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Honeymoon Clothing Haul! Bridal Beauty


Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be a honeymoon haul. I recently did a lot of shopping for my honeymoon and Michael did some shopping too. So today is Friday and we’re leaving Saturday tomorrow morning. Super early and we are going for one week. I haven’t said where we’re going yet just for safety and like privacy reasons, I will probably share it once we get there, and then you guys will see on Instagram, so make sure to follow me on Instagram. Is I’m going to be posting on there all week? It’s just Alexandria, Garza. You guys can catch up and then also. I’ll post on snapchat every day too. Um, a lot of you guys. Follow me on there. I’m surprised how many people and how many views I get on that, but I post on there like all day every day. I probably overwhelm you guys with stuff, but you say they like it, so I’m going to keep doing it also. I wanted to let you guys know that. Today is the day where my episode of bride’s live wedding airs. I’m so excited I haven’t watched it myself yet so we can watch it together. I went and flew out to California and filmed a video for the series filmed an episode. Um, there was one lucky girl who’d win who won like the wedding of her dreams, and I got to help her. Choose the decor, which is like, kind of my specialty. You guys know? I love doing stuff like that. So it was such a blast. I got to help her choose from four different decor, ideas and themes and all that. And it’s a really pretty wedding. You guys are gonna die So if you want to see the episode and see how it all plays out, Let’s see me any episode. Just go to the link below in the description box. You guys can check it out the right leg wedding series and I’m so excited. Cool, okay. Let’s get into the stuff, um. I went to two different stores, and I have like one thing from Free. People, so I’m going to show you guys that first. I actually didn’t buy this for the honeymoon, but I haven’t worn it yet. So I’m thinking I will probably wear it there. I’m going to bring it, and maybe I’ll wear it. Maybe not, but I got this from Free. People like two weeks ago. I think this really cute black, which I never wear black. I probably have not bought a single black item in like, a year and a half, but this little black mini dress and it has like the cute little ruffles on edge. It’s like, uh. I don’t know. I wish you guys could see it better. Where, like the back looks like that? It’s like an open back. You guys can see there, so I bought a bunch of these little bra legs that have cute straps to go with them or to go with this dress. It looks like that so. I got a black one and a white one. I wear a lot of tops where you either can’t wear a bra or you have to wear like a cute bra because it’s going to be shown so. I have a bunch of these. The white one is just the one. I grabbed but very cute. This little dress. It looks cute on. I got it for like a night out and I ended up not going out the night. I got it so I’m saving it, But in the next store that I went to is all online and it is the newest obsession of mine it’s called. Show me your muumuu. I am like obsessed with their Instagram. It’s the perfect like boho, but still like cute and fresh. I don’t know, like it perfectly mixes boho with, like a preppy style. Almost it’s really weird, but it’s really cute. It’s a very bright and colorful perfect for your honeymoon and our vacation or anything like that, so I literally got a ton of stuff and they also sent me one thing. Um, but I was not okay with just one thing, so I went ahead and bought myself like ten other things. Okay, so I really love the line. You guys are going to die, it’s so cute! I’ve already posted one thing on Instagram before and it. Was this cute romper? Like, how adorable is this like? Hawaiian friends, little romper. What I love about? This is when you’re wearing it. It just looks like a dress. I don’t always love the way. Your butt looks in rompers, you guys. I’m sure know what I’m talking about, and this does not do that. It’s really cute, it’s really flattering. I love spaghetti straps because I can just wear like a little sticky bra. It’s very easy, breezy, super cute. I love the pattern. I think this would be adorable like a little white kimono and like gladiator sandals. So I have like an hour to go shopping for the honey one to get those sandals in that kimono, But I really really love this. Um, just so you guys know. I order extra small and everything. I kind of had a feeling that the sizes would run a little bit big and they do. I don’t know why I had that feeling, so I got extra small and everything and everything fits perfectly if not a little bit big. Actually, so that’s what this looks like, love it. And then this is the romper that they sent me, which is just it’s beautiful. I don’t know the exact names of the prints, but I will link these for you guys. So you can buy them or check them out. If you want to but same style of romper, it doesn’t say, but same style of romper. Just a different color pattern. This one is more almost like Thai guy looking. It’s very cool. It’s very unique again. I just love the neckline for me. I don’t like showing much cleavage. I like I’d rather show like shoulders and back. I love showing my back, so that’s like perfect for me next up. I got this adorable dress. It has flowers and like a cactus and like all these, like, really cool like little rustic things. I don’t know, this is very boho. This is super cute. I love the colors. It just screams summer to me. Super short, short mini dress and a funny story. I actually ordered these. Um, last week and I was going to be heading home to my parent’s house for the wedding and everything, and I really wanted to get them sent