all about my bridal accessories. So I’m going to be just sharing with you guys. Everything that I wore on my wedding day. Um, everything from my dress, my veil shoes. Julie, all those things. So if you guys are interested in watching this video if you’re getting married or if you know someone that’s getting married, um? I just wanted to do this video to kind of give you guys some ideas. Casey, we’re interested and tell you where I got everything from. So if you guys are interested in watching, just they do alright, so let’s go ahead and get started so pretty much, um. I’ll start off with my dress just because everything kind of revolved around the dress. Um, regarding my shoes, veil everything so for my dress. I picked out a Casablanca Bridal dress and Casablanca is the brand of the dress. So I loved loved, loved my dresses like my dream dress, and basically it was a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline lace trimming, Um, just sparkles and pearls. And it was just gorgeous, so I saw some pictures here of my bridal dress, But basically, it was just it was really really long. It was a huge stress. Um, a lot of intricate details on it. So I knew I kind of wanted to go with more minimalistic. Um, accessories Just because a dress had so much going on, but I loved it so so much. I got it from a boutique called formerly yours. So I’ll link them down below as well. If in case you were interested in videos across Evanka dress and it was part of their spring 2016 collection. So, um, it was like from this year, so if you guys. I’ll link them down below if I can find for the actual link to the dress and kind of where they sell it out, but just loved it. It was actually the first dress that I tried on and I have a video of when I went wedding-dres’s shopping as well. So I’ll link that down below itself, but basically, it was just a beautiful, just kind of like a princess dress, and that’s kind of what I always envision my wedding just to be like just because you know, I’m like super girly, and I love all the sparkle and lace and pearls and all that. So that was my wedding dress and I did have to get it altered. I got on the bodice altar and I also got, um, the train and the hems of the dress altered as well, so that kind of took a while as well, but at the end, it just fit perfectly. It fit like a glove. They added, a bustle to it and it’s just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous dress. Um, but along with the dress? I also got my veil at the same boutique called formerly yours, and I decided to go with a cathedral lace veil and I have that here. So let me show you guys that I haven’t really, like, put it away or stored it. I just kind of have it hanging on. Um, this hanger right now. Just so you show you guys. But basically, it was a long, long term veil and it has just gorgeous, gorgeous lace trimming. I’ll kind of put a close-up here, so you guys can see, but it’s basically lace, and it has rhinestones all over it. So I love this veil. Um, it did. Have you know the little comb? So you can attach it to your hair? Um, so let me show you guys where that is. Um, so it’s basically right here. Um, and basically, you know this comb right Here is just kind of what attached it to my hair, and I decided to wear my hair down for my wedding day, just because I usually wear my hair down, and I just feel most comfortable with my hair down, so I had a half up half up half down and I had the belt on along with my headpiece, which I’ll get to in a minute, but I just love this veil and is, um, for the brand. Westwood is the westward collection. Um, and I just loved it so so much. Um, I did want to go with that. Long like train. Look for my wedding. Just because you, it’s a once in a lifetime events, and you know, when else are you going to ever get the chance to wear a huge long veil like that so? I definitely wanted that for my wedding, and that’s what I got for my mail. Now since I wore my hair down or Half-up half-down I wanted to have some type of headpiece or something that kind of stood out, so I found this one on Amazon, and it was just gorgeous, gorgeous. Um, it is just beautiful. It’s silver and it’s sparkly and I had pearls on it. And basically how I ward it is. I ward it on the back of my head. So I kind of, um, put had my hairstylist like, put it on the back of my head. Kind of like this and then. I have like curls and stuff. All eyes are some pictures here. So you can kind of have an idea of how I ward it. Um, I was even aware like that or where, like on top of my head, But it was so bulky. I didn’t want it to like, you know. Be too flashy and talk with my head, so I decided to put it on the back and it just worked out really nicely. Um, it didn’t come with ribbons on