Classic Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower | Diy Vintage Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Center Pieces And Recuerdos// Egyptian Beauty

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Diy Vintage Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Center Pieces And Recuerdos// Egyptian Beauty


[MUSIC] Hey, guys, today’s video! I’m gonna be showing you guys, Um, two DIYs. Why am I doing four? It’s only to do my. Diy’s that I did for my baby shower. I’m gonna be showing you for the first one. It’s gonna be the centerpiece tables that I had in the middle of the tables. And then the second thing is that required those that people take home with them, saying that it was your baby shower. The date things like that so. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. You guys, as you guys could see from my video, It’s a Winnie, the Pooh baby shower theme. I wanted to do something a little bit different. Instead of your typical blue, your typical pink. I wanted to do a Winnie, the Pooh theme. So that is kind of like the thing that we had going on. I wanted to do when you’re the Pooh, but not make it too. Winnie the Pooh. So I did the vintage Whitney, the Pooh. And then I did a combination of like honey and like bees. So hopefully you guys like this video. Don’t forget to! Like comment share and subscribe. You guys already know you’re already here. Might as well and Ill. See you guys at the end of the video. Alrighty, you guys. The centerpiece tables. These are literally my favorite ever. I literally tried going the cheapest throughout you guys and bought everything at the dollar store. Hobby Lobby and Costco and Walmart. You guys so everything you see here? I’ll link it down below where I bought it. And as you guys could see these pots. Each one was less than $10 to make so. I thought that was a pretty good deal for the quality of the arrangement. So first thing we’re gonna be doing is using a satin yellow and the reason we’re using sat in is so that the honey looks actually glazed because if you were to use matte, it’s not gonna look like glazed. Honey, so satin is gonna give it that glossy. Look that you guys are going for if you guys are doing like honey drips and as. I was painting the painting. You guys the drips. I thought that it was way easier to paint it upside down rather than having it faced up. It really gave you a more natural drip other than doing it the other way so first. I talked, did the top, and then I started adding the drips and that’s just me fast-forwarding it for you guys. So you guys don’t get bored and that is how it came out at the as you guys could see. It has a glossy. Look that is because we use satin instead of matte next. I’m gonna be doing the honey sketch, and I like to sketch it out first because I tried doing it on before this one with just doing it hand like automatically with the paint, but you guys it’s way easier if you just sketch it out and then paint it because you guys. I messed up a couple times, but you’re gonna be doing the handwriting a little bit messy because we need the. Pooh does not have good writing. You guys, it’s supposed to be childlike. Alright, guys, so the first thing that I did is I glued down my foam. That’s at the bottom of this green, and then I added the green so that it covers everything at the bottom and you don’t see the foam next. I’m gonna be adding my flowers and how I put The flowers is. I did them diagonal from each other so that we would have an even amount of flowers on every like corn, every side of the base, and then, after that, we’re just gonna be spreading out the flowers and bending them to where we want them so that the base looks fuller and just way more nicer after that, we’re gonna be adding our filler and our filler is gonna be the white. Um, little flowers. Those are gonna be all so spread it out. Where your you have the gaps in between the yellow. And that’s what’s gonna make your vase look really full and really nice, you guys. I used a total of four flowers. I use two of the yellow and two of the white and just putting them diagonal from each other, so we haven’t eaten an even spread of flowers, You guys. These are literally so nice, and they were just a dollar from the Dollar Tree, You guys, and then I’m gonna be using the Winnie the Pooh that I printed out from Costco, you guys I cut and print it. I printed it and then cut it and then put it on this like Kabob thing that I bought fries. I think I got it off fries that you could buy skewers. They’re wooden skewers! I used for cooking. They worked really good. You guys so here? You guys, you see all of the finished work. And this is 12 arrangements with different kinds of pictures to have a variety. I had 12 centerpiece tables, so we had 12 of them. The next thing you guys are, the recuerdo! These are super duper easy! I bought these lollipops at TJ. Maxx Marshalls all of those stories. I went and purchased them and then I just bought these tags from Amazon. You guys and the sharpies literally from the dollar store. Super easy literally took less than a minute to put them together. I think the hardest part was writing the tags, you guys. I wrote a hundred tags on my own. I literally wanted to write all of them handwritten because I thought it would look more organic to do them handwritten then to print out a paper and just glue it on there. So I wrote literally. You guys a hundred tags for the paletas? I literally had nothing else to do, so. I literally sat there for hours and just my pregnancy was just writing and writing these down, but I loved how they came on. You guys, they’re super cute and simple, but they look amazing, and they’re pretty cheap. You guys like the pack for six? Paletas was like five dollars so. I thought it was pretty good, so after I’m gonna be taking this yarn and then just tying the tag on. They’re gonna be doing a little bow. You guys a little simple bow so that the tag stays on there after you’re done tying the yarn, you guys, it’s literally it. I don’t know if I mentioned this. But the lollipops are actually honey flavored, so your guess. Could you literally use these for like teas or coffee? Anything like that? It’s honey flavored. So that’s a really cool thing. After this is the final. Look, you guys. I have one centerpiece table, and I put all the polettis in this cute little basket that I got from Target, and we just placed that at our baby shower for, like a centerpiece and yeah, don’t forget to. Like comment share and subscribe. And hopefully you guys do this. If you do, let me know, send me some pictures or something, so I could see them, you guys, and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye, guys!