there so that once they came. I could try them on that. Have to wait till I came home to get them. So I had them sent to my parent’s house, and it was so hard to not wear anything. That’s why I already wore this romper I had to! It was so hard to wait to not wear anything till next week. So I’m so excited to finally start wearing these things. Okay, the rest of the items. I got are white, which I know is super hard to see on camera, but like I said, if you follow me on Instagram, I’m going to be posting my audits of the day like all over Instagram next week, and I’m also going to be filming a lookbook when I’m there and also a collab video when I’m there, I’m meeting up with another youtuber and we’re gonna film a video together, So that’s kind of cool. You guys will have to wait and see, but next item. I got! Are these adorable white shorts again? I’m sure you guys can tell. It looks just like a miniskirt, which I think is adorable, like, sometimes shorts like that are loose like this. Just don’t look at flattering on the back. These are super flattering. They’re high-waisted. It just looks like a little skirt, but you feel covering up because it is short. So I love this. You can even wear. This is like a bathing suit. Cover-up adorable, then. I got this little white off the shoulder top, but it goes like this. I know it’s super hard to see there. You go, but this to me is just like a basic. I can see myself wearing this with those shorts over a bathing suit with jeans or shorts, white shorts, Capris like a skirt like whatever. I can see myself fraying this all the time. So I love that in the next item I got is a white maxi. This is actually what? I wore to my rehearsal dinner last week and I loved it. Um, it’s a super long, sheer, very, very sheer. You can see pretty much everything through it, but it’s really cute. It was super flattering again. I love this neckline. So you guys can see. It goes like that. And then the back is just like completely open with this one little t-strap going down, it’s adorable. I didn’t post many pictures just because that night I was super busy and hectic and everything which I’m sure you guys can imagine, but this dress. I really loved. I mean, go enter a picture here, so you guys can see it on, but so cute and one of the few maxi dresses that I have not had to him. That is like, unheard of for me, so I was super lucky. It’s not a pair of heels, and that was perfect, okay, and then I got this tunic, which I’m planning on wearing as like a cover-up. It’s just a very sheer long white tunic, and I got a white spaghetti strap top too, but I can’t find it so bad. Find it, and then the next drawer that I went to is here where I live in Tennessee. It’s called the impeccable Pig. They have a website which I will link for you guys, but I just want their stuff. They have great customer service Every time I go in there. The workers are so nice and so helpful, So I picked up a few things yesterday. Thought I would share them with. You guys okay. Let me show you my favorite thing first before my camera dies Because it’s like what I went into the store for I was driving by. I saw it and I was like. Where is that so? How freaking cute is this pom? Pom tunic. It’s like alligator print, bright, bright orange like neon orange and then pom-pom’s all down the side. I hope you guys can tell how adorable this is. I love it and then I got this cute top from. Oneal is the brand and I posted a picture of it Me wearing this on Snapchat. Super cute like little flowy. It’s almost like a bandana, Which I think is really cute. It’s like peach and cream again. Super open back like no back. Which is my favorite and then. I got these little white high-waisted shorts to go with it. Little cut-offs. Um, these are the brand clique. KL IQE They fit so well. If you’re looking for like high-waisted denim shorts, check this brand out because they’re amazing, and they were only 52 dollars, which is pretty good. Okay, so this cute little blue tie-dye tank top reminds me of something that tone it up. Girls would wear my favorite part is. The sides are open. It’s going to be hard for you guys to tell you see there. The sides are like completely open. It’s not attached, which is so cute, especially with these high-waisted shorts. It’ll be adorable and then actually a worker. Pick this out for me for like a night out and I love it like it fits perfect. It’s this little black and white striped romper, and it’s like super low V, which is like, sometimes scary, but it has a little button to close it and make it a little bit higher. If you want to, which I thought was so cool like you Don’t see many companies do that. Um, it doesn’t have a brand or anything on it. Sorry, but I will leave their website, So you guys can check it out Really cute little romper. And the last thing I got is just a basic white and black tank. This isn’t really for the honeymoon just for everyday thought this was cute again. It’s got a low-cut back. Which is my fave right tucked into jean’s shorts. I think that’s really cute, all right, so those are all the clothes that I picked up this week. I really need to find a bathing suit. I don’t know where to go. Bathing suit shopping, and I literally have, like one hour. I have to edit this video. Get my eyelashes done, drop! Colby, off my parent’s house like hours and hours away. And then I need to come back here. Pack, get ready to go and leave in the morning. So I have a busy rest of my afternoon. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please don’t forget to check out. The bride’s live wedding episode that I’m in. I really appreciate it. I know you guys always give me the best support, so I know you’ll check it out. Um, that’s everything. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks for watching bye.