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30 Most Amazing Business Cards


30 most amazing business cards number 30 get ripped. This card here from a personal trainer is a pretty cool rippable card That gives you a good idea how you might look after a few sessions from them. Lose that gut and get ripped number 29 yoga card instead of handing out cards like most people. This yoga instructor got a little creative and put her info on the straw. Maybe with enough lessons, you’ll be just as bendy. You can’t really drink from a card anyways. Number 28 divorce card. This divorce lawyer’s card is similar to your photos of you and your ex spouse. They’re both easy to rip, be sure to call. James Mahon, for your lawyer, Needs number 27 cannabis card. Stoner is more often than not are all about recycling. Why waste natural resources like trees on cards? If you can’t use them later on head to head shop in Toronto, No other customers will be using these business cards for a roll-up filter. This photo here shows you what the filter looks like, 26 camera card. This creative business card features a photographer’s viewfinder and gives you look from their perspective with this card. You can imagine what photos might look like when they take them. Number 25 bike repair shop card. A bike repair shop won’t lose any business just because they hand out awesome cards that can help fix someone’s bike completely made out of metal. This will tighten up a loose wheel and will remain in your pocket for quite some time. What else it can do is hard to say, but if you’re trying to fix something and it doesn’t work, you’re looking at the card of someone who probably can number 24 share card. Here you see a card that can be molded into a chair with a few steps and instructions label on the back. No one should have any problem, turning this into a fully operational chair for possibly a mouse. Either way, it still looks cool, and you might keep it in your house long enough until you need to give them a call. Number 23 see packet business card. What better way to attract people to your business than this seed business card with people wanting to check on the status of their plant growth often? I’ll be looking at your name and thinking about you with a few easy instructions. You just have to use a little bit of water and wait for it to grow in about 4 days. You should see the seed card. Look like this number 22 yoga card. Once you imagine what this yoga instructor looks like. When she’s a little more stretchy, this unique idea allows you to put your fingers through the two holes, and now she’s doing a yoga pose. Look at that, except those legs are a little weird looking number twenty-one. Landscaping card, lush landscaping is making quite a good investment in their future by giving you a card full of grass seeds. Maybe someday you’ll plant them. Then you’ll have to give them a call to have it trimmed up perfect planning. This guy needs an investment from the Sharks as soon as possible, which is a show featuring Mark Cuban, where people try to convince wealthy famous entrepreneurs to invest in their company number 28 logo, another innovative business card from a yoga company. These mini yoga mats are enough for any out of shape person. Don’t want to give it a try if you want to get one of these cool cards. Head over to Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s never too late to be a little extra, stretchy nineteen. Lego agent’s business cards don’t always have to be in the shape of a card like we’ve already seen these Lego agents most likely look similar to the real deal. It gives you a creative look on who you’re dealing with. Each figure is complete with a phone number email and name, so it’s just as useful as handing out a card number 18 So Medea wine cards We then Boston knows we’re wine pretty well. These cards are actually staying with a wine That’s for sale, not that you could really get drunk from it, but it might give off some aromas and give the idea of the color of the wine. She has number 17 mini plungers! Although you might not be able to fix your clogged toilet with one of these, the plumber on the mini plunger, certainly will. It won’t really fit in your wallet. But it might be fun to have one of these anyways number. Sixteen cheese grater card Bon vivant case is located in Brazil. Make sure you’re thinking about them. Next time you’re grating up some cheese. These small cheese graters are about the same size as your average business card, but a lot more practical. Give them a quick call. If you’re looking for some quality cheese number fifteen action looking to get into the Youtube business or possibly movie production. Let everyone know you’re serious by getting one of these cool Clapper board cards and get your company’s name out there. You might be able to use one of these until you get the real deal number. Fourteen organic design we saw cards that contain seeds, but what about cards with seeds that actually grow since you already had to possibly destroy a few trees to make your business cards about the environment and grow a seed? If this has made a biodegradable paper, the sealy might actually be able to live on number 13 Practicality people are less likely to throw away a business card if they find some kind of practicality, who wouldn’t want to carry around a trusty bottle opener in their wallet and then every time they use it. People at the party are going to know where it came from genius. Number 12 thumb drive card trying to stay one. Step ahead of the competition is never easy being able to provide your customers with excellent ways to get your information out. There is essential this thumb drive card will appeal to the customers who are more often on their computer and online, although it’s not exactly clear in English. Anyways, well, company, this is for, but this would be great for any electronics company number eleven constructible cards, this card for the editor-in-chief and publisher of Intersection Cars magazine came up with a cool construction design of a 1969 Nissan Skyline. You might actually forget that it’s a business card and not a cool bottle car. As information is all labeled on the bottom of the car number 10 alone card, although it may be difficult to see the information of the doctor on this balloon now waiting till it’s blowed up. Most people would want a little more fun of a design on the birthday, but if they’re free. Hey, might as well take them number. Nine catchy business cards will even have more of an effect if they can make someone laugh. Don’t worry, people. This photographer is allowed to shoot people with his camera. That is number eight ticket cards. What’s a cooler design for a business card than a concert ticket? Apparently, this guy had the same name as a rock band from the 1960s but had enough sense of humor about it to make it into a business card way to go. Steve Miller, number seven, the film card well. Many of us have switched to digital photos. There are some people out there who love to use film because it’s more authentic and traditional. This is a Kodak business card and is sure to bring in some customers number six circumcision card, still thinking about getting a little bit trimmed off the top or no person who does perfect end of one of these, But be a little extra careful when you’re tearing them off number five card. This business card allows you to fold it in the shape of a box just in case you’re packing up to move. The contents might be fragile, so pay attention. You’ll never know when it’ll come in handy once you’re done using it as a box unfold it and keep it in your wallet. Number Four, find cheese guard. This business card here not only looks like a smooth piece of Swiss cheese, but it actually feels like one It’s made of a waxy coat and actually feels like you have a sample of their product. You’ll certainly never forget what this company specializes in number three cap card. Ever wish your boss will let you celebrate. Bring your cat to work Day, which is actually celebrated on July 1st in case. Some of you were wondering this cat here. Just drink from the coffee mug. And it’s ready to get to typing Number Two. The I card. This intriguing car design can be transformed into an Apple computer monitor, but not a real one because it’s made of paper. The Apple store for this location will certainly be getting lots of calls no problem, and now the number one, the first be sure to subscribe the new videos every day and number one, the piercing card. This extreme card is used for a piercing parlor and allows you to pierce the guy’s nose in the photo. All you need is a sharp pencil, and this dude will have a sick body mod.