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How To Sew A Wedding Belt / Sash


Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my channel and for those who are new here in my channel. Welcome for today’s video. Kagawa, iron and wedding belt or Wendy sash wedding bell’s, Milan, compelling event mini bar, they put lace on it for banishment, likes rhinestones. Perlis means it’s up to you, Anubis. Thermal design. But for this tutorial that wasn’t enough very simple wedding tail just to give you an idea on part of Okinawan belt Semana writer Dragon Skull. So let’s get started [Music] for this tutorial, our measurement number Vietnam Bell is 3/4 of an inch next is to label your pattern, especially in folded part or in here towel now unfold unfold, the head half of the waistline measurement Lunderman uncle laminating, so home on pattern is my own forgiving. Sabean patterning denim fabric account 14 Next is your fuse An gamete Nabisco. Dito is Jersey fuse, so send in length same pattern in Kagame anatomy. Youngberry, no. Nothing, Blanche, I hear Neon Joseph use sell Fabric [Music] [Music] next step Puto penitence again on waistband penalty, not open 18 part luncheon attention, sir plancha pegannon attention, tahini next se preparan. Athenian reborn, Nama’s Muhabba, non contessa waistband, Tata. In addition, some a coronary impersonator is Parma, mass, Medina de Lyon or collector in young waistband [Music] make sure in Hobbiton attenuated genome, Italian, reborn, preserving, but in Annotation Gila in Alabama literature, uncounseled MOBAs. In right side, none felt nothing then put in a nothing. Cumberland Young people next is a plancha in kosher. Make sure you want ahead for him. Seem cleanest, agate. Not in a gamete emotional Clapper para. Maggie must flood human birth Nothing. It’s a magnet NU One-half allowance, a dual purpose, a purpose of mutton chop up a lobe passive manga at a jihad same procedure dynamically not is a hobby, Lambda low-pass of them, Nothing shine after nothing If Passover, he handle nut in and thread and meter Casaya hands, teach nothing in opening to and semi-rural. [MUSIC] Ready nominee totally in some Athena Pero, mass preferred corn has pitched the head mistake that I will behave next is a cap of eternity, me on hook and re Actually, you hope long a man anger the living body toe support Página, who portraits an genomica dito. Paramu’s motivation [Music] [Music] instead of using the eye Kagawa econo parent changed each villain. Sabaton nom hope for threads and dynamic Od top Aramis Mati, by Atmos Mahabad. I’m a geek in Tibetan and after in a burger, a Gangnam Law, But in a nothing eater icon. Okay, Baka Hawk again. Okay, now marinate our young bellend [Music] [Applause] [Music] you?