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Diy Country Wedding Decorations | Rustic Outdoor Wedding Decor


[MUSIC] Hey, everyone, welcome back to pajama. Crafts Ryder Crafts in my pajamas? If you’re new here, welcome, My name is Sarah. Thank you so much for stopping by. And if you have been with me for a while, then thank you so much for stopping by again. I really appreciate you and all your support on my channel. So as you may know, Zach and I got married a few weeks ago and I had a few more diys that I wanted to share with you guys. And then I did add more wedding photos at the end of this video for you guys to watch if you want to. Um, and so let’s just get into those diys. For this first one. I was given some wine bottles or jugs and I wanted to spray paint these. So I used a chalky finish paint. I got this at hobby lobby. I believe, but I think it’s around the same price at Walmart. And so I just gave these two coats. I was gonna do a whole bunch of them for our wedding. But we ended up having a really small ceremony because our venue was closed indefinitely, but it was so perfect. It was a beautiful day and I just ended up using two of these. All I did was paint them and then distressed them a little bit. With my electric Sander, you could use regular sandpaper, and you’d probably be even a little bit more precise, but I wasn’t too worried about it. I just wanted quick and easy, and so that’s all I did for this one and just added some flowers from Michaels and then I had some solo wood flowers as well that I put beside them, and I think it turned out really pretty now for this next. DIY, it’s our welcome sign that I did, and I just used my cricut for this. I had to get an extra long matte to get it all on one thing. I’m sure you could do like half and half on a smaller mat, but I did purchase a bigger one for this. If you don’t have a cricut, there’s so many ways that you can DIY words on a sign. I will leave a link in the description of this video to some Christmas. One’s that I did recently with. It’s like 11 Christmas signs with no cricket so I will leave that linked in the description. If you want to see how I did those and have some more options, but all I did was print out our names and welcome to our forever and the date of our ceremony, and then I decided to add some greenery and florals as well as you can see here, I’m using a tape measure to make sure that everything is perfectly level and even and I just love how the white shows up on the dark background. I got this piece of wood from home depot and I just stained it with a dark walnut stain. I think it’s really pretty. I did make sure to leave my words further down on the sign so that when I put the greenery and everything, it wouldn’t cover up the words. And then I did want to say for this one. I used removable vinyl Because I don’t really need to keep this sign later. It’s just a welcome sign for our wedding, And so I did use removable vinyl from Amazon Ill. Try to link that in the description. If I can find it, I really really like it because I was able to. Just pull all of the vinyl off of the signs that I made for the wedding. And, of course, I kept some of them as memorabilia like our guest book and everything like that, and I have a few more wedding diys that I did before, and I’ll leave those linked in the description like how I made our guest book and everything, but yeah, for these, I’m just going to go ahead and remove that vinyl, so I can use the wood for something else later. Probably a big Christmas sign or something, so that’s an idea to be able to reuse your stuff. If you do like crafting now for the greenery, it’s just lambs here from Walmart. Two dollars a bunch. I think I used maybe two and a half to three or four bundles. I don’t think I even used the full four. But they already had twist ties on them when they came from Walmart. So I just, um, twisted them together with the twist ties that already came with it. And since I’m going to be putting the flowers on there, you’re not going to be able to see those, so I just cut the stems a little bit shorter, so they wouldn’t be poking out and my flowers. I actually got from Michaels and they were on sale for 50 off. I believe I got those during the spring because I wanted the light colors for the wedding, and they were really, really pretty. I think it worked out really well for this sign. Just use some hot glue to glue those on there. And then I actually had some Christmas ornament hangers and I just hooked that on and used it to hook that onto the sign so that I didn’t have to glue this on there, so I could just easily take it off and make a new sign out of that wood when the wedding was over. This is one of my all-time favorite diys I’ve ever done just because it’s so special to me. I’m sure, but I really liked how it turned out now for my invitations. I got this craft. Um, paper sheets from hobby lobby. And then I got the, um, ivory colored sheets from Amazon, and I’ll try to leave those linked in the description if I can find them as well and then I just cut some pieces about the size of a business card to do the RSVP thing. This is when we were going to have more people coming to our wedding, but I still did send out a few. It was just our parents and our kids there. Um, and a few of my family members asked for one as a, you know, just like a memorable memorabilia thing, and so I did make a few extras as well and I got this lace from hobby lobby. It’s so pretty and it’s half off. Um, I don’t know, I think like every other week. You get really good sales there. All the time and I just used some double-sided tape to keep the ribbon in place. It was really, really easy And just a glue. Stick to glue my papers together. The way I wanted them. I used a little bit of twine to tie on the other part I did. I got these little tags from hobby lobby for the last part, but I really didn’t like the way that the zns came out on the card. It just looks like it was like. I just wrote it with a pen. I don’t know, I didn’t really like how that part looked. So in the end, I actually decided to remove that, and then just hand cut some little hearts, and I really loved how that one came out. Shout out to our photographer, too. He took some really, really awesome. Pictures and some of these of the diys are even his pictures as well as obviously the ones at the end. Um, I would say who he is, but I don’t really want to like, divulge our location as much as possible, just for safety and everything like that, But he really did a great job and saved the day as our original photographer did not show up. That’s a story time for another time, but yeah, these wedding invitations were super super simple. Um, but I just thought they came out so beautifully. I forgot to mention the part that, um, has the writing and everything. I actually just designed that myself on the cricut design space and then printed it out with the writing like pen feature of the cricut. But if you don’t have a cricut, you can just, you know, do one of those sites where you can print it out like normal with a printer, and that would be really pretty too, or if you’re really good at calligraphy and do it yourself. I’m not so had to use something else. I also got my envelopes from amazon. I did splurge for the ones that have the little sticky thing, so I wouldn’t have to lick a thousand envelopes and die. Um, but then, you know, I only had to do a few anyway. So it turned out. Okay, but I just think it came out so cute. This is also one of my favorite things. I think all my wedding Diy’s are some of my favorite diys just because they have the best memories connected with them, but that’s all. I have for the rest of the wedding diys that I did like. I said we did end up having it really small, and so I just needed a few decorations, but everything was still so beautiful, and it was just the most perfect day ever. The kids looked adorable, and I don’t know it was just the best day ever. I do want to remind you guys or if you didn’t know yet. I do have another channel that I just started. It has one video on it of how I set up, frees room in the new house and decorated everything. So make sure you jump on over to that channel and subscribe, so you don’t miss any videos on how we set up our new house and all of that kind of stuff. It’s also just mommy and lifestyle and just how we do life around here at our house. So if you’re interested in those kind of videos, make sure you hop on over to that channel next and I will leave it linked in the description, but other than that I will just let you guys enjoy these pictures. Thank you so much for watching as usual. If you like the video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more diy’s like these, and I will see you guys in the next video. [music] bye [Music] you?