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How To Tell Your Boyfriend You're Pregnant In 2021: Pregnancy Announcement Gift | Sarah Monroe


[MUSIC] [Music]! Hey, guys, and welcome back to my channel where we talk about all things, entrepreneur and motherhood related in today’s video. We’re going to be talking about how to tell your boyfriend your husband, your significant other, your family. Your friends that you are pregnant So a few months ago, when I first found out that I was pregnant, I made an announcement box to not only show my boyfriend, but to also show our family and our friends and to tell them that were pregnant and a little different type of way so. I wanted to share that with you guys. Just in case you wanted to share this news with your family in a very special way, so let’s get started. [music] right now! You guys should see the entire box and went exactly what it looks like and then. I kind of want to just go item by item to show you guys exactly what was in the box and where I got it from. How much it was all that good stuff. So first I will start will see coming soon. Onesie and I got this onesie from Amazon, and I did get in a newborn. What size newborn? That’s every three months, but yes. This is what it looks like, and I got this, and I basically just folded it up like this until it fit in the box. So that was the first item. Of course you can always just get any shirt from. Target, but I just specifically wanted mine to be more like a pregnancy announcement. Tucker shirt and so coming soon when I thought was perfect, Also, they did have, like, um, best dad or best Grandma, or that type of thing like that was really for specific titles but like. I said we wanted to show what I wanted us to be able to show this box to not only my boyfriend when I had not said to him, but also our parents, our friends, our family, so I wanted something that was really general so that it could go for more than one person. I wanted to get something. That was like, really gender-neutral. So if of course, by this point, you probably don’t know the gender of your child. So this is a great, you know, box that you can create, even if you don’t know their gender, so of course. I also included the pregnancy test. I did the digital and the actual one with the two lines on it. Let me see if I can get it to focus where you guys. Well, it’s that one. I’m gonna also include it digital as well. And then I also included this little finger and like I said, I did everything really gender-neutral. But of course, you could always, you know. Pick whatever you want it in there. Jayla actually did get a unicorn. I’m an animal like this from her cousin. So thank you, Lauren. If you’re watching this, but yeah, this one is just a very gender-neutral one. You can get this from Target or Pamela’s on the next thing I wanted to show you guys was. I created a sign that says when he or she would be born and so our due date is January 1st, but I didn’t want to put the exact due date on there, even though I didn’t know it at the time because I was striking mine. I’m furious and my ovulation and all that good stuff, so I didn’t know the exact due date when I created this, but I wanted to just do a like more general date, just in case she came. You know, a few days late? I’m especially for me because I was thinking like. What would she’d be born exactly on January 1st or in January or in December, but I just decided to just go with the chain, which it Jamie wary 2020 and to keep it down. I did put this marble in the back. I just saved it and this is a marble from Dollar Tree, and then one more thing that I also included in the box. Was this little black box? And it says hi. Daddy, Mommy told me that you are amazing and that you would be the best father ever. I can’t wait to meet you, and so I thought that was just so cute. A nice little touch to add, and I really just took a band-aid box and I just wrecked it and the printer paper, and I say bib and then I just printed this from Canva and I just taped it on the top and so that just sat on top of the box as well. So when he opened it, it was like a full display of hello. You’re about to be a dad. We’re pregnant, be excited and she was coming in January. So that is the next thing that I include it in the box. And then that’s why I did this special. I’m high Daddy box, just for my boyfriend. Because that way it was removable and I could put other things in the box. You know, as needed, so I did that and then also. I do want to add for my mom because we did tell my mom on Mother’s Day. What the day before Mother’s Day and so for her, I actually had a Pandora charm that had, like maybe stuff on it, and I actually put that in the box to replace this for her since I had already gotten heard that charm, and it was her Mother’s Day gift, okay, and then the top of the box, I actually just made this design in Canva, and I just pointed it out and taped it on here, so on camera, you can pick the onesies and you can make the whatever color you want and then. I’ll just type out the words and make them whatever color I want it. And then just because you guys can’t see, it says. Could be pink could be blue. All we know is that we are, dude so. I thought that was really cute, and then I just put baby Scott because my boyfriend’s last name is Scott. So I put that with two little footprints on there because I thought that would be a cute touch. And, of course you can put these designs anywhere. I did just tape a white piece of paper to the back and then just take the stuff on top of it, but it’s not that big of a deal. I just wanted him to be able to open the box and then see everything all at once. What she did, and he loved it, so I’m that’s what I did was bad and so in my particular situation when I told my boyfriend that we were pregnant. I actually told him that I had got him up a pair of shoes and that they were custom-made and that he was when I love them because his favorite brand of shoes is Nikes and so he was excited to be shoes. So of me knowing that I knew I had to make the Box heavy enough to actually feel like shoes or else. He wouldn’t know that something was up so in the bottom of the box. You can actually hear them, but in the bottom. I just put this on tissue paper, and then I actually had just stuff filling under here to kind of get it so that this side of the box will pop up, but this side of the box will be down with an actual teddy bear was and then not only that, but I put marbles at the bottom. So these are the marbles that I use and I don’t know they’re marble or the rocks or or what, but this is what they look like and nice. I’m not under here like I said I made it feel heavy, so I didn’t put a lot of them into here. If I had to roughly Guess I would say it’s probably about 20 or so underneath the wrapping paper in the stuffing to make everything set up properly so overall. This box was really really fun to make. I did spend a little bit of time doing it, But it could have been done way quicker and way faster like I said, a lot of this stuff. I just did at home. As far as making the designs on canvacom, which is a free platform that you can make these designs on and so. I did that for free at home. I made the we already had in my kiss you, Bob. So that was no big deal and then the fillers and all that type stuff you can easily just do that at home as well. You could put a newspaper under there. I’m sure you probably have some tissue paper already at home that you can put under there. You can always use like real rocks to my outside. If you don’t want to use the marbles underneath the box, so it’s really up to you. You can make this as expensive courses as affordable as you want it to be so. I hope you guys like this box. This pregnancy announcement box. I really loved it. All of our family and my friends loved it. My mom says this. She never wants to see her ninety bucks again, but but she’s really excited and we’re all just really excited to welcome jail into this world. So if you enjoyed this video, make sure you give me a big thumbs up. If you liked it, make sure you share it with a friend, and if you decide to do this pregnancy announcement bugs, please, please. Please take a picture of it and tag new your photos on Instagram, or you can even send me a DM or an email of your pictures. If you want it to be a secret to your family and friends, don’t forget if you like this video hit the subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the bell so that you never miss another upload. Thank you guys so much for watching and until next time. I’ll see you later [Music] [Music]!