Best 60th Birthday Gifts | Best 60th Birthday Gift Under $10 (~php 500)

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Best 60th Birthday Gift Under $10 (~php 500)


Wow, superb, that that, yeah? [MUSIC] A supplies will be needed for this project. Are this is a picture frame measuring 13 by 11 inches adult by the scrapbook paper, and I present some of the pictures of the celebrat or the one who will be receiving this gift and set of sticker, and this one is a new acetate. I think the size of the bottle, So I took the insert that card that comes within the picture frame, which I bought, and then I usually don’t like measuring, so I just traced the lines that I have to cut using the insert of the photo frame as my guide a little backstory about this project. I was invited to be part of her surprise birthday party around 2 days prior to the event, and I was cramming on thinking of what perfect gift Can I give her? And I figured this will be the perfect one. I don’t have enough time to order online since it was only two days, and I will not be able to receive that gift if it was only two days, so I rush to the nearest bookstore on the same day. I received the message to buy a picture frame so I can use it for this project. The picture frame. I think was around 200 plus pesos relatively cheap for a very meaningful gift and from the excess strip of scrap of paper. I just taped them together. [MUSIC] I’m sorry I would thought I was here, but I forgot to push the record button, so I need nice. I just got the pictures into their shapes and here. I’m just kind of lay out in the pictures into the scrapbook paper bit acity. So I play some of the pictures below the acetate because I want the printed white design of the acetate to be on top of the picture and there are the upper left. Three pictures were placed on top of the acetate Because I kind of think the horizontal white light’s audacity would ruin the field of the picture [Music] I’m using acid, free and photo, say new dots by the way [Music] the acetate over the top of the page. You see blue dots on the four corners and here’s a very pretty green and green colored secret. [MUSIC] The father theme of this speaker said just perfectly match the color theme of the whole scrapbook or picture [Music] and just more final three means to make the poor project more Polish. [MUSIC] You, you [Music] and we just placed a finished product inside the picture frame. Here’s the finished project. I really love how this turned out. And this is a perfect gift for a 60th birthday [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music]. Don’t forget to please like comment. Subscribe to this channel to watch more. DIY videos.