Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake | Why You Should Have A Cheese Tower Cake On Your Wedding In The Alps

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Why You Should Have A Cheese Tower Cake On Your Wedding In The Alps


Hi, it’s Ruinin polyfoam Eight bills we are waiting for. Topher is based in the French Alps so today. We’re going to show you where you should have a cheese tower cake on your wedding in the French Alps. We are going to meet Michelle in Tom’s wedding caterer space here in Moline. We’re going to share with us. Everything you need to know about it and show us the process of making a big cheese tower cake, but we’ll wire your. Alpine wedding guests. We mainly do Alpine weddings. The idea is that it replaces a traditional wedding cake here, but it’s made of cheese. Were in the land of cheese. The French Alps. They look beautiful. They taste beautiful. They’re very practical and cost-effective. Yeah, that is a great statement, isn’t it? It does look fantastic, so it doesn’t always replace the sweet people still have wedding cakes, but this works really well, because it’s an amazing focal point for your day. Yeah, and get some amazing photographs of it. It’s very rustic and natural, which is what you’re in the French Alps for. Is it something in French? Additionally, in France, they would have a key s. Monta, and sometimes that’s like a konbu shoe or it is a It’s a big statement piece for your wedding. It is more sort of that. The professor oils and bits and pieces like that, so for us. This is just our take of that, and then what we particularly like about it is invariably they’re used in the evening as part of your evening bar side, so once all the pictures and everyone’s had their fill of their sit-down meal or whatever the occasion is, this will come back into the kitchen and we will break it down inside. Slice the answer if it would lots of fresh fruits and homemade. Chuck, please do the breads and crackers. And it then really goes to the next day. Lots of people have travelled over from abroad. So you might be having a barbecue the next day that fills the gap there. And then you can take it home with you. Go back to wherever you live for the heart. Cheese fries is very, very well. So that can go back into your freezer a bit like the old. British tradition of saving the top tier of a wedding cake for them. Next year. You can equally do this with this type of cake. We use just French. Julia, mainly just Al-qaeda Jesus. As well. We’ve got an amazing supplier down in Thompson’s village of the VO and there are a family that make all their own cheeses so and we get all that from them. So this the fact we start with our base which comes from a very good friend of ours, is a tree surgeon, so he supplies us with these, so whenever we need some, he chopped Street down florists more environmentally friendly than that. Shoot that, but we just oil it and we all it with the olive oil and then we’re ready to go. Yeah, and it’s winter, so we’ve got a winter theme today. This is my recycled! Christmas tree begin with we literally. Just start making to the base. Look pretty for interesting. This is our second lump would pop up there. A lot of it is just about making sure that everything is really super solid. We haven’t dropped one yet. Yeah, but it could happen. Kind of hard sometimes and a hot. August wedding from then here, We’ve got the Rockettes, which is a proper mountain. Yep, cheese. Nice Morsy slate before skiing came along warding slate was here so the are dwells valley so up towards protein. They’re going to this day and so what we do try and do and we make. These is try and make everything quite local, so it’s everything’s got a reference point back to where we are. Whether it’s the words, the slate, the cheese. Yeah, you get quite a lot of different types of Tom’s. When we’re doing these what we look for? Obviously, the type of cheese is really important. Would we like all the different contrasts in the grinds? So this is a nice one to just start with what we tend to do is build it up first, and then once we’ve got something that’s solid, then we start filling it with flowers of plants or whatever it is we’ve got around and we could work with the brides of rooms of my color schemes. Invariably we know the florists that they’re using, and they very kindly give us all their off cuts that are left over from the decorations and we’ll combine that in so then we can tie the whole thing into whatever colors mayor. Is this your idea or you get an inspiration for somewhere else? These are pretty much our ideas. I think when you’re new to doing something, you have to have a reference point, so we started working out. What looks good? What didn’t look good? I mean, it was weird to see people. Eat cheese for a dessert. The French eat it. She rates left to the main courts and would have it with a green salad and it finishes your meal. Therefore, deserts are sort of like Hi-hi occasions and special occasion and in England they do the river the other metric. So you could have your dessert and then