Bags For Wedding Dresses | What To Wear To A Wedding Reception As A Guest | By Erin Elizabeth

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What To Wear To A Wedding Reception As A Guest | By Erin Elizabeth


Hey, guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to my channel hope. You are having a wonderful day Today’s video. I’m very excited to share with you, so we are gonna be styling up some outfits for wedding guest attire. So tis the season for lots of weddings. I personally have a wedding to attend, and I’m very, very excited. I just love wedding so much, so I’m gonna be sharing with you. Four outfits that you could wear to a wedding as a wedding guest and how to style things up to hopefully give you a little bit of inspiration. So some of the pieces in this video were actually sent over from. Lulus and I will mention those as the video goes on, but I absolutely love lose all of my bridesmaid dresses from my wedding. Were from Lulus and the dress that I wore for my engagement Shoot was also from Lulus. They just have really really beautiful dresses for really great prices. Which is why yeah. I just I really love their dresses, so I thought they would work really well as wedding guest outfits as well. So yeah, let’s get started. [MUSIC] All right, so for this first outfit? I thought this would be great for, like, more of a garden party style wedding. I just love how like bright and fun it is. I was really drawn to this color. It’s like a really nice orange, almost red color, sort of like a blood orange, absolutely gorgeous and. I think that is the perfect color for summer. If you want to have just a really cute summery look. I also love the fit of this dress because it is quite loose and it comes with a little tie, so you can cinch in your waist a little bit there, but it’s just super super comfortable, and we all know at weddings. We’re gonna be eating. We’re gonna be drinking. We’re gonna be having some fun and I think this is just like a perfect, comfortable outfit that you can get away with all of that stuff, and it also has a really cute like lace trim along the neckline, which I really like, so I decided to pair this dress off here with my yellow shoes. I thought the contrast between the yellow and the orange were absolutely gorgeous. And my yellow shoes here are from Hudson’s Bay. They are just so so cute. They have that lower block heel perfect for dancing around in all night, then. I actually matched the shoes with the clutch. So this clutch here is also from Lulus. It has like this beautiful yellow flower design on it, and I thought that was just so cute and really really complimented the shoes and like I said, I love the contrast between the orange and the yellow, just a very huge summery, fun Look [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] moving onto outfit number two. So this one here is another great option for a wedding guests, so we’re gonna be wearing a jumpsuit and this jumpsuit is from Lulus. I obsolete love this jumpsuit. I think it’s so so cute. The open back is just absolutely gorgeous, and it is, it’s quite long. I’m tall and it fits me perfectly in length. So if you are shorter, you would probably have to hem it, but it’s just so so cute. So I chose this like wine. Red color here. I love the wide leg on it once again. Super comfortable for, like, sitting down and getting up and eating and drinking and all of that, yeah. I just thought it was super Super Cute, and I think if jumpsuit is a great option to wear as a wedding. Guess know, a lot of people think you automatically have to wear a dress, but you can definitely wear something else if you wanted to even like a pant top combination, but I think a jumpsuit is such a great option and for this one here, I decided to go for some earrings. To just, you know, style it up a little bit and a very, very sleek, low bun hairstyle that way. The earrings really pop out for my shoes in my handbag for this look. I just decided to go with some black, so I have just a really small like black bag here with a gold chain for shoes. I’m just wearing very basic. Black Shoes [Music] [Applause] [Music] moving on to Alpha 3 So this dress here? I actually bought this recently from H&M because I wanted a really cute floral sundress for the summertime, and when it came in, I was like this is so cute like you could totally dress this up if you wanted to or wear it just for a casual summer day, so I decided I would dress it up for a wedding guests. Look for you guys super super cute. So I just paired it off with some very basic nude strappy sandals. I thought that went really well with the dress, and then I also decided to dress it up a little bit with some pearls. So I have this shorter pearl necklace here from Ana Luiza. I thought that was so cute alongside this dress and really helped to dress it up and then for my bag. I went for my nude handbag just to balance off with the shoes. I didn’t want my shoes or my handbag to pop out too much. I really wanted the dress to be the standout piece in this entire outfit, and I think this look here would also be great for more of like a garden, a garden party style wedding, like maybe something outdoorsy. It would be such a cute look to wear to something like that. [MUSIC] Last but not least I am obsessed with this dress. I think it is so gorgeous and the minute that I saw it I was like. Oh, my god, yes, so this dress here is from. Lulus it’s like a very gorgeous emerald, greenish color. I absolutely love the ruffles that go down on either side. I feel like it just gives such a classy vibe. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it’s very simple like there’s not. There’s no pattern or anything happening on the dress, but the ruffles just like, really make it stand out and add that extra element that just like brings this dress to the next level. I just think it is so so gorgeous, and I love how it’s a little bit more fitted and then it also flares out again around the knee. Really, really cute. Um, so for this dress? I thought I would just pair it off with some nude accessories again. Just keep it really simple because I want the dress to really be the star here, not the accessories, so I just went for some nude strappy sandals again as well as my nude handbag, and I think that goes really well because the nude is quite light against the darker green color, so it does pop a little bit without being too much, and I thought this was a great dress to wear my hair slicked back again because I want, you know the detail of the dress to really stand out so slicked back hair, as well as some statement, earrings statement, earrings always cool great when your hair is slicked back, and that is outfit number four, so those are the four outfit ideas for wedding guest attire. Let me know which outfit was your favorite because I always love hearing, which one was your favorite? Yeah, that sums it up. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. I will have everything linked for you in a blog post below. In case You liked anything from this video and I will see you guys in my next video [Music].