Best Places To Honeymoon In December | Our Honeymoon ✨ Best Week Of My Life!


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Our Honeymoon ✨ Best Week Of My Life!


We got married yesterday. Knows the best day ever. And now we are on the plane on the way to our honeymoon. Oh, my goodness, it’s such a dream you walk in you. Have this nice little lounge area and then our stunning bed, and they even put rose petals in a robe and all that romantic stuff. And then we have the bathroom, which is so nice and we have the shower best part. You can open this up. Oh, gosh! I don’t know how. Oh, gosh, you can open up the shower to the balcony and we have this clawfoot tub and then this infinity private pool to the most beautiful view. I have ever seen. This is absolutely incredible, and we have this hammock -. We can put out and relax in this little lounge area over here. We are off to get some light bites, and then we have dinner at 8:00 Yeah, let’s explore here. We have some onion rings of garden salad and some potato wedges for some little light bites before dinner and quite simply the best view in the whole entire world. Enjoy then mining. Antigua, we woke up in true paradise. I am just so thankful to be here with me. We woke up around 7:00 and had a little bubble bath and oh, my gosh! I see a rainbow right now. It’s so beautiful! Um, and we had some coffee. They have a little. Nespresso maker in our little villas and had some coffee in our bubble bath right there, and it was magical, and now we are headed to get some food and then we’re gonna soak up the Sun. Get that rainbow! Oh, my goodness, how knee is shining down directly on that little eyelids, having a little panini brave by the pool and a lovely little Cabana, living our very, very best light, so we went paddleboarding and then we went in the pool, our own pool, which was really fun. It’s so chilly, though. It’s warm here. Well, actually, the weather is like perfect. It’s not even hot. We haven’t even sweat really like while we’re walking outside. It’s so nice, so we did that, and then we took a shower and I’m in this cozy robe. That’s the hotels and it is so soft It is like just the softest thing, and I don’t want to change out of it, but we’re gonna go grab some legs real quick. It’s about almost 2 oclock, so we’re gonna grab a little late lunch, but they just have a little buffet, so we’re gonna do that and then probably just get ready. Put some makeup on and then explain. I’m kitty, come home with me and I. We found this angel of a cat in it, so you it’s coming to our cottage with us. Hello, hello. It has been a beautiful day. We are about to head to dinner. We’re not that hungry. We just had a snack a little while ago. We’re gonna head to dinner when I show you my outfit. This is from Lulus. You saw if you watched my honeymoon pack with me so comfy and perfect for the atmosphere. Beautiful place in the whole entire world. It is so funny and beautiful right now. When we went to bed last night, it actually started pouring, which was so perfect, cuz. We were already like nice and cone cozy and our little Bella and ready for bed, so it was perfect, but it is, she’s so crazy How the climate changed. It reminds me of Florida, a whole bunch, but such a glorious day blue skies and our Blue Bell, huh? We had some espresso and took a bubble bath and now we’re going to head to get some yummy breakfast and then for the rest of the take, Our plans just include relaxing by the pool invasion eating or anything so much and it’s so fun. I love meeting anyone else, and then we are going to. That’s pretty much it. He’s coming to relax by the pool and just soak everything. We came back to a cute little surprise in our room after dinner. Oh, my goodness! There are flower petals everywhere. And these beautiful candles. Oh, this tiny moon voice is so real be. And I have just been spending our days in bubble baths, kayaking and this beautiful Caribbean Sea. Eating a lot we’ve been eating really good. They have so many hit me eats at the resort and it’s all inclusive, so we were just having at it and yeah. I just lying in the Sun. It was a little cloudier today, but felt gorgeous, and in the afternoon, the club kind of went away, but now we’re about to get hit our favorite onion rings. They have like bar bites before dinner, so you can get drinks and then get some snacks and then our dinner. Reservations are at 7:30 so just another chill, relaxing day here into yet. The Cobia dreamy cuddle is about to happen. It’s such like Florida. If I laugh, I ever honeymoon. Oh, my goodness, so bittersweet. But it’s exciting to get back home and just start our new life as husband and wife. What was your favorite? Part of our heavy would probably waking up in the morning and watching the Sun Rise into our bubble. Bath espresso. Yes, let’s break down so fun. Will miss him. We’re so people for all the happy.