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Are Wedding Cruises Worth It!?!


Welcome to the knotty escape, everybody. Adam, here! Thank you for joining in tomorrow we go on. Mariner, the teen’s Royal Caribbean. We are doing our wedding cruise. There’s five things that I’m going to talk about here, pros and cons to why, or why not you should have a wedding cruise number one. They tell you that you have a free photographer in one hour. Here’s what they don’t. Tell you that one hour you don’t get to just pick and choose. What kind of photographs you want like? There’s one that’s listed, He’s like hey. I just want this picture at this picture. You have to buy all of them, and if you buy all of them. That means you’re actually paying for the four hours three to four hours. You get them to decide which one you want in that, though it’s four thousand dollars for their photographers and in five days, they do bare minimum editing and whether you like it or not, you get them all, but for four grand, you are not allowed to use your own professional photographer. You’re allowed to take photos not allowed to use your own professional stock room. If you do, they will charge you that four thousand dollars. Whether or whether you do not use their photographer. Here’s the catch that do it use a credit card guys and most major credit card companies and the my print that nobody really reads or can ever actually read without our, you know, microphone glass. If you do not like the customer service, that is a reason to dispute your charges. Once you dispute it with your credit card company, they will send a letter to whatever cruise line it is. I’m only speaking of a Royal Caribbean, which I absolutely love them out. I’ve never go anywhere else, so don’t think that this is just a negativity on them because it’s not, but anywhere you go. They send a letter out some kind of notification out to this business. They have 30 days to respond back and show proof that you are there or not. They’re bit by video surveillance or that. The customer service was better than what you. If not, you get your money back. They take it away from that company. So if you’re going to end up doing something like that, and I’m not telling me this scan the system, not at all, but in a situation like that where they’re gonna charge you because you want to use your own photographer. That does a lot better and a lot cheaper job than what they’re gonna use because again they’re a business. They need to make money. You can dispute it only with a credit card, though. You’re with a debit card. You’re kind of Sol number two. It’s cheaper than a normal bed. You guys, what’s an average cost for a four to five hour wedding ceremony and reception? Fifteen grand plus? I mean, and that’s pretty conservative. If you say wedding? The prices are racked up like 100 percent. I think we’re spending $13,000 for a five-day cruise all-inclusive. I mean, your alcoholic drinks. You’re gonna have to buy it except for that three to four hour wedding time that alcohol free alcohol open bar is for everybody. But that also includes everything at the wedding. The cake ceremony, the food. You’re five days that everyone’s going to be on the cruise. Plus that 13 grand also included a seven-day cruise on Symphony of the Seas two weeks from now, so we’re gonna kind of use that, as like a pre honeymoon cruise, so 13 grand, everybody’s on vacation. You can’t beat it. You know, burst four to five hours. Everybody gets to enjoy and then you go home and everyone’s drunk this to the am. And you barely remember number three. This is a con, not a pro. This part is a con, no decorations. They have barometric. You want to decorate where you’re gonna have your reception party at on the cruise? You need to go out there and buy your own decoration and not to mention you have to bring all of this on the cruise and your bags. So you still have bare minimum time, so that’s one of the cons. Is it worth it maybe maybe not? I had the word doing that. Um, which we actually got pretty creative over theyll. Keep it pretty cheap number Four. Everyone’s on vacation, So you have your wedding ceremony and let’s face it. Most people don’t go to weddings because it for the ceremony. Yeah, you want people to be happy and it’s great and it’s wonderful and it’s amazing, but everybody goes to the reception for the free food and drinks come on. I’m not gonna be Su. We all want to get drunk and have a good time and dance. Make a fool out of ourselves. That being said you don’t have to worry about people drinking and driving, so there’s no duis and I’m gonna put anybody in danger for that. You’re on a cruise ship. You can just walk over to your room, and if you’re gonna throw up, just go off the balcony. Nobody cares, you’re gonna jump for fish. Anyway, say, maybe throw a pole out there, but you also have several days that everybody gets to enjoy, you. Don’t have. You’re not gonna get everybody all together, but let them go enjoy themselves. Let them have something great to talk about because I don’t care what waiting you are. I don’t care! If you spend a half a million dollars more on there, someone’s always gonna find a reason to complain, so let them go out and have their own fun as well number five. And this is the final one. I will put this on that kind of a con. As well 250 people, Max. So you’re gonna have to keep it as a small way, Grant it. It is a public cruise that anybody can go, but as far as the reception and the ceremony place, you have a 15 Max 50 people Max capacity wherever you go now, you may only have a couple little restaurants that they have there that they’ll close off for those few hours. So you can have your wedding in your reception there. Another part is your deejay. You have to pick out your own music. Put it on a thumb drive, and that’s what the DJ uses. So you put it. You write down a list of whatever music you want to play on there so as far as people coming up having requests and everything that’s out the window, you need to end up making sure you know what music what songs are gonna be playing well in advance, and then you’re gonna have to download it onto your computer, your iPad, whatever it is, put it on a thumb drive and give it to the DJ. So the DJ is gonna end up having to just play the music through its computer through whatever speakers they have and that it is what it is, so these are some of your pros and cons for wedding crews. Now we haven’t had our so yeah. We actually have ours. In two days we leave tomorrow, and then our wedding will be in middle. T one more before I go if you are to have your notary signed for your marriage certificate overseas, at least on the cruise, it’s $1,000 more. It’s like a 900 something, but just round it’s $1,000 more just to have that signature. You’re trying to save money and you don’t want to waste a thousand dollars. Just have somebody signing on international waters or a different country from there goes a week before. Sign it! Turn it into the courthouse as you can see. I’m wearing my wedding ring or now. That’s exactly what we did. It doesn’t matter. We’re still going to have our ceremony. We’re still going to, you know, celebrate our anniversary on the Cruise Day. The why pay an extra grand? If you don’t have to, you can use that for a better to drink package. If you want and excursions, that’s all for it now. I’m still going on there. I still love Royal Caribbean. Believe me, it’s a business. They got to make money. We’re gonna have fun one way or another. Stay tuned next week. We are going to upload the video. Hopefully it turns out well. It is the week before. Thanksgiving, and then we leave for another seven-day cruise on the symphony, which is the newest and largest cruise ship out as of right now, so if you have any questions, comments concerns put them down in the box, subscribe. I love it and, uh, see you guys next week. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you?