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Easy And Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas That Your Guests Actually Want


The thing about wedding favors is guests. Don’t usually care about them. [MUSIC] Hey, hey, blushing brides! Welcome back to my channel for those of you. Who are new here? Welcome and congrats on your engagement. You’re gonna have to bear with me a little bit today. I am six months pregnant, so I got super out of breath when I’m filming these videos, so hopefully that’s not too distracting, but yeah, just stick with me a couple of months. We’ll get through it so today we are going to talk about 12 ideas for easy and cheap wedding favors brides end up spending way too much time and way too much energy on their wedding favors and way too much money and then people end up not even taking them. And if they do, take them, then they end up just throwing them away or putting them in a closet somewhere or something. The favor idea is that. I’m gonna share with you in this video. Our favors that your guests will actually take, and that they’ll actually keep and actually use that they’ll really like like. I said these are easy and cheap favors, but you can elevate them, depending on the budget that you have or the time that you have to put into them. So if you are on the hunt for some easy and cheap wedding favors that your guests will actually like hit that thumbs up button and let’s get started my first favor that. I’m gonna share with. You has been a guest favorite every time. I’ve done this guests. Have always taken them. They’ve asked if they could take more than one, and they love them. And that is bottle openers, so I usually recommend that you do not personalize the favors specifically on the favors because guests don’t really want stuff with your name all over it. I mean, there’s some guests who like, really, like, want a keepsake from your wedding like your grandparents and your parents, but you can, like, make them a picture frame or something, but every single one of your guests doesn’t want stuff branded with your wedding stuff, so the favors that they’re actually gonna love and actually gonna keep around are ones that don’t have your name all over them, so I highly recommend if you want to add personalization to your favors that you do it with a tag. Instead of spending the extra money to have stuff engraved so bottle openers are super easy to add a really cute tag too. And then you can really do any kind of bottle opener. You could do a fancier one. I’ll link a bunch of options below. You could do a fancier one that goes along with your theme or you could just do some cheaper ones from like Amazon and tie a cute tag and a cute ribbon around it. That goes with your wedding colors and your wedding theme. My next favor be done very cheaply If you do it yourself. And that is succulents. I love this idea. I think it’s so cute, and I think it’s totally something that people will keep around for a while, especially because they don’t die easily. I’m going to be able to really keep plants alive, But my succulents always live so yeah. I think this is a super cute idea. I love like the terra cotta pots and you could just paint on them. Wet love grow. You could get a little stencil to make it easy. And it’s also super cute to tie a little tag around these as well with a ribbon that matches the colors and theme of your wedding and just have the tag say, let love grow. And then your names in your wedding date. This is something that you can also put on your tables. And so it adds a lot to your table scape when guests come in and sit down and then it’s like in front of their face, so they don’t forget to take one at the end of the night. Another super super cute idea that I have done for one of my weddings was have the succulents in a teacup, so I added, like tons of character, and it was really beautiful, and if you pull it like that on the table that would add so much, especially if you’re going pretty basic on your floral and your tablescapes that would add a lot. It’s also a super cute idea for, like bridal shower and basically any party. I love love the succulent idea. If you do not have the time and energy to sit there and plant succulents and put this together. You can totally have your florist. Do it for you and put them together for you. Obviously that’s just gonna cost a little bit more. My next one is always a huge hit with guests, and it’s so cheap, it’s super cheap, super easy to do and super easy to incorporate in any theme. And that is snacks specifically. I like the idea of doing like trail. Mix or something? Something that you can put in a little bag and then you just tie a ribbon around it with a little tag that says your wedding day and your names and some sort of thank-you or, like happy trails is cute, especially if you’re doing kind of like, a woodsy theme or an more outdoor theme, but there’s lots of ways that you can incorporate your theme into this idea as well. Another one that. I’ve seen that was super cute. My cousin actually did this at their wedding. They did chocolate-covered coffee beans and it just said thanks for being here but like be. Ean like being here? I thought that was super cute, and it was like they did just cute little colored bags, so there’s lots of different ideas. You can do here, you can do it for super cheap, or you can have it a little bit elevated, depending on what you put the trail mix in like. You could do little jars or something if you wanted something a little bit nicer. So this is a perfect favor. Guests just love them, and they always take them, and you’re not gonna waste too much time or money putting them together. My next idea is super cute and pretty cheap and easy to do as well and that is little candles, so it’d be really cool if you know of a local place that makes candles that you could kind of do like a local theme. The like handmade candle look is really cute, and then you could just tie a little tag around it. I like the idea of doing a tag that says, keep the fire burning and then like your names in your wedding date like I said, this is something that guests will be more likely to keep around and more likely to like use. If it doesn’t have your name all over it, so either you could do like something fancier like a local handmade crafted candle with the tag or you could do something a lot cheaper, obviously find something on Amazon and put these together with your own little tags and ribbons. My next idea is another huge hit, and that is do little shooters that have a tag around them that say, take a shot. We tied the knot so you could just