Chandelier Earrings For Wedding | Simple And Beautiful Earrings. How To Make Wedding Pearl Jewelry. Diy Craft Idea

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Simple And Beautiful Earrings. How To Make Wedding Pearl Jewelry. Diy Craft Idea


Hello, everyone again. Today I want to continue the topic of wedding jewelry. And in this video, I will learn how to create a Long pearl earrings from a small amount of material. This tutorial is suitable for beginners. And for experienced professors too, Please support my channel and subscribe. Put your thumbs and share this video. I want to ask you to visit my online store. You can order vine hair and hair, combs And other accessories from all of my educational videos. You will see the link on the screen and in the description. We will send your order to any country. Via express or regular mail service. If you are to order supplies in my online store, My channel will support And help me create new videos. Don’t miss the regular sales. Buy handmade jewelry today. Well, let’s get started. Enjoy watching. All materials are listed in the last tutorial. The link in the description and on the screen. This set of jewelry is available to order in our online store. Watch a how-to tutorial on our channel. And write your comments. I also invite you to see other educational programs. About earrings on my channel. All links will be in the description. I hope all you showed. In this video, it was clear to you. If you have any questions. Write me in the comments. If you liked this tutorial, share it on social networks And click on the bell below for timely updates. I wish you creative inspiration and beautiful works. Thanks for watching this video. See you next time at Gilda Workshop. Good-bye 🙂 :).