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Why I Don't Use Eye Cream At Night | Beauty With Susan Yara


I have a confession. I don’t use eye cream at night. I haven’t used eye cream at night for probably the last four or five years, and I have a lot of reasons for that, so I’m going to share my dos and dont’s of eye cream. One of the questions I get the most, and this is like in person when its friends family members. I even get the DMS people asking me. What is your favorite eye cream? And if you actually go back through my videos over the past couple of years, you might notice that. I don’t really recommend eye creams too often, and that’s because I’m not like the biggest fan of eye creams, mostly because I tend to think that they’re unnecessary In most cases like I don’t think the average person needs to be like applying an eye cream at night, making sure they put into their skincare routine in the morning. You know, just buying the right one. That has all the peptides and all the blah blah blah that they need. I just don’t think that’s the case. I think you just need really good. Skin care in general, and you can get an eye cream for very specific reasons. Here are my thoughts on I cream. They moisturize the skin, so it temporarily plumps the area and lessens the look of fine lines and wrinkles, but they don’t prevent aging unless they’re an actual treatment like something with Retinol, which, in that case you can just get that by using retinol so first off, why don’t? I use an eye cream at night. I tend to not have puffy eyes, right like I don’t have dark circles which people think eye cream fixes dark circles. It is not true unless it has hydroquinone in it. Which bleaches your skin, essentially. No eye cream is going to get rid of your dark circles. If that’s what you’re wondering. -, if you get puffy eyes, you don’t really want to put something that’s water-based around your eye area like you don’t want to focus it there, because if you think about what happens when you cry at night and then you wake up the next morning, your puffy, right, and that’s exactly what I cream does. I’m just saying like I would use a cream at night. I’m okay with that, like plumpness all over my face, but I wouldn’t also add an eye cream That’s gonna be water-based and then, you know, like, put it right in my eye area and then hope to wake up looking really refreshed instead. I feel like I look puffy in the morning. That’s not everybody, but that’s me, and so that’s why I don’t use an eye cream at night and I just think that it might be a little bit unnecessary. If you have just a really good skincare routine and to be really honest if you want to like, really take a look like a deep look into what I cream is, it’s really just kind of marketing, right, because usually eye cream is just another product that you can buy for your skincare routine, right, because it’s just, you’re really good serums and creams in a smaller bottle. And you’re just adding it to your skincare routine now. I will tell you when I do use eye cream. There are uses. Don’t like start to get upset that you’ve got like this pile of eye cream sitting on your counter when I use eye creams or eye gels even I don’t use oils ever. I can’t even think of a time that I use oils, but eye creams and eye gels. I tend to use in the morning and the times that I use them. The absolute most are when I know I’m gonna wear a lot of makeup because I’ve got crow’s feet. I’m getting a little bit older, and I like that area, especially if I’m gonna be packing on the concealer or putting on foundation putting on powder to set it. I don’t want all of that to sink into, like the lines of my eyes and my crow’s feet, so I moisturize that area and I think eye cream is a really good way to just add that extra moisturization and everything and plump the area. And that’s something that I cream really works well to do. I don’t want you guys to confuse eye creams and gels with like those eye patches, For instance, I use eye patches all the time they serve a whole different purpose. Those eye patches. I usually use because I did wake up with puffy eyes, and I want something to cool the area down like all that inflammation. If I’m red, anything like that, I’ll first put the eye patches on in the morning, then put an eye cream on top of those. Whenever I know I’m gonna really pack on the makeup. That’s when I start to do stuff with my eyes. Now if you are gonna use eye cream, whether you use it at night or in the daytime, the way I do. There is also a very specific way to apply it. I see people apply eye cream wrong like it’s just wrong, don’t. Put it on what, don’t be rough. The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive skin like the thinnest skin that we have on our face, so be very gentle because the more you tug at it, the worse you’re gonna be in the future. You’re gonna really like loosen that skin. You don’t want to loosen it too? You don’t want to put the eye cream so close to your eye that it’s gonna irritate your eye. Especially if it’s got active ingredients in it, you want to make sure that you just put it on the bony area, so you just want to put it on the orbital bone and then on the eyebrow bone, and that’s kind of the way, just think of it. You want to use your ring finger and that’s because your ring finger is like the weakest as far as like the pressure you put on to your skin, so you want to just take a little bit and Pat it in an upward motion If you’re doing it in this area and then you just kind of want to Pat around on the eyebrow bone, and that’s it. You do not have to go crazy. Do not put more if it feels like it’s irritating your eye. That means you did put way too much and you did put it way too close to your eye and just know like a lot of people when I tell them that’s where you apply it. They’re like, but what if I want to get that skin that looks crepey on the inside of my eye or on my eyelid? It’s going to travel always, it’s going to travel because you’re like constantly blinking your eyes and everything, and that causes it to move, so don’t worry, it’s gonna get the rest of your eye, and then the last thing about eye creams. And this is also another reason why. I don’t use them when I go to bed. If they’re really really thick, then it can cause Milia thick, thick, just creams in general products that are just really really rich can cause mealy on your skin and Millia is those little white bumps that look kind of like whitehead’s, but you can’t really pop them. You have to go to a professional to get rid of them. They’re just these little bumps that appear on your skin. Sometimes, you know, it’s just genetic like you’re the kind of person that’s prone to them, and sometimes you’re just using something. That’s really really rich too rich for your skin. I say this mostly for younger people because a lot of creams are too rich for your skin like you don’t need to go overboard. You don’t have to have the same skincare routine and use the same amount of products as say like Grandma, who’s in her Sixties? You know, like her skin is aging. Her skin is much different than your skin in your 20s Even in your 30s your skin is a lot different, so you really have to make sure you’re using the right products and most of us don’t really need that rich of a cream unless we live like in the desert, there are different textures when it comes to eye creams. You can get a gel if you don’t have really dry skin. I recommend that if you have oily skin, especially gel eye cream is probably the way to go. It’s gonna feel nice and cool on your skin too. If you are older, and you do want a little bit more moisturization and you want to plump the lines, then go thicker with the cream, and then obviously there are those oils and everything like that. I’ll leave it at that. No comment, so those are my thoughts on. I creams. I wish I was like pumped about. I creams and I wish I could be like. Oh yeah. This is my favorite eye cream whenever someone asked me, but I’m just not. I’m just kind of like, okay, like eye creams and, okay product. It’s sometimes useful and sometimes not tell me in the comments below. If you agree with me or if you love eye cream, tell me why, and also recommend your favorite eye creams for everybody else who keeps asking me because I’m not gonna give them an answer, right. Thanks so much for watching this video. Give it a big thumbs up and. I’ll talk to you soon, right [Music].

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