do just the shooters. It’s a little tag or you could go next level and do like a shooter and a soda like a glass coca-cola bottle with a ribbon tied around it. That’s super cute too. My next idea, along with the shooter’s idea is you could do little mini champagne bottles. So this one you can do, you could just get the champagne bottles and do your own tabs and ribbon, or there’s like tons of places online, where you can print your own labels and so you could just peel the labels off of them and have them actually be personalized if you’re into that, and you want to put in the money and the time and effort to do that. This one’s going to probably be a little bit more pricey than the other favors that. I’ve suggested, so if you wanted to do it for your bridal shower instead of for like your whole wedding. You could do that as well, but it’s a super cute idea. I love it! If you’re finding these ideas helpful, please hit that thumbs up button and also be sure to share this video with your bride friends. As soon as you’re done watching. My next idea is perfect for destination weddings, but you could do it for any wedding and its little hangover kits, So I did this for a favor for my best friend’s Bachelorette party and it was super cute. They actually have bags that you can get on. Amazon that say like hangover kit and it says, like in sickness and in health, it’s super super cute. I’ll link those below, and then I just put in there like a few things. I’ll link my Bachelorette video That shows everything I put in there, But just basically like chapstick. Advil, stuff like that, That’s super cute idea, especially if you have a heavier drinking crowd and this is something that guests will love its creative. It’s cute, but it also does take a little extra time and energy to put together. My next one is another kind of snack idea, but it’s a little bit elevated from, like a trail mix, and that is macaroons. I am obsessed with all things, macaroon, but little favors, you can get like personalized boxes for them. So if you just have your baker, who’s already doing your cake, do these for you. It kind of keeps it simple. You can also order them online. If you’re on a budget, you could just do some plain simple boxes and maybe a little tag with your names and your wedding date and like a little thank-you on them or you can also order like personalized boxes or special boxes that go along with your theme as we’ll totally depend on how much effort and time and money you want to put into this. My next idea is perfect for those. Di Wires out there who are ready to put in some work. But I think you could also buy these two, and that is little cookie mixes like the little Mason jars with the different ingredients in them and you can do like recipe for love or something on the tag and your names and your wedding date. So this one can be done on the cheap. If you put them together yourself, that’s probably going to take some time and some energy. So be sure you plan for that. If you do want to do this yourself. But that way, you could really personalize them and maybe add like. M&m’s that match the color of your wedding or something like that, and then pick out the jars that go along with your theme and the ribbons and the tags and everything. If you don’t have the time to do this. I’m pretty sure you can buy in bulk pre-made ones. I’ll try to find something on Amazon and link it below. I think I saw a company that does these, or you can order a bunch of them. And then you could just add the tags. If you didn’t want to take the time to actually sit there and measure out ingredients and put these together yourself. But this is a super cute idea. You could do cookies, but you could also do like pancake mix or in the if you have like a fall or winter wedding hot cocoa mix is super cute with like the marshmallows. And you could do that in like a little mug. That would be super super cute and. I think that could be done pretty cheaply as well. Another idea that is Super Cute is do little olive oils, and these are something that you could find like a really cool like local person to do or something. There’s like lots of really cool like olive oil stores that have like all these different flavors and everything. So you could have like a special one for your wedding or you could do this yourself. If you wanted to, there’s so many ways you could go with this, but I think that that’s a super cute idea, and I’m sure there’s something you could think of something cute to put on the tag as well. This next idea is something that guests love and definitely keep around as well and that is little luggage tags, so this could be done kind of as your escort card or as like on the table as their place set on their place setting. And so you could do it like. How’d it match the theme or the colors of your wedding and then have each won already? Personalized luggage tags are something that everybody needs and it’s a little bit unique and it will add tons of personality to your wedding, especially if you’re like, really into travel. I think that adds your personality into the favors as well and that’s something that guests will keep around and really love. This one is also has a range of budget. You could do it for cheaper. If you just order the luggage tags and then write out the papers that slide into them or you can get actually personalized luggage tags for each of your guests, and that’s obviously gonna be a little bit more expensive, but really cool. My next one is cocktail glasses, or Mason jars with a little cocktail recipe tied around them. So this one came in kind of you could do like the shooters in the coca-cola in them like along with them as well or you could just do the glasses and then your favorite cocktail recipe or find a cute little cocktail recipe. That kind of goes with your wedding theme like shows you in your fiance’s personalities and do that and just either tuck it into the glass, and so it would just be the glass with a cute recipe tucked inside or you could do the tag that ties around the glass and then maybe have the stuff to make the drink in the glass, and those are my 12 easy and cheap favor ideas that your guests are going to actually like like. I said at the beginning of this video. People spend way too much time and money on favors and then their guests don’t even like them or don’t. Take them or don’t. Keep them! If this video was helpful, please give it a big thumbs up and be sure to share it with your other bride. Friends also be sure that you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming content and well. See you next time. Have you planning?