Baby Shower Winnie The Pooh | My Baby Shower + Weekend Vlog (vintage Pooh Theme)

Kari Moloney

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My Baby Shower + Weekend Vlog (vintage Pooh Theme)


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel, yeah? I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been filming for you guys. I filmed a my pregnancy so far. Update from weeks zero to weeks 31 I believe I’m currently at 34 weeks pregnant now. I’ve been editing that, and it’s just been really, really busy around here lately, so hi. Julie’s here. Hello, my co-host. How are you? I know what she’s crying about. I don’t know if there’s maybe a delivery here. We’ve been getting a lot of deliveries because my baby shower. Is this weekend and that’s why? I think it is the perfect weekend to pick up my camera and film a vlog for you guys. A weekend blog, it’s currently Thursday, so not technically the weekend yet but kind of almost the weekend or pretty much the weekend for me. But today, my mom and my aunt and -, my mom’s best friends are coming. They’re just gonna be spending the entire weekend at my house with me. So that is why? I have a laundry situation here. I’m washing sheets. I’m folding things. I’m gonna vacuum. Get the house ready for their arrival and they should be here in about an hour, so I have a lot to do, and then my baby shower like I said, is this weekend, so we have a bunch of crafts to do some things to get done some errands to run, and I do have my 34 week. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. So I think I’m gonna bring my mom along for that one. Since my husband’s working, and that would be really nice for her to be able to see the baby on the machine, even though he’s so big now that you really can’t certainly can’t see anything. He just looks like magical Dinos. So yeah, we’re getting super close to the end of this pregnancy. I just can’t wait. I’m really excited, you guys. And if you want to see all of the fun we get into this weekend, then just keep watching. I’ve also kind of started my hospital bag, and I kind of started my hospital bag. I mean, this is the bag. I’m gonna use nothing fancy. I see something I already have so many totes, the only thing I have in here So far is my cutie little small Sutra blow dryer. That’s like teeny tiny and my hospital gown that I actually ordered because I just don’t want to wear a hospital gown that somebody like had a baby in or died in or something so. I got this really cute gown II. This is the ILA pattern. I believe so it’s. It is like a blueish like a baby blue. It’s just so cute with these pink, so it could be a boy or a girl like it doesn’t really matter if you really want him to like, stick to a color palette or something, but it’s got all these really beautiful flowers on it. It’s such a pretty feminine pattern. It’s really, really soft, and it’s got these clips right here on either side for skin-to-skin and feeding, and then the entire back, you guys don’t believe me, but the whole back is snaps all the way down as well, so that easy access for your nurses, you can get your epidural, they can check. Yeah, no big deal. But that way they can close up the back when you have visitors in your room. So that was something that I really wanted and I got for myself. Obviously there’s a ton more stuff that has to go into my hospital bag, and I had to do a bunch of shopping for that, but I’ve been making lists for it and I think I’m pretty ready to get what I need and some of the things I’m gonna get on my registry. Hopefully get at my shower that. I’ll just be able to pop right in that bag and have that ready. Hopefully in the next week or two since I really should have it packed before 36 weeks. Cuz you never know I would love it if he came early. I’ll be phenomenal. We got favors and the making. Everybody’s got a job to make the Tigger Tails [Music] baby [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and we are headed to my 34 week checkup. Mom an ER here. Mr. Ivy, they’re coming with me. Yeah, that’s all just wants the venue for my baby shower to make sure that everything is ready for tomorrow now we’re going to. Bye Bye, Baby. To get a crib mattress. [MUSIC] [Music] [Applause] [Music]. No [Music] cars all packed! We have stuff in my mom’s car too. We are just leaving my baby shower. It was so fun! It was perfect. Everything was beautiful and maybe. I’ll show you later, some of the gifts that I got, but I’m very happy, really quick. I think I forgot to give you guys an update on my 34 week checkup, the baby measured at five pounds one ounce, they measured at the top of his head, his abdomen and length of the femur, and that’s how they determine that, so everything looks really, really good, and I’m just hoping he comes early, so it is now. Sunday, it’s a little after noon and my mom and her friends and my aunt just left. It’s so quiet here. I feel like I don’t know. I it’s weird now, having my house back. I miss them and I don’t know how I could have done any of this stuff or how the shower would have gone out gone off without them, so I’m so thankful that they were here and so thankful to them. And my mother-in-law and mom, and for just throwing the most beautiful shower. It was so perfect all of the little details. Everything that I wanted We made it happen, and I’m glad that they let me be part of it and have fun with all the crafting, so it was so great. I just I just loved it and it was so awesome to see my friends and family and everybody really spoiled baby so much, so it’s just he’s so so lucky and he’s already so loved and I’m really thankful. So if you guys, it didn’t already figure it out. I kind of snuck his name out there. I’m in the nursery right now by the way, so I’m really, like, can’t wait to nest in here, but I guess I could tell you that baby’s name is going to be Aidan Patrick. Maloney we’re so excited we love it. We love his name. It’s so much more real to say his name and be in his room to be in Aiden’s room to not call him baby all the time. So everybody that’s at the shower Yesterday knows that his name is. Aiden, and or his name is going to be and will be Aiden and we’re super excited to meet him. And I hope that he comes. I want him to come in September. I hope he doesn’t wait too long to like to work because I’m a little uncomfortable now. I am excited and I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for watching this video and following along our baby short journey, yeah. I can’t wait to meet him. We are in the homestretch officially! Thank goodness so! I will close out the vlog here and I will see you guys in the next one, you.