Blair Waldorf Wedding Hair | Blair Waldorf Pink Wedding Makeup & Wavy Hair Tutorial | Gossip Girl Inspired

Jackie Wyers

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Blair Waldorf Pink Wedding Makeup & Wavy Hair Tutorial | Gossip Girl Inspired


Hey, guys, it’s! Jackie, and for today’s. Look, I’m throwing it back to Gossip Girl. I loved Gossip Girl. I was late to the bandwagon. I started watching a first year of University through Netflix and I fell in love with this. Look, so this is Blair’s first wedding. Look, and I think it’s a very young bride. Look elegant, but still really fun and you could totally wear this to prom or a spring makeup. So I hope you guys like it thumbs up. If you do and make sure you’re subscribe to this channel and let’s get into the look. I have already primed my skin and I’m going in with Cielo Aqua Glow Serum Foundation. This is my favorite foundation. It’s more like a tinted moisturizer, but you can build it up and get coverage, but it looks really natural on the skin, and this shade just fits my skin tone perfectly, so I don’t really have to blend it down my neck or anything. And next. I’m going in it with Anastasia cream contour in the lightest shade. I’m using, this is a really light concealer, so I’m going in the inner corner of my eye and downwards just to brighten it up, and then I like to take a little bit on my finger of the latest shape. Apply on my chin on my jaw line as well as around my nose and forehead. This just adds a little touch of pop so that it’s a little bit highlighted, but not a lot of products and then. I’m going in with Too Faced candlelight powder. I love this! It gives a slight overall highlight. It has some gold specks to it, but I wouldn’t use this if you are dealing with any blemishes just because it could pick it up. So then I would go with a matte powder and next I’m using a really cool new drugstore product. This is Maybelline Master Contour, and I’m using the contour first, so the bronzer applying underneath my cheekbone under my jaw line as well as on my forehead a bit, I’m not really deeply contouring or anything. I’m keeping it pretty subtle because Blair didn’t have a lot going on, but she does have a really structured cheekbone, so I’m just trying to add that in and as you guys know, I love to contour my nose a bit and this is the brush. The kit comes with, so I’m just slimming down the bridge, adding a little underneath my tip to slim it down and blending out the blush in this palette fits perfectly with this look, so I’m applying on the apples of my cheeks and blending upwards and then I’m going in with the highlight this time. It’s really nice and it isn’t too bold, so you can get away with adding little touches of it, also on the nose on the chin and a little bit on the forehead for an overall glow, Of course, we have to prime our lids for shadows. I’m using at the Urban Decay primer potion in the shade Eden and moving right on to brows. I’m using a cello brow pencil and just filling in my natural shape, fading it in at the front and keeping it a little bit bolder as it goes into the tail of the brow and just to make sure that it matched my hair a little better. I went in with a reddish powder from ardell and enhanced the end of the brow again. The palette I’m using today is the chocolate bonbon’s palette. I’m doing all the I shadow with this, and I really love this palette So first I’m taking satin sheets and the second shade. I’ll be using is cotton candy, and I added some fix+ to my brush so that it really popped in the center and I’m applying that pur shade all over the lid, also add a pop in the inner corner now. I’m using cotton candy, The medium pink shade in the palette and apply this on either side of your lids, so the outer corner inner corner and then blend together in the crease as well and kind of fade it down onto the lid for a pretty pink pop now. I’m going to deepen up the look and make it look as if I have a bigger lid. I’m a deeper set. I like Blair, so I’m blending above my crease Just slightly with a medium brown. I’m using mocha here Once I start to get the shape. I like about halfway into the lid. I’m going to use a dark, darker Brown as well as a pinky shade and just go back and forth between the two, creating that rounded shape, it’s really just all about blending and making sure that the lid stays bright and has a bit of pink to it and then a deeper crease and then with a kind of movi shade. I’m applying this underneath the lash line on the bottom to give it a bit of a smoky look and define the eye and again with that deeper pink. I’m just applying this just under in the Sun now to tone down the crease colors and make the eye look even more deep-set. I’m using a really bold matte highlight and I’m adding quite a bit of this to tone down the height of the crease colors and just blending this away, so it keeps bright light and pinky next. We’re going to create a subtle white liner. Look with a brown pencil. I decided to use a pencil liner because I