Best Asian Eye Cream | $500 Worth Of Eye Cream: Which One Is The Best?

Joan Kim

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$500 Worth Of Eye Cream: Which One Is The Best?


Today we are going to talk about eye cream. This video is a video You’ve been requesting for a very long time. Probably the request has been coming in since. I said I was looking for the best eye cream. I finally found it and I will share it with you today. I have a lot of notes on my computer. So I’’ll look next to it often. If that bothers me a little, I apologize in advance. But I’m trying to tell you as much as possible by finding out a lot about things that help me and why we should use eye cream. I was told that I had to start using eye cream when I was 20 years old after going to college First because it prevents wrinkles around the eyes. Secondly, when I spend the night at university, I get dark circles in the morning. Because I spent a lot of night, So I wanted to invest in a good product. So the first product I bought was Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. The price is about $60, but it’s too expensive. The following year, I heard good reviews about Kiehl’s, avocado eye cream and bought it, And the following year I was studying in Korea. So I went into Etude House and bought two products. I bought collagen and ice cream products. All was good, but I didn’t buy again because there were too many eye creams I wanted to use. I moved to Korea in 2014 and bought an Atomy product, But it wasn’t bad. But after moving to Seoul, I went to the dermatologist regularly. The dermatologist said that it is very important to protect the eye area. There are 4 facts that have told me First. The skin around the eyes is different from other skins, so it is about 20 to 30% thinner. Second, the skin around the eyes has a lot of movement. Because there are about 20,000 movements per day, you are more likely to get wrinkles. Third, the skin around the eyes has no pores or sebum. So dryness can lead to more wrinkles. Finally, the fourth is that the eyes are under a lot of stress. As many of you may already know. If you apply eye cosmetics, remove mascara, eyeliner and eye cosmetics. If you don’t wear makeup, look at your smartphone or computer before going to bed. These actions can put tremendous stress on your eyes. So the eyes are always under a lot of stress. I think I’ll get this question often, so I’ll answer it in advance. I think many people use eye cream before or after using moisturizer. My dermatologist recommended using eye cream before toner and serum or essence. Because it protects the eye area first Because it’’s good to apply other good ingredients to the skin. So eye cream should be included during the first step. In recent months, I tested 11 eye creams with my mother To be honest, Dark circles and wrinkles aren’t my biggest concern. But it is very important to prevent such wrinkles. And whenever I go to bed late, I want to brighten it up a bit. The evaluation of the eye cream was based on how it felt when it was applied to the skin and how plump the eyes were after applying it, However. My mother used it carefully. My mother’s whole face has brightened. Because my mother wanted to use eye cream a lot, so she applied it all over her face. So my mother’s skin has been shiny recently and it feels much clearer than before. So I found out that eye cream is a really good product. Now then I’ll introduce all the products. I’ve used I’’ll start with the cheapest one and move on to the expensive ones. The first product is Neogen White Truffle for Eyes and Face. This product is an oil stick. Is about $17 This product is a high strength, moisture oil stick. It’s too easy to apply. Perfect for rehydration under the eyes. So I really enjoyed using this product. Next product is Cosrx. Honey Ceramide eye cream. What it says is that it replenishes softens and protects sensitive skin around the eyes. There is an innisfree Orchid Eye Cream for around $25. Innisfree! Orchid products are great for dry skin. I always get crazy about this type of cream. This one has a similar scent. And it’’s much thicker than that moisturizing cream. Both of these next two products cost about $27. The first is Benton Fermentation Eye cream. This product is great for wrinkle improvement. Next is Mizon Snail. Repair eye cream Formed from 80% snail mucus filtrate. This product has the effect of replenishing moisture and brightening dark areas. Did you know that snail products always fade acne scars And it actually helped to brighten up the dark areas? You can buy Kiehl’s Creamy Eye treatment w/Avocado for $29 This product is one of Kiehl’s popular products. This is about 14ml This was 24ml. But it was about $2 cheaper. And this Benton product was about 30ml That’s why when compared to 14ml You can buy more products while saving $2 I just think that’s important. It says that it is excellent for rehydration around sensitive eyes. And because the ingredient is unique, it doesn’t go to the eyes, Actually. The feeling is very unique. My mother didn’’t like it very much. I didn’t really like it, but everyone’s taste is different and some of you will probably like it. I just didn’’t feel like me and my mother. You can buy the Erborian Bamboo Eye Gel for $34 This product is in the form of a gel. And it’s very convenient to use because it comes out with a pump like this. It helps to reduce symptoms of fatigue such as fine wrinkles. It also moisturizes sensitive skin around the eyes. The unique thing about this product is that it creates a veil-like layer that blocks moisture for the eyes Personally. I like to use the creamy eye cream. I mentioned earlier. And after about an hour, use this product to replenish moisture around the eyes Because. These two are really special. I