Big Bow Wedding Dress | 5 Stunning Wedding Gown Trends For Curvy Brides


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5 Stunning Wedding Gown Trends For Curvy Brides


[APPLAUSE] Wedding dress is hard enough, but especially when you aren’t a sample size here to find the perfect fit for all the curvy girls without the struggle. Is Allison Mcgill? Happy we’re here. We usually are chatting about, and you know, trends when it comes to weddings and you always bring the most incredible, so I cannot wait to talk about dress shopping, You know, I think in the past women thought they had to limit themselves if they were curvier if they didn’t like their arms if they didn’t like their bus thigh and the hips, but really, dresses are addressing everything, and I think women are a lot more confident and really. I believe you can rock anything if you have that confidence. I agree, I agree, so let’s see the first look right now. We’re gonna see the first bridal dress. Yes, but you’ll see a range of sizes. [applause] today I’m from David’s Bridal and like I think we all agree. This dress is pretty sexy. We’ve got the plunging v-neckline, which is very on point with 2019 and 2020 Bridal, I just got back from New York Bridal Fashion Week. I love this dress because it’s sexy, but it’s also demure. You’ve got to leave which I actually love a sleeve because I think it adds, you know, a little bit of mystery to the look. The plunging v-neckline like it Just accentuates all her curves. Yeah, and you feel like a million bucks in this dress, don’t you? You said this is my dress. I love it! That is so her dress. Can we just see? Do you mind? If you turn around a little bit sweet. Oh, look at the beautiful a button work. I just work on the back, So this guy ticks all the boxes. You guys like the princess silhouette. You’ve got the beautiful detailing. You’ve got some lace. You got some tulle. You’ve got some swoosh. Thanks, hon. You can turn right back around and you’ve. Got, you know some sexiness? So if you have curves, you can absolutely rock A plunging v-neckline you can, and you know what son you should. If this is the look that you want, you know, your shape should never be the thing that’s holding you back from that ideal. Look, especially when it’s your wedding. Give her some lob. You look great! [APPLAUSE] This is the nice high-low. Figure out your assets. Is something that you’re going to want to think about? When you walk into the bridal shop, she’s got the legs. She wants to show some of those legs. Yes, this is. Austin and I love Austin’s dress because it taps into a few trends, so we have the minimalism trend. Yeah, Thank You, Meghan, Martha. They brought us that almost year ago and we have the High-low hemline, so you don’t have to choose and like can. I point out her shoes because they’re amazing so good so again like Austin’s wearing a strapless dress? So you know, with curves. You can do a strapless. This one. You’re super comfortable in and confident. Give us a little twirl, so we can see the back skirt the note. One thing you have to remember when? Bridal shopping at any size range to is bring the undergarments. Yeah, that you’re gonna breathe job, though. Because yes, don’t go with just what you have and then buy the dress and think. I’m gonna everything’s gonna fit differently. Yeah, so you want to come with the goods right, and you also want to come with not too. Many people, that’s my other tech squad because just one or two, the one or two most important opinions. Yeah, my friend was telling me that they bumped into an entire entourage. The mother, the mother-in-law to be the the bridesmaids, the sisters and children, You know, like the kids that were there and they were all decked out and they were all going to pick the dress. It’s like this is major pressure. Yes, you don’t necessarily want that when you’re trying to find the right dress. This is so perfect, it’s great! I said I bought fit and flare and the pockets are really flattering on a lot of different shapes. If you have [Applause] it’s beautiful because you have the in the out you have that flow going on at the bottom that so many women want on their big day like me. So this is Rebecca and she’s wearing a mermaid gown and I love everything happening with this dress. We have the illusion neckline. We have it’s great on her curves. We have the mermaid happening at the bottom and some Swiss thought tool and again, you know, just very simple and elegant, but sexy fits that you know, a styled her a bit more modern with her hair. We kept it down just a bit of sparkle at the ears, but again eat, she’s showing skin. She’s showing her arms and she feels great. In this, right. You feel super confident? Yeah, and that’s what. I’m saying. If you whatever those assets are that you like to highlight, do it. Yeah, pick one and go for it. That’s about the regardless of your size. I want to talk about walking in and not being a sample size. What happens then when you walk in and you are a 10 and they don’t. Have the dresses for you or your. What are the sample sizes that you’re gonna see in the bridal shop? Well, you’re not gonna see high sample sizes, yeah? Davids will go in with today. They carry a lot of curvier sizes. So it’s great. You can walk in on the floor. All those dresses are there for you in a range of sizes. Okay, but if you walk in, you’re just gonna have to be prepared, you know, it’s not like a dress fits anybody when they go in right, always going to be probably ill-fitting either too big or most likely choose. But what do you do, though you put on the dress and then it just different clothes and they doesn’t. They claim each other, so it feels like they order another size. They tailor it perfect. They tailor it perfectly lovely, thank you. [APPLAUSE] I’m not this, right. This is very unexpected, and it’s really like that’s a lot of leg, so I would think about this for the first dress or even the second as a lemony that we’re doing -, right, so this is great for like a city wedding. Yeah, destination wedding for the second dress began. Gabby has amazing legs. So they like wanted to put her in a mini. Something fun. She’s got the v-neck line again, which is really great for the bustline. You give it a little twirl. Various studio 54 It’s super sexy. Yeah, and you love this dress too. When you put it on, you are like. Can I it’s comfy? What bride has ever said that in the world, right. Yeah, exactly comfy. She can dance all night. I think that’s really lovely. I don’t know for sure and it shows up her shoes. So have some fun with the shoes. You have a food yellow earlier rather than the typical blue or the white or the nude, and that’s nice. You can have some personality oh. I love a good shoes. Yeah, show it off. I mean, when I got married to buy my shoes first. You did another dress, yeah? I’m getting the Louboutins and we’ll build from there. Oh, I love that now. One of your tips is not to over shop. What do you mean by that well? I think things get overwhelming. Yeah, basically, you’re looking at too many dresses. You think you’ve found the one? But you keep shopping shopping, shopping, shopping shopping. Stop it! Yeah, but it with the one that you find that, you know, okay, lovely well. I love this one for you. Ba-ba-boo’m superb at ven-vens and everything you’ve pulled has been very sexy. Alison Miguel. Very sexy. Now we shouldn’t be afraid to show some skin and be feminine. Yeah, yes. This is a like a trumpet skirt. Strapless, super sexy. I mean, she’s yeah, and I love her hair super ponytail with hoop earrings. That’s also very on point for brides for 2019 2020 Yeah, and, you know, be sexy. Be confident and like, can we? Have you do a tutorial, cuz? Your bum looks really good. Show your curves and, you know, don’t be afraid, though. Another tip. I just don’t be afraid to go around expected. Thank you! Yes, you might think that you would never look great in this kind of a shape, not only kind of wine. You know, something the sleeves are, but try it because I most likely be surprised. Keep in mind as well. Certain designers are gonna be more friendly to Plus Sizes. Absolutely, so maybe go there first, so you can feel good about the pics that you’ve made, and I thought you did great dresses like beautiful Bridal.