Best Gift For Older Parents | Best Gift Ideas For Older Parents 2020 – Give The Perfect Gift!

Sofia Amirpoor

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Best Gift Ideas For Older Parents 2020 - Give The Perfect Gift!


Hi, there, I’m Sophia, and if you’ve been following me, you know that I make videos for family caregivers who take care of their elderly parents and over the year. We talk about a lot of really heavy things. There’s a lot of videos talking. About how difficult it is, how hard it is, how to best best help you, But once a year, I like to break free from all that seriousness and actually make a video that’s fun. So last year, I made a video about the best holiday gifts for our aging parents, and it was so much fun, so I decided to do it again. This year and I just might do it next year, too right now. It’s the beginning of November 2020 and we have about five or six weeks for shopping before the holidays Come. So I’m going to give you some really great ideas for gifts this year for your elderly parents and other older adults who are in your family and know that you’re going to find something that you love and I did not duplicate anything from last year’s list, so I really encourage you to go and look at that one, also because there are even more great ideas that are still available out there for you, so I’ll go ahead and put a link to that video at the end of this one. The video from 2019 And I’ll also put a link in the description box for this video. So are you ready to check some gift? Ideas off your shopping list. This year, let’s get started so some of these gift ideas. This year are practical. Some are fun and some are just plain beautiful, so let me get started. And this first gift idea is one of those practical ones. A lot of our parents are at risk for falling, because they’re always having to walk across the room to turn on the lights or a fan or whatever things that they have plugged in their home, so in order to help them reduce the likelihood of falling, we can help them out by setting them up with remote control outlets. These are from etekcity and they come with three of these plugs. I only have two here, but it did come with three that you plug in the wall. Plug your light into and it comes with the remote control and there’s buttons there for each of the three of these, so you can turn on the lights from across the room really easily. I have the light behind me. Set up with one of them and I can easily. Just turn it off and back on again. I think that this is really going to make things easier for your aging parent. Oh, and I did forget to mention that for all. The gift ideas that I have for you today. I’m gonna go ahead and put a link to them in the description box for this video. It’s gonna make it really easy for you to shop shop shop shop. This next gift idea is great for those of you. Who have big families. If your parent has lots of grandkids and great-grandkid’s, this is just the perfect gift it. It’s a wooden family birthday reminder, calendar board, and it’s by Joy, Leo, and the way that it works is for every every person’s birthday in the family. You take one of the little charms. It comes with a set set for 50 birthdays. You take one charm and you write the family member’s name on it, and you hang it under the corresponding month of the year. So when you’re done, you have this beautiful display, a family display of everyone’s birthday. It’s a really good size. It hangs well on the wall, and it’s a great way for your parents to run to remember whose birthday is up next, and for those of you whose parent has a hard time seeing a small clock on the wall, a digital clock and calendar just might be the perfect solution for them. I did find this one by joel. It is a really good size. It has big easy to read writing on there for the time the date and even this one particularly says it’s morning. Then some of the things I like about it is that you can change the color of the words from white like it is now to yellow. If that’s easier for your parent to see it’s available in black and white and wood, I, of course, have the black one here and some it also has alarms. You can set three different alarms on it, and I thought something really unique about this One by Joel is that you can change the language. It has multiple languages, including French, German, Italian and Spanish. So that might be a really good option for your parent. This next gift is really great for those of you who are crafty or handy or diyers. Because it’s a gift that you can do with your parent, it’s. The Luna Bean hand casting kit. It produces an exact, very, very detailed replica of hands You can use, you know, both of your your parent’s hands or a parent holding the hand of you or your child or a great grandchild and as long as they’re able to hold their hands in the mold for two or three minutes and hold still, then then they’re going to be able to do this and it’s going to produce a beautiful white color statue for you to keep forever, and it’s really beautiful, and I think it would be a really nice gift, and then after you make it, you can mount it on a little stand, and it is a gorgeous gift to give and to leave later on for other family members, okay. This one’s a little silly, but this hat says, don’t forget my senior discount, and I particularly know one. Grandpa, who will wear this hat every time he goes out shopping. How do I look don’t? Forget my senior discount. These next two gift ideas are for those of you who have parents who