really enjoy using it But. I’ll tell you later. You can go to Sephora for $38 and buy Farmacy Eye dew. It’’s a very moist product Aging stress, It is said to minimize the symptoms of fatigue. Of the 11 products I’m going to share. Tong is my favorite. It has a very unique scent. It’s very unique, but it’s probably made with organic ingredients, so it smells like that. Cremorlab Shadow-off eye cream is available for $48 This product helps to whiten brighten and prevent wrinkles. I’ve almost used this product. Because I used this product as a moisturizer. It helped to whiten my mother’s skin. My mother had a lot of dark areas, but this product was very helpful. Since then, I’ve known why people recommend applying eye cream all over the face Because it’s a very rich product. I’ll double the price and talk about Sulwhasoo essential rejuvenating eye cream ex. This product is a very powerful anti-aging eye cream. It contains green tea, pomegranate and 6-year-old red ginseng. It prevents aging by treating damage caused by harmful oxygen. This product is a very luxurious product. My mother loves Sulwhasoo because it feels soft. And this product is also a very soft eye cream. Finally, there is the $120 Troi. Areuke Anti-wrinkle eyecream. The price is too high. But it’s made of special ingredients. These ingredients help the skin cells recover and improve the energy of the cells. Also, it is said that it helps to make the area around the eyes elastic and plump. But I could actually feel it Then. Let’’s talk about the ranking. I would like to say that. They were all good products before ranking each product. My mother and I have very sensitive, dry skin. So if I use the wrong product, a rash occurs and my skin rises, So these products aren’t, and I used them well So. Let’’s set the rankings now. I’ll start from 11th I chose Cosrx. Honey Ceramide eye cream. Because I felt like a moisturizer for the whole face rather than an eye cream. My mother hated the feel of the product, so she chose the Kiehl product. But I ranked Kiel product in 10th place. Because it was like an eye cream with a little rich feeling And mom picked Honey Ceramide in her 10th place. So we have opposite rankings. My mom placed it in 9th place because she hated the scent of Farmacy products. I chose Cremorlab. Shadow-off eye cream. And the reason is the same as the Cosrx product. It felt like a moisturizer. Still, the feeling when applied to the eyes was better than the Kiel product, However. My mom ranked Cremorlab at #8 Because when you apply it on your skin, it feels good. My 8th place is Sulwhasoo essential eyecream. Nothing special. Because I don’t use Sulwhasoo. I couldn’t sympathize with my mother’s high appreciation. 7th place. I chose Farmacy products. I didn’t really care about the scent because it disappears after I apply it. It is a very rich moisturizer. My mom ranked Erborian Bamboo Eye Gel at #7. Mom thought it was a very unique product. And this product kept my mother’s eyes moist. So my mother likes to carry this product. Because you can use it whenever your eyes feel dry and it is very convenient to carry. I ranked this product in 6th place because it’s a very good product and it’s better than other products. My mother picked Neogen White Truffle in 6th place. Like Erborian, You said it’s a very unique product. Very convenient to use It’’s oil. So it’’s very hydrating. I was ranked 5th for the same reason. So as you can see my mom and I have very similar tastes. My mother chose Sulwhasoo’s products in No 5 Mom loves that. Sulwhasoo is very soft. In fourth place, my mom chose the Troy Arke product. I chose Mizon Snail Repair Eye cream. I picked Troy Arke in third place and my mom picked the Mizon product. So we changed the 3rd and 4th place here. Both are very good products. The biggest reason we had a disagreement in the 3rd and 4th place. My mom wanted a thicker product, So I think she chose Mizon. I wanted a lighter product. So I chose Troy Arque. In second place, we both chose Benton. Fermentation eye cream. Because it rehydrates a lot. And because it’’s in this container, I didn’’t have to scoop it. For number one, we both chose Innisfree. Orchid eye cream. And I love both because they agree because I’ve been looking for the perfect eye cream for a very long time. Both of them agreed. And I think the reason I like this product. The most is because it feels so rich. Compared to the price of 25,000 won, it is a very high-class area. So personally, I think the quality of this product is the best for the price. I hope this video helps. I’ll put links to all of the products in the More section. Easy for you to find on the internet. I love finding the eye cream. That suits me best. All the other products were good too, but this one feels so good on the skin. Your eyes look so plump the next day. I like to use these two products 1 hour after using Innisfree products. Or I use these 2 products as well. Because I kept the area around my eyes for several quarters. So I think it’s perfect for winter. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. On the first day of uploading all videos, we try to respond to comments as much as possible. Unless there is a setting that cannot be answered. Sometimes it gets awkward. I usually ask questions, but I’’m. Sorry if I can’’t answer them. Because I comment both before and after that comment, So please check the settings one by one. But whatif you don’t want an answer? That’s okay too. I talked too much today. I’ll finish the Vlog here. If you have different opinions on each eye cream, Please leave a comment below and it will be very helpful to those who read the comment. And if you agree or disagree with me, please comment. Because everyone is different. I hope you have a nice day. See you in the next video.