yours, cheese and have a report. This is about the only layer we ever seriously argue about. I like things feet round. Michelle goes off piste a little bit every now and again so today. I’m going to Maja and I’m letting her use of the triangles. Yes, and this is abundant. So this is super famous from where we live. That’s really traditional that we’re very very regional cheese. Rukia needs full of Bulldog’s cow. And they come to the valley literally just over there. This is another time. It’s just arrived the grind of the peas, but today is it’s wonderful, tactile, and I think that’s fantastic, and certainly if you come from anywhere other than Rand here, you’ve probably never seen on so that looks like that to be fair. Oh, jeez, they are after layer of cheese, and yeah, it’s only browse through ones they do. Sakura, yes to curate. So all we do is make sure that everything is in. We know this bottom. It is completely stable. It’s true to hear that you might start getting worried about so but all around again. This is a pity, Tom and this is a masquerading one because that is a pity. Basques, and that is not an Alpine cheese, but it’s so deep and it’s very, very tasty. We improvise and pay. What working Wellmans we can do anything. Yeah, essentially, when we talk to people, we sort of say to them. We get an idea what it is that they want, but essentially it’s cheese. I’m not going to say it’s a living thing, but you can’t be too prescriptive with it. You will get an idea. We show you examples and things that we’ve done before, but it’s quite natural. This size would easy do a hundred per Islands. They’re absolutely absolutely now just in case anyone didn’t think they were market for romance. We have our beasts, various sorts these for listeners and they start. Let’s say love. You know, they know what this? If it is to be dismantled for a proper cheese buffet afterwards, we would get more soft cheeses in, but we don’t necessarily use them in the tower because it’s just too. It’s too dangerous area. You know, we would, if we do get blues in and soft goat cheese and stuffing and they would be put on the platter as well. This is the magic, the love. [MUSIC] We go to the decorations and for say it’s winter, so we’ve gone and got foliage of bits and pieces from our gardens. You’ve got to be quite careful with what you put their food or see. If you’re eating it at the ivy and the stuff that we use, we get floristry ivy, it waxed, so it’s completely safe to go in food so and then we literally just start. We are hoarders. Pretty much worked when wet somewhere and see something whether it’s a nice piece of ribbon or or happy. We actually just take it with us yet. You know, some people do like doing things themselves, and that’s absolutely fine, but another one reason. I’d say don’t make this for yourself on your wedding days. You are going to absolutely take it there that no doubt about it. Your first dance. You do not want to be holding your new husbands or wives, wasteful necks thinking about bond dogs. Yeah, there’s there’s no nice way to say it’s not pleasant like. I said we’ve got some really good suppliers now. Over the years, so we can have access to these big cheeses as much smaller sizes. Which Doughboys stack up very well. I think people that decide to get married in the out for a definite frame of mind. There’s something about the atmosphere of the Alps. There is a lot more, no team you make also no no weak ones. Yes, back to winters ago. We had to deliver a wedding cake up to the mid array. It was what we’ve called a naked wedding cake so very much like this tower, dark with flowers and fruit, but it was sweet. It was a sponge, so we made it in advance. Got the icing and everything done and then loaded up backpack, went up the yard or bubble. Did the most careful snowplow? I’ve ever done to the venue and then brought it out for the bride and groom. So that was dramatic. You’ve skied a properly iced cake over there. That was last year sent that birthday cake for a house, That’s right there. When he was a pilot, so it had these aeroplane things hanging off it clouds. It was very elaborate. Haven’t got that. Well, that’s what. I got on the challenge. My realtor can actually show chair. [MUSIC] With the right menu and the right toilets leave, there is engineer. Anyway, bootie’s a croquembouche style. Okay, it was a hot hot summer and it was Danny. Lewin, sir, get a bit of a waffle on it. We try definitely in the end because the only thing to do was we just positioned the manager. James, from the farmhouse. We positioned him behind it and ended up and it tasted delicious. That’s the whole point they they have to be edible. You know food. Photography, most of that food is identical to this includin. Everything our stuff is really, you know, what’s it’s come in? We dismantle it. You eat it and it has to be has to be. What are we gonna choose all the way from the French Alps? I hope you enjoyed this episode. It’s got some inspiration. Maybe for wedding. Stay tuned! Watch more videos. We do get some tips. Subscribe, it’s you soon.