Christmas Lights Wedding Decorations | Wedding Lighting Ideas | Wedding Wednesdays Ep. 17

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Wedding Lighting Ideas | Wedding Wednesdays Ep. 17


Welcome back to wedding. Wednesdays so today we’re meeting with Alicia and Michelle from before I do events. Well, it just so happens that Keisha took a position in Santa Barbara. Now that’s not exactly worlds away, but it’s a seven and a half hour drive each direction. It’s not exactly ideal for either party, so the last few months Mom and I have been kind of doing these things on our own, but believe it or not, there’s still a lot to do, so. We needed to find another wedding planning company to come in fourth quarter. Help us pull everything together and really make this wedding absolutely beautiful and amazing. Thank you for coming in and saving the day. I’ve seen your website and I think your stuff is absolutely incredible. So Alicia and Michelle are here. Yay, But there’s no time to waste, so we’re going to put them to work immediately. The next eight weeks are going to be action-packed. I’m thinking right and you’re ready. Yes, and we’re going to get started because today, the lighting guy who I have not met yet is coming now when it comes to lights, That’s definitely Rebecca’s category. She’s a little bit obsessed with lighting. Come on, I found these people on Instagram, which is fabulous His name is. Kelly, and he looks like Jesus and he owns San Diego socialites. You’re coming in and you’re like, really saving the date. Now you, of course, are gonna make the day shine. Yeah, as only Jesus can. We got approved to start setting up at 8 oclock in the morning. Is that amazing? This is a huge help for us because we have so many different vendors coming into this thing. We’ve got archive. We’ve got the flowers. We’ve got the lighting guy. We’ve got the the caterers and the dishes and the goblets. And I mean, we’re gonna have so fuss, okay. Oh, and pews. Don’t forget the pews. I mean, two hours that just was not gonna cut it. I have a question. What is the most amazing lighting thing you’ve ever done? And do you have pictures of it? I sure do and whatever it is. I want double that. So, Shera, connect me if I’m wrong. My last recollection is the center section is the bar. Yes, except we think there might be a problem with that. The center is the smallest section. We just have to figure out exactly how big the bar is and make sure that we have enough room for guests to line up and to congregate. When you get here, you’re not looking into this opening where the guys are working. You’re looking at the bar here, but people everyone will see where the guys are working as soon as they go from the lowest level up to the highest level where the food will be right, but you know what they’re going to think that is an awesome light fixture and then they’re going to think. How am I supposed to get to the third level because there are tens of people. I’ll dial and now I have a wall that I can’t get past Walsh mall. Look at that light fixture that be the wall. Wait, wait! Did we decide where that would go? You still think that’s gonna go in the middle mm-hmm? Are you denying the fact that there is a huge issue there, mm-hmm? I [Music] want them to be as long as possible. There’s only what, Steve I like. If you let’s say, I mean, I wanted to drop in it to me. Lighting that’s amazing is when it comes into your space, so I would like it to be as low as possible, but still is high, Jesus. Has this conspiracy theory about this photo? It’s my favorite photo found it loved it and I think we can do it, but he thinks it’s fake. I believe that they maybe did it with a circle, but that means that the guests would have to walk through that, yeah. I think they got a part of it’s a half circle. The lights hang between the guests and the bride and groom. I mean, doesn’t it look so magical? Is that simple? So that’s what we want to jump back to cocktail hour, okay, that’s. Facebook, see. Yeah, that’s why we need, you guys. Yeah, this one gets all pages, so a DD. Right, how are people going to know exactly where to go? So this is going to be like, right, We’re leaving on there and you’ve got ideas for that, yeah? I’m thinking more like strength, having cessation different people. So yes, so they’re stationed and all you’re just being greeted by beautiful music. I like the way I like this girl. Where have you been? Have you ever done anything like this? People go oh! I like that too moving on to the ballroom and the location for the party. Maybe we’d do the semicircle in between those middle doors, literally were draping off half of the ballroom. I would just like it to look like there’s falling stars from the ceiling. I’m just saying that this is a little bit out of the ordinary to try to do, but Kelly. Wow, is your real name? I mean, that’s what this is all about. Would you expect anything less? But in is like, hey? I’m for what you do to my ceiling. I can view a million rows. Oh, yeah, yeah. I’m just out of mine, right, There’s a little physical winner. I can’t make it happen without someone’s permission. I feel like we’re in really good hands with Michelle and with Alisha. So, Kelly, for what I understand from you is? You can do anything and are willing to do anything. And, of course, Jesus! It’s a good thing. This wedding is coming, in fact. I have goosebumps right now, you know what? I’m gonna say it’s coming like a locomotive. It will be the most amazing wedding ever on the face of the planet, and that’s how much I trust you and I will see you later out of here. All right. Thanks so much for joining me today. I still have goosebumps, just so you know, Hey, drive me for the design sessions, which are coming up very soon. You can access them through my website. It’s ROKs and design calm and know that we, the next topic we’re going to cover the last Saturday of the month is Christmas decorating. That’s why I have flocking all over me because I’m actually doing it from my home here today. So not only is that wedding coming So is Christmas. See you guys next time. Bye, can we do one more because I feel like I don’t know if I can get the goosebumps again.