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How To Make A Blush Bridal Bouquet With Garden Roses And Peonies - Wholesale Flowers Direct


Hello, everybody, and welcome to one of our tutorials. So I’ve got these absolutely beautiful bowl of cream peonies that I’m going to use today. I’m gonna create a wedding bouquet In very muted, pastel tones. We often get asked for either a nude or a blush color palette. So this is the kind of color tones that we would use for that today. I’m using white freesia, which I have to say, smell fantastic. They filled our workroom. With a fantastic fragrance, we’ve got white okarin roses, which is a garden Rose. These are still in quite tight, but when they open up, they do have a peony esque appearance to them again. They smell fabulous. Despite the name being white ohhara, you can see they do have a very pale hint of pink. Then we have bombastic. Spray rose again. A very delicate, dusky nude pink. We have the most scrumptious peonies! These ones a bowl of cream as you can see. They are multi petals really impressive, and we absolutely love peonies and then last just to give a little bit of texture and to complement the rest of the color scheme again that that palette of nude blush, pink. We have some still be here, so I hope you enjoy [Music] [Music] [Music]. I hope you’ve enjoyed our wedding bouquet demonstration today. I have to say so lucky to have such a fantastic selection of flowers to use for this one. I’ve left the stems slightly longer than perhaps they need to be because this is actually not going to be used until tomorrow, so it’s going to sit in water overnight and this is before delivery. I’ll just trim the stems to the correct level. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Thank you so much for watching, don’t forget to. Like us and share us with your friends and visit our Youtube channel for loads, more tips and hints and tutorials on how to create some fantastic wedding flowers until we see you again. Bye for now!