Beauty And The Beast Table Decorations | {{{lighted }}} Diy Beauty & The Beast Centerpiece | Dollar Tree Diy Wedding Decorations Ideas


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{{{lighted }}} Diy Beauty & The Beast Centerpiece | Dollar Tree Diy Wedding Decorations Ideas


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel, first of all. I want to thank you guys, so so much for all of your positive feedback on this beautiful beauty and the Beast centerpiece, It was very uplifting. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart as you know on my last video, I wasn’t sure about adding lighting to this centerpiece. This chose to not use the Lumineers, but I’m kind of second-guessing it, So its lighting is something that you want or something that you need. Go ahead and go for it, and after thinking about it for a whole day and torturing myself for a whole day for not putting in the lighting. I decided to make a follow-up video with lighting, so I gather four different types of lighting and hopefully this video can help you decide Which lighting is best for your event. I’m going to start with this. Push light. But this light requires three Triple. A batteries next. I’m going to try this. Led tea light candles, which have a flickering effect now. I’m going to add a little color. This dome LED lights are from Dollar Tree last, but not least I’m going to be using the silver wire LED Luminaires, which I intended to use on my last video but didn’t, and therefore we have this video and for this luminaire you are going to need two Double-a batteries. Alright, so I went ahead and added battery to my push light and this push light is so fajitas, so all you have to do is pull the paper backing and just place the push light to the back of the or to the top of the vase and here it is with the push like this lighting is more of a spotlight and I have two suggestions for this lighting as you can see. The adhesive tape is not enough to hold the lighting in place, so I would suggest adding some hot glue to the lighting, and I will also suggest for the transparent cord to be a little longer. Because as you place the lighting in the middle, it brings the strength up a bit now. I’m going to try this. Led tea, light candle with flickering effect. And I’m going to add a little bit of hot glue to the back of it right here and place it on the top of the vase. Right here, we turn it on first perfect. All right, let’s see how it looks. The team light lighting doesn’t reflect on the rows at all. In fact, it kind of looks out of place is just liquor ring right on top of it and let them really do anything for it, so I don’t really recommend it, but let’s go ahead and check it out and see how those on the table. Here’s my LED dome for a pop of color. I’m going to add a little bit of hot glue to the back of it. Just like I did the previous lighting, and then I’m going to place it to the top of the base back. Here, just like the other one. Sorry, if I’m repeating myself, let me turn it on. That looks nice. Alright, lets. Check it out! I am loving this lighting. These dome lighting with the pop of color is wonderful. It’s a spotlight and it’s a little more narrow, Then Dpush light and I love it and I love the way. The color is reflecting on the crystals. This is a winner, love it my favorite one so far. And, Lastly, here’s this silver wire. Led Luminaires. And this was my first choice when I thought about doing this, so let’s see how that’s going to work. I’m going to apply some hot glue and place it on the top of the base. And then I have to arrange the wires. I’m going to just wrap it around the flower, and this is wire, so I will. Bend anywhere you want. I’m just going to swirl it around the flower now. I’m going to turn it on. Oh, going to have to play with it? You know, and so you get it how you want it, and that’s pretty much it. Now, let’s check out. Hi, looks in the dark. This is beautiful! This is that this is the one what I’m not going to lie. This was a pain once. I hit pause to get the next shot. It kind of fell apart. The pocket where the batteries are at is kind of heavy, So I will have to add some e6000 plus some hot glue, so that for sure, and also it was a pain to wrap around the wire to the way. I wanted it but other than that. I think it was more worth it and it will be okay. If it’s only a few centerpieces, But if you’re having a big wedding, just make sure that you have help, and yeah, let’s see. Hi, looks on the table. Keep in mind that with all of the lighting. I showed you today. There’s a chance that your guests will see the pocket or the lighting right on top. If you’re going to glue it on top, another alternative would be to glue the pocket or the lighting to the bottom of the vase and cover it with petals. Alright, guys! This is that! I hope this video was helpful to you on helping you decide. Which lighting is best for your event for this particular centerpiece, and if you haven’t seen the original video for the centerpiece? I’m going to link it down below and I will see you guys next time you.