Coworker Christmas Gift Ideas | Holiday Gift Ideas For Colleagues And Coworkers | Christmas Gift Guide

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Colleagues And Coworkers | Christmas Gift Guide


Do not do not go. Check our worker’s clothes and let me tell you. I’m one welcome to my channel. I’m Bradley B. If you’re new here I would love to. Have you subscribed if you’re returning? Thank you so much for coming back to another video so today. I wanted to show you guys some holiday gift ideas for your colleagues or coworkers because I remember how it was when I first started working. I had no idea that there was like an etiquette around getting gifts, so I decided to share some tips and tricks with you guys. Tell if you want to see what I have on my list of Do-si-do’s stay tuned, so when I first started out working, it’s a very first Christmas season that I worked. I had no idea that people got other people’s gifts. I didn’t know this is a thing. I have to give people Christmas cards and I’m filled awful, so that’s. My first gift idea is to give Christmas card or holiday cards, so they’re pretty inexpensive and what I like to typically do is gifts comes at our holiday neutrals, so this one says married. So this one is a little more. Christmasy, but tinsel and twinkle can be for something That’s not just for Christmas, but for other holidays that are celebrated during the holiday season. Get into some more expensive things. I would say an Alexa echo dot, and you might think that this is really expensive, but honestly, I paid $22 before tax on this, and I want to say. After text, it was like $25 California tax is really expensive, but this is a really good idea because if they don’t have a speaker in their office or if they just need one for home, so yeah, echo Dot or a Google home. Many are really good gift ideas and pretty inexpensive next. I would say a Starbucks tumbler or a Starbucks Cup. Here are some tumbler ideas. This one is really inexpensive. I want to at paid like less than two dollars for it. So the more durable. Starbucks Cups are really great gift ideas for people who drink a lot juice or water at work. And you can give them one of these and you can either Personalize these guys. Well, yeah, here’s a David team mug, and it’s pretty. It’s pretty heavy-duty. Yes, you can do this for Kali, especially if they like tees, and they’re not into coffees or having some sort of tumbler cup. It has a steeper and the inside of it, even if you got them like loose leaf tea and this steeper. That would be really a really cute idea next. A personalized mugs, one of the things that I say all the time to listen. And, actually, if you have a cricket or something like that, you can make mugs with your own thing or whatever that person says, or something festive, so continuing on with our theme with coffee and teas. I have these two mugs here, and this is a really great idea to give away as gifts. So basically, I have one. That’s a little more jazzy and has like the paper in it with like a bow and it has a Starbucks gift card. I will probably give this away, cuz. Somebody was like a five dollar gift card, and then they have this mug here that they can use throughout the year, and I also have one. That is a little more minimalist. Just has the two bulbs on it. So this is just giving you some ideas of what you can do with your mugs and gift cards to give away. You can also do a candle, but you never know what someone’s fragrance is that they like in their home or if they’re allergic to something, so I would definitely be mindful of that when you do give a gift because you don’t want them to not be able to use your gift. Okay, give it away. Gift cards is also a really great gift idea, um. Gaspar’s everyone needs a gas card, especially if you live in a city like LA, where you have to drive everywhere, you probably wouldn’t get someone. One maybe their favorite place to eat lunch. So subway gift card last. Keefe idea, which is my favorite gift idea is a lot of tickets. I always give a lot of tickets out to my colleagues Every single year is something that I always do even if I give them other. I really love to give out Lotto tickets. But yeah, like this is a really cool idea, and people really really like these. I’ve had people actually win so yeah. This is a really cool idea, and maybe they may win $20 hundred dollars or whatever, but you spent a dollar on them So now that I’m giving you a lot of ideas on what you can give as gifts for your colleagues or coworkers. Let me tell you some things to avoid number one food. You do not want to give away food as a gift, and I know that seems like, oh, I should be able to give them chocolate or whatever. So, yeah, if you know, they’re not allergic to chocolate or something simple and even it’s just a little piece of candy on the card, that’s fine, but if you’re gonna give away like a basket with like nuts, fruit like something to do a charcuterie with then you definitely want to be mindful because if they have a nut allergy. Maybe they don’t eat pork or they’re allergic to dairy. Those things are really important to consider when giving away a gift also. I would say avoid alcohol. I know. In certain companies, it’s not taboo to have alcohol on the premises or whatever, but in certain situations, it is taboo. And you don’t want to bring alcohol into your workplace. If that’s not something that you can do again, if you know the person that you’re giving a gift for then that’s something different, But if it’s something like just for your general team, I would definitely be mindful about that. It’s been close. Listen, do not not go. Check our worker’s clothes and let me tell you why. Because if you get your co-worker’s clothes and the person is an extra-small and you buy them a medium or a large something and they’re swimming in this outfit if they may not like that very much or on the opposite end, if the person is a 2x or 3x and you buy them a large under estimating. Then you also have a problem there, so just avoid that last thing. I’m going to say to a boy, and I’m sure there’s tons of other things You should avoid when getting your colleague’s gifts, but this last one is hits home for me. It is lotion and body washes and anything that has fragrance in it. You have no idea how many times got your gifts That are like lotions and body washes and stuff that I want to use and it smells so good, but because my skin is so sensitive, I just can’t use it. Just be mindful of that when you argue and gifts, I know back and body wear existed. Buy three, get three or whatever, and it’s a really great deal and you can kill two birds with one stone when you go to Bath & Body Works, but again, that’s something that you really should be mindful of because again with allergies, It’s just not conducive to the workplace, so I really hope this gave you a few ideas of what to do, and what not to do when you’re giving gifts to your colleagues and co-workers you have any questions, please leave them down below. I’m gonna link everything if I can find it down below. Because I know that it would be helpful to find some of this stuff that I’ve talked about so. If you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel. I would really love to have you. Please hit the like button on the video. You’ve already clicked the video and until my next video.