it, but I cut the ribbons off Just because I wasn’t going to tie it around my head. I was going to have it more of like. Um, just kind of go around my head. Um, so anyways, this is what? I wore for my headpiece and I loved it. I think this was probably like 20 bucks on Amazon, and it came, um, pretty rather quickly with Amazon Prime and I was kind of hesitant about buying things on Amazon. Just because you know, you can’t see him in person, so you don’t really know how it’s going to be or the quality of it, so I did read a lot of reviews like I read a lot of reviews in general, just for anything I’m gonna purchase, but I definitely did that. For this headpiece and a lot of people had posted pictures of what it looked like, and it looked pretty nice, so I decided to go ahead and buy it. So I got this one here. I did get another headpiece on because for our wedding, We did have a civil ceremony, which was two weeks prior to our actual wedding day, and I wore did different headpiece for that. Let me go grab that so I can show you guys that as well alright and the headpiece that I word for our civil ceremony was this one here and this was more like a little clip and for the civil ceremony, I decided wear my hair, cut off to the side and a low like ponytail with this on this side like and all eyes are some pictures. So you kind of know what? I’m talking about, but it was just to the side and I had this side comb headpiece on this side, but I loved it so much, so I got this one on Amazon as well. So I got both of them on there. Um, and I got both in just because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with kind of like a clip thing for my actual wedding day, so I just got it. I ended up just wearing it to the civil ceremony, which worked out nicely and speaking about our civil ceremony. I did wear a different dress to that so basically, our simple serving what it was. It basically resized our marriage license during our civil ceremony, and we had that at our church with our congregations so for that. I word more of like a pencil dress and I have that here and this is the dress that I work for that. So it was basically just this gorgeous like a lace dress as well. It hit me right about the knee, and this is by Adriana Papel and the seller at Macy’s / Macy’s collection. But I loved it so so much. Um, so it’s kind of more of, like, you know, more like a professional kind of dress. That’s so very elegant. Um, so that’s what? I worked for civil ceremonies. All right, so now on to my shoes. Oh, my gosh! I was obsessed with my shoes. I knew that I definitely wanted to kind of. Go all out with my shoes because I am obsessed with shoes. I love shoes and I definitely wanted my wedding shoes to stand out just because I’m going to remember them for the rest of my life. Um, so I researched, like a lot of different types of wedding shoes, and I researched like shoes that would match with my actual dress and kind of style of my dress, so I found these gorgeous, gorgeous Badgley Mischka shoes. Um, I originally wanted to go with just the traditional ones that just have with studs on the back and just pure white, but I saw these and I was like. Oh, my gosh! I love them so much, but these are my shoes right here. These are my wedding shoes that I wore did. Oh, my gosh! I am still obsessed with them. I love them so much. Basically, they had this gorgeous, gorgeous. Um, detailing on them. They are made out of silk, silk and suede, and they’re just gorgeous. They’re kind of like a peep toe here, and they covered my ankle, which I liked and they had just the Scourge detailing on them and they weren’t actually very high, like the heel wasn’t very high surprisingly, because I’m usually kind of wear whatever heels I wear heels that are a little bit higher, but lately I haven’t been wearing them too high, but I knew I wanted to get a heel That was gonna be comfortable to wear all day because I did not want to take my heels off throughout the whole wedding. So these weren’t that high. I think these were about three and three-quarter inch like that, so not that high at all, and they were super super comfortable. I got him in a size six. Um, and these I would say, run a little bit small, so I would definitely go a half a size up if you were interested in bag with Mishka shoes. Just because I feel like they’re made for, like, really narrow feet. I don’t know, that’s what I think, but I did have to break him in a little bit, so I would walk around the house with them before the wedding, just because they were a little bit narrow, so I would go half the size up and with heels. My foot’s like pretty narrow is very slim, so I usually wear a five and a half, which is kind of crazy. I know sometimes I can wear a six, but