Best Bridal Stores In Los Angeles | Choosing My Dream Wedding Dress!! 🤩 Best Day Ever!!

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Choosing My Dream Wedding Dress!! 🤩 Best Day Ever!!


[MUSIC] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]. I am here again at love. Bridal, I am trying on one of the same dresses that I tried on last time, but I’m also gonna try on some other dresses that I’ve been learning that I’ve been liking, which is like a spaghetti strap dress with an illusion top and, of course, flowers and glitter and all that nice, sparkly stuff, so hopefully. I say yes to the dress. And the lady also told me that the dress that I like the most I can actually get it within like a few weeks, which is shockingly surprising. And if I do like that dress and I stick with that, just I’m gonna be so lucky and I can officially check that off my checklist here. She comes, you guys. Let me know which dress fits me best love. You guys, thank you, thank you, thank you. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and too much lace Like that looks like a tablecloth. Remember myself and the same thing on this 2 inch lace for me. So I asked her to bring me one with sleeves. So that’s what she’s gonna go got right now. I didn’t adjust those sweets, but I like this dress. What do you like about it? I like sparkly news. I like the low-cut back and all the sparkles on this. That’s really, really cute, but I also like the first dress that I and my sister behind camera. She went to listen. [MUSIC] Don’t aspire. So have us a snack bar, which is way over there. I was really hungry. Yeah, it was good. Yeah, and the mimosas so. Cheers, we’ll do a taste test for any guys okay, [Music] [Music] I’m sleep racing! How did you like this experience? The experience here beyond expectations out of all the bridal stores. I meant, and LA. In outside of everything here was the ladies here. Were always night. They never rushed me. Not at all. They’ve always treated me with a smile, offered me mimosas and my mom and sister. They were always just really, really friendly, really welcoming, very made. You feel very comfortable and even inside the bridal. Everything was like on point. The restrooms were clean they. Have you been a snack bar? So if you bring your bridesmaids or family members like their mamas? They got something to snack on while you’re trying all these dresses on your outlook right after trying on so many dresses at other stores. I realized that love. Bridal had my dress, so I came back and I just knew this was the dress because everywhere else I would go to. Hey, I want this this and this on a dress in my head all. I was picturing. Was this dress that was here? I finally came back and said yes to the dress of my dreams, so I’m so happy. I’ve picked out my dress on top of that. They’re gonna have my dress available and shipped here in one to two months. So I just gonna get here in one to two months, which is way earlier than I expected. Which is pretty good because then that allows me to have enough time to get it altered. And have it ready for my and Im. Super excited, also shout out to my sister for coming along to every single so much. And you guys, we didn’t vlog this, but she almost made me cry at the cash register because she pulled out her debit card and was like, okay. You can put some, you know, money down on my card, and I was like, Oh, but shout out to my sister. Thank you so much! I can’t officially check it off my checklist. The Sun is beaming on me right now. Because it’s like 11 oclock at 40 we left. Bakersfield like around 7:00 am. Just to make sure we got here on time. This is pretty much the end of the vlog. You guys, thank you so much for watching all the videos. Make sure you guys hit that like button. Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet and hit that. Bell for notification. So you get notified when we upload a new video for now. I’m probably gonna keep the dress as sleepy. Stay tuned! Maybe in the future. You’re look at what all my dress looks like there. Maybe we should make them wait until the actual wedding. I don’t know your super secret because you know it is a secret. I can’t have Kevin on here. Sneaky looking at these videos, And then he’s gonna figure out what dress I think, but yeah, you guys have a great day [Music] [Music]!