might suffer from dementia or who are a little bit older and have a hard time finding activities to do. The first one is a track Maze marble game. It is really good for patients who suffer from dementia to help. Keep them active and keep their mind going. It’s not too difficult and so they’re not going to get too frustrated. This is just one of many different mind games for people who suffer from dementia. And I think you’re going to be able to find other ones. If you don’t care for this one, you’ll you’ll be able to find other ones that are similar to help engage your parent who might have dementia. The next one is by active minds and this is really lovely. It is called Aqua Paint and it comes with a set of these white papers and all you have to do is get a little bowl of water and there’s a brush and you dip the brush in the water, and you paint the paper and it reveals a beautiful piece of artwork and the lovely thing about it is once that water dries, it fades back to to a white piece of paper and you can use it again and each set comes with several different pieces of art, and there are lots of different sets that you can buy so this is really a great activity to keep them occupied to use their mind to make them happy and to keep them active. This next gift idea I know is going to be perfect for one of the seniors in your life because they all have this problem, hold on. I have props. They all have this problem that they cannot open the jars. And I have this problem and I’m sure you have this problem sometime so there. Is this fabulous gadget? Its electric jar opener by Cholero. Let me put it over here where you can see. It kind of looks like a little. I don’t know what it looks like, so I put a towel here because I’m going to try this out for the first time and just in case it splatters or something. I have my bottle of spicy arabata pasta sauce. This works with just one push of a button, okay. Are we ready to try it? It says just set it on top and push the button. Let’s see what happens. I’m a little nervous. I hope I don’t get spaghetti sauce everywhere. Okay, here we go, okay, it’s closing down. Yep, there it goes. Can you see it? I’m gonna hold the bottle. Ah, it did it. Just spinning the lid and it’s letting go. Okay, that’s awesome! Okay, all right, that’s awesome. That’s going to help so many people, especially our parents with arthritis and me. Yeah, I guess I’m having Arabada pasta for dinner. Okay, this next one is just kind of fun. It’s kind of silly, but really, there are a lot of seniors, especially men out there who could use this in the bathroom because often times in the night when they get up. I don’t know, my dad gets up so many times in the night to go to the restroom and I hate to say it, but sometimes they miss, or you have to turn the lights on, and they get so awake. They can’t go back to sleep so a great solution for that is a toilet night light and this one’s by sun nest. It comes with eight different colors, so you can choose what color you want your night light to be. It only works at night, so it saves the batteries. It doesn’t come on in the day when there’s light out, it’s super easy to install. It just has a little bendy leg that you fold over the bowl of the toilet, and voila, It is motion censored, so it comes on whenever it detects any motion in the bathroom when it’s dark. I think this is not only a great gift for our aging parents for the practical reasons, but I really do think that little kids and teenagers will also really get a kick out of this. This next one is my favorite. How many of your parents have old vinyl albums around and nothing to play them on? Well, it’s time to bring them out. Have some fun. Bring back some memories for them. This happens to be an album of, um. Benny Goodman. That’s my my dad’s favorite. He loved the big bands. Um, he just turned 95 so the big Ben banned era from way back. When is his favorite? So how do we play these these days? None of us have record players. Well, I’m glad you asked. This is a fabulous turntable by victrola, victrola. I think existed way back. Then when the actual big band was around and this is fabulous, it’s portable, it’s tiny, it’s lightweight, it plays all different sides of records. So let me just put this on here for you. Real quick, it’s pretty awesome. I haven’t seen one of these in ages. Let’s just put it on there. Turn it on and it does come. It’s just like the old ones that we used to have when we were kids. It does come with the extra needle. Um, works the same way that it used to work. So we’re gonna lift this up. As soon as it goes over the record, it starts spinning and then we’re gonna use the little handle to go down. My dad’s gonna love this. Let me turn that down. Another cool thing about this Is you can easily hook it up to the Bluetooth on your phone, and it just becomes speakers for the music that you’re playing on your phone, which I thought is also a great idea. So this is pretty cool. I sure hope you got some really good ideas for gifts this year for your aging family members and don’t forget last year 2019 had a whole nother set of really great ideas that are still available. So go ahead and take a look at this video. I’ll put a link right up here on top. You can go ahead and click that and find even more great ideas. There are links to all the ideas in both the videos in the descriptions of each of the videos. I hope you find something great. Let me know what you choose. Happy shopping, happy holidays and I’ll see you next time.