couldn’t find my gel. So what I did is I really warmed it up on the back of my hand, and then I went in and went close to my lash line about midway. I started to build it up and create a small weight as well as rim, my tight line and because this is kind of hard to do. I actually went back in with a ankles brush, and I took the product that I’d warmed up on the back of my hand and used it like a gel liner, and then I went in and rimmed my waterline with an illuminating pencil, curled my lashes and next. I’m applying a new favorite mascara. This one is the Maybelline Lash, sensational lashes. It’s different than the lash sensational, which is also one of my favorites, but this is more of a wet mascara. So if you don’t like that. I want to stay away from it, but it has oils in it to help. Nourish your lashes, which I think is really great. Just one coat of this mascara. I think this is a beautiful daytime. Look, and to bump up the Bridal factor, I’m going in with a pair of ardell lashes That are black and brown, so they look natural. They’re really fluttery and I just pop them on with a bit of duo glue. I love them as they are, but I went in with a tiny bit more of mascara just to blend my natural lashes in with the base of the falsies, and now we are done the eyes and it’s moving on to the bright, bold lip, which I think really completes the look. I got this really cool and next duo Ombre pencil, and I’m starting off with a bright pink side. This lipliner was so easy to use very smooth. I like the pointed tip, so it was easy to slightly over line my edges of the top lip, which I usually do, and then the other side is a bit more moisturizing. So I filled in the center and I’m going in with the Zack Same gloss player used in episode. I thought this was really cool. It was actually from Revlon, and I just I’m packing It on the gloss on its own is in a really rich color. It’s really pretty but more sheer, so you’ve got to use a lip liner or a similar lipstick underneath to really get that bright pop like glitter hat you now for this hairstyle, it’s just toss old waves and straight ends, so I’m starting with a heat protectant. I love the smell of this one. It’s great and I’m just brushing my hair through. I have my hair parted in the middle just to make it easier, and I’m picking up a one or two inch section in the back and a purling towards my face and as it cools just tussling it out, so it’s not as tight and then I’m going back and forth from away from my face to towards my face, so you get that messy Beachy Texture and it looks a bit more natural. You don’t get the curls clumping together, but they stay spread apart and yeah, just going through. I like to just do it without sectioning off my hair. I think it gives a little bit more of a natural wavy look, and you don’t have to go all the way to the ends because we will be straightening them anyway. Tasi, your fingers to the waves is so that they are looser and now going back in with a straightener and reinforcing the straight ends. Because I have some layers. Some of the curls went right to the end, so I’m making sure to go back in and straighten about one or two inches, and I think it gives a unique cool look, and it’s not something that I would probably would have come up with. If this wasn’t my inspiration photo with a brush. I’m just bringing my hair back into a small poof, and I’m just keeping it here with Bobby Pins for a couple seconds as I put on my tiara. I got this from Claire’s and I love players. I’ve come so many headbands from there And I found this and I really wanted to do this. Look, so once I have adjusted it. I’m adding some cream styler to the waves to help them Stay as well as some hairspray. I like to just add small bursts of this upwards into the waves and scrunch my hair as I go for that Beachy Texture. And I really like this. Look, I think it’s kind of boho with the hair and then super girly with the tiara and bright pink lips. So let me know what you think in the comments down below, thanks for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Look, and if you did make sure to give this video. A thumbs up for more celebrity spires looks. I love doing the hair and makeup combo. So if you have a look that you’d like me to do definitely let me know in the comments down below as well as on Twitter and Instagram. I love what, when you guys send me a picture through Twitter or on Instagram DM, Because then I screencap it and I have a folder where I go through the looks and pick one out to do a tutorial and also my name is always Jackie wires, so you can check me out on Snapchat, Twitter Instagram, as I mentioned and I love talking you guys on there and you’ll stay updated with which videos that are coming up also. Make sure you see in my last video. I did something a little different for my channel, but I did my perfume collection, and it was really fun, so make sure to check that out and I will see you guys in my next video. Currently dying of cramps, but smiling through the pain.