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Our Favourite Wedding Hair Styles


Hi, everyone, now today. We are here to talk about some really cool hair, style, hair, inspiration. It is indeed. I don’t know if any of you saw the video that we did on cakes and running through some Pinterest boards that I made, but we are following a similar suit, and I’ve put together 5 boards on various themes of hair and we’re going to run through them. Yeah, and it’s looking amazing guys, and by the way. Thank you so much for all of you. That commented on that last video on the cake. We’re glad you liked it. This is a similar format. Let’s get going! Hanna has done five -. No, we’ve got 5 boards. The first one is up. Dude, yes, wedding. I wasn’t having another thing for my wedding, but I feel like, you know, so many people like want to have an updo, but I feel like there are so many different and kind of creative files that you can go for. Now It’s always good to start a Pinterest board and have a look from my wedding. I had the bridesmaids without -, So it was almost like the other way around. I have my hair down and then the bride. I’m not good to have a my dear friend. Isn’t here definitely I love this one with almost line twists. It’s got a braid in as well. I’m going to talk a bit more about braids in a bit, but I love how it’s got like the tucks in and the kind of Beachy kind of way, but it’s still a lot more kind of structured. I love it when it’s kind of slightly pulled down. Yeah, oh, it looks a bit messy, but at the same time. It looks quite structure. Yeah, you know, it has on the style of your dress of lighting or something they love. You don’t consider that much Is they have the hairstyle they have in their minds about what they want to look like, but then they also. You need to consider your dress at the same time like some more. Formal dresses are like sleek dresses, suits, and we really kind of, like, a little bit more kind of polished looking. But if you’re going for like a beachy looks also good. I love this one, which is almost like it. Always smell like me like a Mohicans. But it’s like braid is because there’s a lot of volume in the top, but it’s like braided along the top, and then it all tucked in. It’s almost like a like if you just did that and had your hair down, It’d be a really cool kind of casual Beachy Look, but then they’ve been kind of weapon top the side, and that looks really beautiful. This is very vintage as well with the roll. I think you’re either one of those girls That does like the 1950s by NASA to all their poems. Yeah, no! I feel like a lot of people think like high bun is so casual, and you probably couldn’t pull it off in a wedding, but I actually love area. I learn, especially if you’re not doing anything too traditional or formal. It just looks if that’s a hairstyle that suits you like a kind of silhouette that suits you having your hair really, really high up. I think it just looks so chic moving on the braid. I love my braids, and I think so so many people want to upgrade on the wedding day, whether it’s for them or their bridesmaids, and I think most wedding hair is interchangeable between the bride and right. Yeah, yeah, so a lot of them. Come down from the front and you think. Oh, it’s so natural. But a lot of them could interest and tiny clip in extension just there to add a little bit more and then if it’s a Dutch spring, that’s like stuck to her or French braid. They add in a few every few inches and it really helps them. They can be amazing things. If you don’t have a thickest hair, ask your hairdresser About, like clip and extent, extensions or proper bonded extensions. Well, for your wedding date is an option if you want to go down that route. I love this look with the twist around where it looks so simple. I’ve been, it’s probably a bit of a nine months -, but it looks so simple and so pretty. Yeah, and it’s almost just like very chic, knotted kind of just beachy and love those waves as well and look at the middle. I know I love it. I’m not popping it with hair and our government. We have the real skinny other and don’t ever. It could get really skinny. I don’t you know what I find quite good. Is that goat doing like a sideways hair file is a nice way to have your hair off your face a little bit and give you a more kind of polished look, but at the same time, you’re not like properly doing a tie to your group or leaving it down, so it often gives you a bit more to play with in terms of putting a valence. I love this as well. Which one was like a crazy, totally instruction. You’re a really like you can’t even see where it’s coming from or where it’s going. I think that works really, really well again. The ones that are pulled just from the side like a double twist. This video was really really pale hair like a song with grey, amazing some leaving some loot, leaving some outfits half-up half-down. But you’ve got twist and then you’ve got a fishtail underneath it. That’s really beautiful, and that would actually work really well with a hair piece in the middle of that stunning, so the next board is floral. I love flowers. Did you like doing it so yeah? I think this is what I’d do if I got married