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Beauty And The Beast Disney Princess Wedding Video Country Springs Peer Canvas Photography And Films


I have the Great Honor and pleasure of welcoming all of you to this very special event as we witness the joining together of Zachary David Forsen and Taylor, Judith Geiger in marriage and for me, It’s a extra-special honor and pleasure because it’s not often that a person officiating at a wedding and claimed the bride as his very special grand life, and the groom was a very special friend and so Zach and Taylor. I want to publicly, thank both of you [Music]. I think I can speak for many of you. Who are here today? Who have witnessed the development of Taylor relationship over the years when I say that none of us are surprised at it because [Music] their weapon, they’ve made no secret of their devotion to each other. This is not been a secret love affair by [Music]. Can you my files? [music] afraid for you before [Music]? Oh, I can’t believe it’s true, sir. I can’t bear. I get to, it’s the best thing never do. I get here, he’s to drop me some way. You whatever man Johanna will choose forever. If some of you know, our family and many of our friends have an annual gathering at a wonderful place called the rustic Haven Lodge in Minocqua and while there last summer as dusk was setting in Prozac, suddenly asked that everyone join him down on the pier on Lake blessed, and we all kind of looked around and wondered what the heck has gone on here, but then we witnessed an event that will last forever in my mind. Zack got down on one knee before Kaler. And before all of us and he asked Taylor his wife, and he presented her with an engagement and that public display of Zach’s devotion and love for Taylor showed to everyone who was gathered there that evening, the depth of his commitment to her. Now understand that this very tender display comes from a hockey player who I understand spends inordinate amounts of time in the penalty box. Oh, and by the way, Taylor said yes. And so it has led to this very special day. When, in a few moments, Zach and Taylor will again publicly affirm their love for each other and their commitment to each other Taylor. This is the day we have been preparing for because I’m getting dressed up. The memories of our time together will be racing through my head. I remember the day I met you and still wonder what I have done to deserve you up to the last breath of my life. I will love you without condition. I will always try my best to make you the happiest person in the world as that is what you deserve. I can’t wait to see you. Come down that aisle, love you so much. Baby, your soon-to-be husband. I get like it you. He changes her hi. [MUSIC] What I can’t sometimes cantbreathe -, I get to [Music]. It’s the best thing I it’s a promise, but if I will choose forever, do I get [Music] now? I can’t thank you enough for making Taylor so happy. So if that proposal is any indication of what’s to come, they comfort to know that you will always be by your side for this plane as anyone can see, they are simply meant to be here. Two faculty. [APPLAUSE] Zach Taylor under the promises that you have made to each other in the present serves of these witnesses, his family, your friends and under the laws of this state and pursuant to my authority as judge. I am most happy to pronounce you and Zach. You may kiss your bride. [MUSIC] I get to I can’t of you. I get [Music] journey [Music] [Music]. I get to love you. I can tell you I get Fear. [music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause], possibly one of the best [Music].