Beauty And The Beast Wedding Theme Centerpieces | Diy Rustic Beauty And The Beast Wedding Centerpiece | Beauty And The Beast Theme Wedding | Tutorial

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Diy Rustic Beauty And The Beast Wedding Centerpiece | Beauty And The Beast Theme Wedding | Tutorial


[MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Music] guys. So welcome to this week’s episode of Miss Planet. We are so glad you joined us this week. We have a request from a community member and her name is. Kelsey, and she writes. Hi, my name is Kelsey. Hi, Kelsey. I love your tutorials, and I intend on using one of them for my wedding. That is awesome, however. I was hoping I could get help for sinner fees. I’m doing a rustic Beauty and the Beast theme for our wedding. The theme colors are red, black and silver. Thank you so much for your help well. Kelsey, I was so excited with a prospect of taking this very glam look of Beauty and the bees and turning into an elegant, sophisticated rustic Look. And I think we hit the nail on the head. I hope you like our twist on the Beauty and the Beast thing as we create this rustic beauty and maybe centerpiece. Just for you. All right, guys? Are you ready? Let’s get started. [MUSIC] [Music] to create our base we’re going to use an 8 and a half inch candlestick and a 6 inch birch round we’re going to attach the birch round to the top of the candlestick using high heat. Hot glue. This is where you can make the plan your opponent now. If you like the natural wood, look by all means, keep it. The centerpiece will be just as gorgeous if you’d like to add a little bit more richness to the natural wood. I would suggest creating you out for your own glaze by mixing. In this case, I mix black with a brown and added water until they came to the consistency of a little thicker than a stone A stain. If you would like you can also use a stain. If that’s something that you’re interested in for me, I love the process of just creating a glaze for because it’s water-soluble and it’s just easier to work with than your stain for this project. I’m going to add probably between three and four coats of this glaze, allowing the glaze to soak into the wood for at least 15 minutes in between coats. So does it take a little time, absolutely? But what will it be worth the wait? Absolutely, so just take your time. You can do this. Let’s get to adding our clothes. [MUSIC] [Music] This is exactly the look I was going for. It was actually three coats. I love it because you can still see the woodgrain underneath the glaze, and I’m just gonna continue that process at the top, but because there’s so much texture. I want to make sure that my glaze is a little bit lighter at the top, so you can see the texture of the birch wood round [Music] next. Let’s create our support for our magical beauty and the beast rose now. I want to give you an option. If you would like to add a lighted feature to this, you can put the links in the description below. But so I want to show you. I’m just going to cut out a little indention for the light to stay in now. If you don’t want the light, are you gonna do is simply fill it with Moss at a later time, but if you would like to have that option of a lighted feature, go ahead and make sure you create an indention in your 2 inch round before you go ahead and glue everything down, so we’ve attached our foam base right to the top of our candlestick, and we have our light where it should go and now we’re ready to attach our moss. [MUSIC] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. Well, Kelsey. What do you think I hope? We met your vision. I can absolutely see the stunning centerpiece at your rustic wedding, Just bringing a smile to everyone who’s there to celebrate your special day if you liked this video, but all means like us subscribe, so you can be the first to know when our videos are posted every single week. 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