again, yeah. I’ve gone a bit hippie. I think in my old age I love flowers and hair. It looks so nice so natural. Yeah, if you’re going for a little bit more like an English garden wedding like a beach wedding. I think it works really nicely is like being a little bit more of a kind of relaxed, traditional like non-traditional offensive to say a veil. You can get them now as a clip, so you literally the files are already attached to the clip, and then you just push the clip into your hair, which is a good way to do it. If you’re doing it for the evening and you don’t have on hand. Yeah, pre-made. And then that’s really pursued. So the board that we’ve got here is basically. I feel like it. A lot of it just depends on your flower Kind of color scheme and the type of flower you’re using and you probably match it in with that. All match it with your bridesmaid’s dresses, things like that. I personally love the kind of lilac, pale blue, but really, like faded. So really kind of natural looking this one on side here where she’s got a messy bun. So, Christine, so beautiful, but then it’s like peachy, pinky colors work really nicely as well, but again, it depends your wedding theme, really. How do you feel about the floral headband? I really like them for bridesmaids. I’d only go do it as a bride, no. I think. I’d like to have your flowers in my hair if I’m getting married again and the bridesmaid having flower crowns. I think that really cool, especially on distil ones, yeah? I agree if you haven’t seen my DIY flower. Crown video will link clarity. I can go and check about this so fun to make these more rustic colors as we’ll like for autumn. I think work really nicely. They’re a little bit warmer. If you’re having a kind of September wedding, I think I couldn’t look really nice again. Depending on your color scheme, some more kind of like a little bit more boho, looking like lavender and deliver now. I’ll take you around my room, Okay, So next up, we’ve got boho waves, which is really cool. It’s quite a key. Look at the moment! The kind of whole Beachy Look. Yeah, and I think your dependent’s well. What kind of look you’re going for because if you want, you can do The waves going all the same way. So your hair is almost like that, whereas if you want something, a little bit more messy and deconstruction like this third pin on this page, you almost have the waves going like that, so they’re kind of going over each other, which looks a little bit. Messier a little bit more textured and a lot more relaxed, so it’s really kind of deciding which kind of level of unpolished you want to go for. I love a little bit and a half up punk. Now, when I think logically, that’s what I did for my wedding. The other thing I would say with waves is to think about the products you can be using throughout the day to keep them. Fresh, that’s the other thing when you have your head down and even be dancing and we, you know, hugging people having a great time all day long, they’re going to look a bit straggly at certain occasions throughout the day. So you want to plan for that, so make sure you do a test because I wear my hair like this a lot in kind of daily life, and I actually love the evader dry conditioner for this because my hang, it’s drier throughout the day, so I spray a little bit of that in and then work it in with my fingertips. It always makes it PC again. It’s like, and then I can almost brush that underneath where it gets a bit naughty and then just work a little bit of that in and make it kind of look fresh again, last board embellishments. Now there’s some quite cool stuff on this one, and I was, you know, sound some amazing, so yeah, and I feel like if this is a really fun way to make your look a little bit different or unique. If you want to do something, especially if you’re doing like a stylized wedding. If you want, you’ve got a kind of vintage theme, you know, like 1920s remaining with twenties. I love these hair pieces that come across. Yeah, there’s a similar value here. The third pin again on this page is really cool, very realized they’re like fishnet that comes over your face as well. If you have like a hairpiece and you’re concealing, you can actually make those quite easily yourself as well. There’s lots of common co-wive’s online. If you’d like to see that and let us know, could this giant one coming across the phone when it’s ready very unstructured like the actual hairstyle is super casual and the embellishment is so almost like over the top that it makes that amazing contrast, and it still looks very clean. Just totally works. Then there’s more kind of like embellishments. You can put across if you have an updo, and you have almost like a fringe down. You can put it across. You’re passing now. I always think that looks kind of really pretty quite. You have quite the early learning, and that’s it. That’s it for this video. We hope you guys liked it if you would like to see another one of our. Pinterest videos talking about a different theme like I said, before we’ve done that the cakes one. And this is the hair one. If you want to see flowers or menus or whatever anything to do with wedding, let us know it’ll make that for. You guys ceases.