with these since they ran a little bit smaller, I will ended up going with a six and they fit perfectly so yeah, so this is what they look like, and I’m just in love, but then they’re just gorgeous or just shoes on and inside. There’s just rose gold and the Hat the back when Misha, um, little over there, but I just love them. They were gorgeous! I literally love love these shoes. I could just stare at them all day. I love them so much all right now, so onto jewelry. So for Julie for our wedding day since my dress was so intricate in so many detail and it had so many details. I definitely wanted to go with something very simple. Um, since the bottom looks very sparkly. I had a lot going up up here. I decided to not go with a necklace. I just ended up wearing earrings and my wedding band in my engagement ring. And that’s really the only accessories that are worn for earrings. I wore these here and these are by the Givenchy brand from Macy’s. Um, and I love them so much. They were just silver and I had like a teardrop. I’m stud on them, and I just loved them so much so, basically, that’s all, um, so? I just wore that, and then my engagement ring and my wedding bands. I decided to get a wedding bed, matched my engagement ring perfectly, so it’s basically like my wedding, and it’s like my engagement ring. Um, and it just has like a nice little twist, and it’s led to Cory as well, so Ill. Insert a clip here. So you guys can see it up close, but yeah, that’s what I did for my. Um, wedding like jewelry. Those were the only two things that. I wore now as far as my garter, so I ended up getting two garters. And if you guys, um, have looked into kind of how garters are sold, Usually they come in two, so you can have one to toss and then once a Keith, so that’s what I ended up doing, so I only have the one that kept, And surprisingly, my cousin ended up. My boy cousin ended up catching my toss garter. So I know it’s they kind of in the family, which is really funny. Um, but the ones that I wore was this one here and it was just super super sparkly. I loved it so much. Um, I got this one off of Amazon as well. Um, you’d be surprised at all. The great things Amazon has, but basically, this is what it looked like. It was just lace, and it had just a ton, A ton of, um, sparkles on a lot of rhinestones. A lot of pearls. Um, but it was just gorgeous. It was pretty heavy, so I said it ends up wearing it through. Um, the ceremony. I just ended up putting it on during the reception, which was flying. Ahh, but this is the one I wear, so I loved it so much, it’s gorgeous. Um, and something that. I’m going to keep forever and just kind of remember my wedding day. So for my getting ready robe, my friend. Stephanie actually bought me one. Which is the one that I award on my wedding day and it’s this one here, and it basically just said bride. Ah, and the light, blue, um, and it was just made out of soap and it was just gorgeous. It hit me, right. Um, at my knees, which was perfect hot. Um, which was the perfect length, and I loved it so much. It was just simple but very elegant. And you know, this is what I wore while getting ready. Um, and then one other thing that. I got to hang my wedding dress on was a personalized hanger and I got this one off of Etsy and it’s this one right here and basically just says Mrs. De Leon, which is my new last name and I love so much. Um, the personal I spend. I hung my wedding dress off of it, and I just wanted it for, like the gorgeous pictures. Um, it just worked out really nicely, so yeah. I got this one here and I’m going to treasure this forever. I mean, my wedding dress hung on it and I’m just going to keep it forever, so I love it. Love it so much, all right, so those who are all my bridal accessories? I hope you guys have enjoyed this video. If you guys have any questions regarding bridal accessories or anything in general wedding related, feel free to leave me a comment down below. And I’ll be happy to answer anything that I can for you guys. Um, let me know if you guys like this wedding series. I give it a big thumbs up. I also do have a couple more videos to add to this wedding series. Um, so. I hope you guys aren’t bored of them yet. I know it’s been like what, 2 months since I got married, but it’s just been crazy. It’s been so busy. It’s been just a whirlwind, but it’s been so much fun. Just enjoy marry life and all that, but I definitely want to film this for you guys, so make sure to look out for those, um, and also remember to subscribe if you haven’t subscribed to my channel. Make sure to hit that red subscribe button. So you’re notified when I post a new video. Remember, you guys are all beautifully and wonderfully made and I will see you My next video OK [Music].