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My Wedding Shoes | Christian Louboutin - Itsjjslife


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel as you can tell by the title of this video. I’m going to be unboxing my wedding shoes, But before I get started. I thought it would be funny to share something so yesterday. I posted a story on my Instagram, and I thought it would be nice to share with. You know, people who either one missed it or two don’t. Follow me, but watch my videos. Um, so let me just show you guys. We got RSVP card in the mail, So it comes back to us. Nobody addressed it here. Nobody address it in the back. Sometimes, you know, people will address it on like the flap of the envelope. Much to my surprise, you take the invite card out or the. RSVP card out, and this is what it says. Yeah, so they accepted, but I don’t know who is coming, yeah? I just thought I would share because I know I’m not the first one to experience something like this, and I definitely won’t be the last one to experience something like this, so I just thought I would share a good laugh before we get started, so I’m gonna start off by saying as a bride. It’s your wedding! You can do whatever you want. You can wear whatever you want in this particular case or in my situation. At least my wedding dress is down to the floor. So, yes, it is true. You cannot see my shoes, but if you know me personally, um. I am a little bit extra, not on purpose, but I’m just this is just how I am. So, Of course I wouldn’t skip out on my wedding shoes. Um, so. I’m just gonna go ahead and show you guys. Yes, the are red bottoms. I’ve tried to look up how you pronounce this, and hopefully I’m up but trying it. But these are Christian Louboutins Louboutins Louboutins. I don’t know, um, Christian Louboutins. I think that’s how you say it, but yes. I did get myself a pair of red bottoms. Funny enough. This is not my first pair. I by one I want to see about two years ago and I paid. I must have paid about seven hundred eight hundred dollars for them. They were a pair of nude pumps. They were just way too high. I don’t know what I was thinking. I never were then like I so I bought them brought them home, and then I just couldn’t get myself to wear them because they were just way too high and I could not walk in them. They’re pretty to look at. I just know myself and they were gonna sit in the closet, so I returned them. Got my money back. And that was the end of that, but this is officially my first pair of red bottoms that I will be keeping, so I’m going to go ahead and Unbox. This for you guys, okay. This is what it says on here. Lugger red soles, please note! All shoes must be tried on carpet. Wear shoes are very delicate, and we cannot accept returns on shoes that appear to be worn or damaged. We turn these shoes where the soles appear worn may result in a fee or be returned to you. Yeah, that would not be good. And then there is an envelope with. What do you call that with their little logo? I guess, and then in here, let’s go [Music]. Okay, it just return policy and instructions. I’m gonna put that one away and then here is another piece of paper. It says we hope you enjoy your Christian Louboutin products as they carry you off on magical days and fanciful nights. Oh, fancy school for sure? If you pray this much, here’s a little baggie with the logo, and these are here. Oh, extra pair of the things that go on the the heel. Okay, so each shoe has let’s see here. Its own little dust bag right there and let us take the shoe out. These are my shoes. It does come with a little. I don’t know, expander to hold. It’s shape, you know, and then there are tissue paper right here and the front where your toes go. But these are my shoes. Let me read you guys. The details on these shoes. So it’s called and hopefully. I’m not butchering like what your how you pronounce the name of this. But this is or the style is well, these straws. I don’t know if I’m saying that correctly. But that’s the name of the shoe. It’s made with tulle sprinkled with rhinestones, and then the pointed shoes have a low-cut neckline and 100 millimeter stiletto heel, which is translated to 4 inches, and the counter is covered in white and nappa leather, giving it a contemporary look on the website. Or wherever you can get. These shoes obviously not use brand new it costs. Are you guys ready? One thousand one hundred and ninety five dollars. Yeah, that’s a lot of money, but I figured I’m only getting married once and I can continue wearing this. Even after I get married, It’s not like one of those shoes where you wear it once, and then you just don’t wear them anymore. I can definitely wear these in the future, so I had to order these three different times. Three different. Actually, there’s really four different shoe sizes. So the first time when I went back home to Jersey for my birthday. I made sure that I would get it there. I order in a six and a half and then a seven, but those are way too big for me. So then I ended up ordering a size six thinking that it would fit me but know this. I six was too big for me. So then I had to order Guys a five and a half, and these are five and a half to make them me perfectly. I was a little bit scared that they were kind of small, but I did call a customer care telephone. Mind if I did call them. I explained to the girl what the situation was, and she said that the five and a half’s would be good on me because even the size six when I was walking in them, my foot would kind of slide out and especially because this is a mesh leather, which means that it’s not so, you know, like if you think about leather shoes, you put your foot in and your foot. It feels pretty snug, but this because of the mesh material, it doesn’t feel as snug as it would. If this was a five and a half in just all leather so. I told her that I feel like I don’t know. My toes are a little bit snug in that front, But she said that this would be the size for me because even though this is mesh, it will kind of stretch a tiny bit. Orange Hills are very high, But you know, surprisingly, they’re not that uncomfortable. I love heels. I am just not, I’m not one of those people who, like those like smaller, like stubby or heels, like half of this size would be too short for me. It’s just my personal preference. It’s just what? I like, and don’t like, so these are perfect for me. The white does have a bit of an iridescent sheen to it. I don’t think I can tell here you can kind of see. I will not be wearing these the whole night because Lord knows my feet will be way too tired, and I want to dance the night away. I want to last the whole night. So yes. These will be my shoes for walking down the aisle, probably taking picture beforehand and part of the reception and definitely when we do the garter toss thing because my dress will kind of go up and you can see my shoes. I’ll be wearing these. This is the end of my shoe and boxing. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below. I would be more than happy to, you know. Provide more insight and answer your questions. Sometimes you just need a second opinion. Sometimes you just need more information before you decide, yes. I’m going to buy this or no. This is not for me, so I’d be more than happy to do that for you guys, and we will see you guys next time. Bye [Music]!